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So quiet that you can barely hear the approach 🌀🔇| @southwestair #737MAX
Today marks 1 year of cruising the ground of my local airport, @flypdx. What started out as a way get back into photography, has quickly turned into a passion of mine. Truth be told, I used to be terrified of flying; Now, I can’t get enough of it as I continue to expand my knowledge base about aviation. Here’s to another solid year of spotting, sharing content, and taking flight more 🛫| @southwestair #737MAX
Boy does this modern @alaskaair livery change the appearance of a Dash 8. Well done 👏🏽| #N436QX
Sunset departure out of @flyohare on Runway 22L, aboard @alaskaair with service to the Rose City 🌹| #IFlyAlaska
Up close and personal with @qatarairways triple 7 😊| #A7BAI
Imagine if any farmer got their hands on the Queen to use a crop duster 🤔🌪| #N856GT
I’m always pursuing different perspectives and locations surrounding @pdxairport. This gem fell into my lap while I was dialing in my camera settings after getting out of the car... Man do I love the 100-400mm 👌🏽| @southwestair
A 225’ wingspan can make one feel awfully small 🤯| @atlasaircargo #N856GT
The first plane I captured upon arriving to spot at ORD was AMAZING! I want to give a huge thanks to @grahamboaviation / @chicagospotter for the love tips on where to go... This beaut is about to smack to tarmac on Runway 28C after a 13 hour 45 minute flight from Doha 🙌🏽| @qatarairways #A7BAI
Just got take it all in 😎| @alaskaair #IFlyAlaska
Pretty stoked on flying with @alaskaair tomorrow! It’s been a little over 2 years since my last flight with Chester... Far too long for this Pacific Northwest based airline 😜| #IFlyAlaska
An evening stroll on the Rheinwerft, in Düsseldorf, is a great way to burn off the Altbier and Bavarian Bratwurst intake! It’s a amazing place to people watch as well as being able to view the Rhine Tower, Rhine River, and the Rheinknirbrücke 🇩🇪👍🏽| #UpperleftSpotter