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Hi I’m Liz 👋 one of my favorite things is arriving a new city, dropping my bags and wandering straight away. I’m a born wanderer and I prefer to be alone, I like getting lost, turning down interesting looking streets, sometimes I even push open doors to big buildings to see what’s behind them - I gotta know (omg what’s wrong with me? Who does that?) I love exploring new places, figuring out what makes them tick, often skipping the well known sites for places off the radar, and of course eating all the things. I spent a few days last month in Buenos Aires for the first time and all I did was walk and eat, walk and eat, repeat. Eat all the cheap fresh empanadas, choripán twice a day, and as much dulce de leche pastries as I could til I felt sick while all exploring BA’s incredible neighborhoods. Take me back @airnz #betterwaytofly
What do you think? One of the most beautiful bookstores in the world? El Ateneo Grand Splendid was a beautiful theater in Buenos Aires in the 20’s that’s now converted into a bookstore! Couldn’t resist spending hours in here while exploring Argentina with @airnz and sitting in the balconies reading through some of my favorite Jorge Luis Borges ❤️ #betterwaytofly
Stargazing at @cardronanz might be my new favorite spot in New Zealand ⭐️ definitely check it out to learn more about the incredible southern skies ✨
The Te Whara track in Northland is one of @docgovtnz’s latest best day hikes in New Zealand and it sure doesn’t disappoint! With stunning forest and coastal views in Northland, you really feel like you’re at the end of the world! #bestdayhikesNZ
You can't come to New Zealand and not experience her mountains and get outside into her beautiful landscapes! ⛰ Head on over to @activeadventures account this week and watch their story. Heaps of behind the scenes on their most recent 'Essence of the South Island Tui' Tour #activeadventuresnz
Cemetery cats on patrol in La Recoleta in Buenos Aires @airNZ #betterwaytofly
Welcome to Buenos Aires! First time back to South America in eight years, stoked to be back in this lively, colorful and bohemian city! Have you been? @airnz #betterwaytofly
We are having a piping hot summer here on the South Island which means lots of glacial river swims on tramps around these parts. I always have to pinch myself when I see the color of the water here @activeadventures #activeadventuresNZ
I can’t believe my Black Label Tour with Haka Tours is already just one month away now! In 27 days I will be leaving for my second ever tour travelling from Auckland to Queenstown. This tour showcases the best of what New Zealand’s South Island has to offer. There are still spots left by the way! Read more and book your place through the link in bio. If you’ve been thinking of visiting NZ this is truely one epic way to do so.
While walking the incredible Hump Ridge Track at sunset it became clear to me why this is regarded as one of the most beautiful hikes in New Zealand 🌅 @docgovtnz @humpridgetrack
If you spend time in the high mountain areas of New Zealand you’re bound to meet the rare kea, the world’s only alpine parrot, and pretty cheeky at that! Keep an eye on your snacks and your boots around these guys 😝 gotta love a naughty parrot! @activeadventures #activeadventuresnz
First light on the Hump Ridge Track with my favorite adventure buddy ☀️ @docgovtnz
Headed straight into the forest on the lush @humpridgetrack 🍃 what an amazing couple of days tramping in New Zealand @docgovtnz
All smiles at sunset after the first day hiking the Hump Ridge Track 😀 @docgovtnz
There are so many amazing short walks in New Zealand - how to pick the best ones? I’ve got a new blog post up (link in my Stories) with 14 of my favorites that are guaranteed to blow you away ✌🏻 what’s your fave? Mine might be Lake Matheson on the West Coast, have you been? @docgovtnz
We are having the best summer in New Zealand which means I’m out on my @moananzsup SUP board as often as I can with friends even on the road✌🏻#thatwaterthough
My definition of a girls trip 🤙
I’m super excited to head back up to Northland today for the rest of the week to walk some of New Zealand’s best day hikes and short walks with @docgovtnz 🍃 I’ll mostly be around Whangarei (for the first time) have any tips for me? #dayhikesnz
A couple of weeks ago I had the craziest hiking adventure to date with @adventure.venture 😆 we left way too late trying to get to a rock bivvy in Mt. Aspiring National Park, has trouble crossing rivers, took a wrong turn, the trail was about 5 km longer than we thought and arrived at the end and spent two hours bushbashing in the dark before giving up on finding the bivvy and passing out together in the grass at midnight with no tent only to awaken at dawn by a well executed attack by an army of sandflies 🙈 it’s not always glamorous but those adventures make the best stories, and this view was worth it! I’d do it again!
The valley views over Lake Heron Station in the Canterbury High Country - best seen with a scenic flight 😍 @luxuryfarmstaynz
Summer in New Zealand means getting out there, challenging yourself and having all of the adventures - would you dare? @activeadventures #activeadventuresnz