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The beaches around @westernaustralia do not disappoint! ☀️ Couldn’t get enough of them here 📷 @madeleinebjones #justanotherdayinwa #gourmetescape
Having the best time at Gourmet Escape this year. More than 50 of the best chefs in the world are here in Margaret River in Western Australia cooking up amazing feasts in fabulous settings over 4 days, have you been? And be sure to watch the @gourmetescape Instagram Stories as I’m taking them over and sharing my favorite moments from the events ❤️ #gourmetescape #cheesygrin #showmethewine
Falling in love with Margaret River more and more every day 😍 I’d been taking over the @gourmetescape Instagram this weekend - are you following along? #gourmetescape #margaretriver
Finally made it out to Rottnest Island to visit these adorable quokkas 😍 @westernaustralia #justanotherdayinwa
So excited to finally be in @westernaustralia for the very first time. And even more stoked to be here to check out @gourmetescape the legendary food and wine festival in Margaret River - have you been? Have any tips for me? Be sure to follow along on my Stories for all the crazy and epic moments 🍷 #gourmetescape #thisiswa
Everyone thinks that the Maldives is a super expensive luxury honeymoon destination, but the truth is it can be actually really affordable, you can even easily travel there on a budget ☺️ my friend @you.theworld.wandering is an Australian expat in the Maldives and she’s sharing all her insider tips for a cheap trip to the Maldives over on my blog today, check it out ✌🏻
Heads up fellow ‘Mericans - want to win a free trip to Japan for 2 with flights to eat all the things (except for maybe pufferfish)? Stupid question, of course you do! Check out my Instagram Stories for the link to enter to win a trip of a lifetime to Japan! And take me if you win 🙏🏻 sidenote - I studied Japanese for 3 years in high school and I still haven’t been!! #konnichiwa #🇯🇵
Stay wild ✌🏻
Wow wow wow! Just had the most incredible news! Last year I traveled to Svalbard in the Arctic to fulfill a lifelong dream of seeing the polar bears on the sea ice, inspired since I was a girl by Philip Pullman’s Golden Compass books and the incredible story of Lyra, Pan and even Iorek Byrnison ❤️ the video we made about how books can inspire journeys just won gold for Travel Video of the Year by the Society of American Travel Writers 🙈 pinch me, I can’t even believe it! What an honor - this trip meant so much to me and was a dream come true! To all those nerdy girls out there, never stop reading and never stop dreaming! (Video link is in my Stories!) #icebears #isthatyouIorek
Perfect example of good old kiwi ingenuity down at the old farmstead at the Hayes Engineering Works near Oturehua in Central Otago, New Zealand 🌷if you’ve ever been out here you know how wild and desolate it can be, and it’s incredible to imagine early settlers coming here and setting up a new life, like Ernest and Hannah Hayes did in 1882. Eventually he began to invent tools to help on the farm and Hannah would hike her skirts up and bike all over the valleys far away to sell them! Badass! @centralotagonz #centralotagonz
Mucking around Poolburn at sunset - who knows someone who knows someone who has one of these old baches (kiwi holiday house) there that’ll let me crash sometime? @centralotagonz #centralotagonz
I was eating my way through @centralotagonz for their new Eat Taste Central food event this spring, where many of the local foodie spots compete in a burger, pie and main meal competition using local Central flavors and drinks. My favorite burger had to be this guy over at the Waipiata Pub 🍔 can’t wait for next year! #centralotagonz
A light dusting of spring snow on the Dansey’s Pass in deep Central Otago ❄️ I didn’t see another person on this drive and I loved every minute of it, what an adventure! @centralotagonz #centralotagonz
Wow, down a dirt road, off a small back road, off a bigger road, out of the way in Central Otago, New Zealand you’ll find one of the cutest gardens ever 🌸🌼🌷🍃 a trip to the Cambrians is definitely worth it! @centralotagonz #centralotagonz
Sunset in the hills of rural Central Otago near Poolburn ☀️ might be one of my new favorite places in New Zealand @centralotagonz #centralotagonz
Spring views in Central 🌼 lots of sheep and lots of flowers @centralotagonz #centralotagonz
So many great historic heritage buildings around Central Otago ☀️ finally checked out the cute town of Naseby and it had heaps, I’m in love ❤️ @centralotagonz #centralotagonz
How lucky are we to live on such a beautiful planet? I think the biggest lesson I’ve ever learned from all my years of travel is that our world is incredible and I want to keep it that way. Inspired and encouraged by so many amazing conservationists here in New Zealand (like @kimbirdley and @geoffreidnz) along with groups like @wtandtc, I’ve slowly bit by bit started to *really* think about everything I do and my effects as I continue to travel. I’ve tried to make little changes that are more responsible, and started to demand sustainability more and more - imagine if we all did that what a good position we might be in in 100 years (not to mention how sexy our glaciers would still look) #WTTCpledge #savetheplanet
Down near Ranfurly in stunning @centralotagonz, you can go play and hang out with some beautiful malamutes, and even go dogsledding in the forests in snow or even summer ❤️ Nigel and Rose who run Real Dog Adventures are so passionate about it and their love for their hardworking pups, it doesn’t feel like a tour or tourist stop at all - and any time I’m around animals, I’m happy, what about you? #fluffmonster #centralotagonz
I love the wild and windswept tussock mountains of Central Otago in New Zealand ❤️ they are big and empty and go as far as you can see, full of history and stories, the background for the famous gold rush in the late 19th century. I drove up the old Danseys Pass from Naseby at sunset and it blew me away! @centralotagonz #centralotagonz
A bit of wild skies and the sheep squad out and about near Naseby as I continued exploring deep in beautiful @centralotagonz 🐑 #centralotagonz
from Naseby