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Please no. #portlandia
4x5 camera, Velvia film, rainbow, joy.
Coming soon to a gallery near you.
Happy New Year!#2017bestnine
Vegetarian litterbug.
One down, thirty-five to go. #seacow #oysters @hamahamaoysters
Chocolate, pear, pudding, dulcey frosting. And wines.
In living color.
La Doña. #craftcocktails built with #mezcal.
San Miguel de Allende in Kodak infrared.
Sal de gusano (worm salt) and friends. #sipmezcal #mezcal #pdxdrinks
Ramen Time!
Callejón de Coda 2A. Home sweet home in San Miguel. A 3-bdrm house in a great location for a very modest price ($118USD/noche).
Morning milk run. Literally buying buckets of fresh milk.
Would that I too, had wings. #sma
La Virgen de Guadalupe sighting in the cocina. #guadsquad
Up the down.