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We're in Okinawa, Japan with the whale sharks! Here are Tane and Olya watching the amazing beast float over them. I want everyone to know, including and especially the PR team at the aquarium, that there was absolutely no editing of this photo. #80Stays #RCmemories #Okinawa #Japan
We visited an underground cave in the northern part of Okinawa, Japan. This was used in WWII as a shelter for Okinawans, and now it's being used to store aged local sake. They call it awamori here, as it is the special type of sake in Okinawa. You can buy a bottle for yourself or as a gift and store it down here for five years. After five years, you can come pick it up and drink it, or store it for another seven years until it is 12 years old. Well, there are many options. I saw a picture of a baby and the parents bought it for their son when he turns 20 (legal drinking age here). #80Stays #RCmemories #Okinawa #Japan
I had a great day with a group of US Marines in Okinawa, Japan! These brave Marines are on the front lines over here by North Korea and spending their "downtime" doing everything from helping to build schools in the Philippines to assisting with disaster relief. Many of the people in this photo are combat photographers. I gave a talk, shared photos, stories, ideas, art, philosophy, mindfulness, teaching, software, Q&A, took photos together, and more. It was a great honor to spend the day with them! #marines #art #talk #photography
I'm doing a photo talk today at the US Marine Base in Okinawa. It will be great to visit with the Marines and I believe some of the combat photographers will be coming along as well. See you soon Marines! 🙂 #air #museum #planes #history #hangar
Not much time left for the New Luminar preorder! Like, less than 24 hours fer shurr. Grab it at . It's a fantastic product from our friends at Skylum (the new name of MacPhun - I think it is pronounced Skylooooom, but I am not sure). #skylum #luminar #2018 #Portrait. #postprocessing #filter
Thanks Osaka for an amazing time! I'm still working on photos... I have thousands! And thanks again everyone for coming out to the photo walk there. Okinawa is next! 🙂 #80Stays #RCMemories #Osaka #Japan
Hangin' out under a bridge in Osaka, Japan... That's where we're hanging out now, having some under-bridge sake and taking photos! Many people think we are homeless, and it's hard to convince them we are not. #80Stays #RCMemories #Japan #Osaka
Who doesn't like these cute Japanese animals? Anyone know this one? That's right, you got it, a rather adorable and cuddly Red Panda! #80Stays #RCMemories #Osaka #Japan #cute #furry
Getting in deep with the penguins... a 30-min train ride away from Osaka in Kobe. #80Stays #RCMemories #Osaka #Japan
The Dotonbori area of Osaka is filled with tiny little back streets with amazing, understated restaurants. I like to duck into any random one and have an amazing meal with incredible service. When you leave, the hostess follows you outside to bow a good-night. #80Stays #RCMemories #Osaka #Japan
Shopping in Osaka yesterday. #Osaka #80Stays #RCMemories #Japan
I'm meditating in my element; leave me alone. (seen yesterday near the coast of Kobe, Japan) #80Stays #Japan #RCMemories #Osaka
I was recently interviewed for a Wired article about my photography and the science behind it... very Wired-y! It turned out well, and the web-interface for reading the article is really slick. I've never seen any interface quite like it for reading an article. Here it is at #wired #interview #photography #art #science #theory
Here is the blacksmith in Sakai, Japan, where the family makes everything from katana swords to sushi knives. It was right out of a video game! #osaka #rcmemories #80stays #japan
This morning, we walked around Osaka Castle for a while and the beautiful gardens there. It was a very impressive structure! #osaka #rcmemories #80stays #Japan
Yesterday we visited an old-school blacksmith in Sekai and he made a sashimi knife right in front of us. It's a very old family that has been making these for generations, still using methods of the katana, but bringing them to all sorts of knives. It was fascinating to watch, but tough to capture! #osaka #rcmemories #80stays #Japan
See some of you later today for the Osaka photo walk! Yesterday we visited this beautiful area I have never been to called Shinsekai. It's part of Osaka here, but Osaka is huge like Tokyo and many different neighborhoods. I took this with the Sony A7rii and the 35mm Leica at F1.4. #osaka #rcmemories #80stays #japan
We just visited the most famous whiskey distillery in Japan (you may remember it from Lost in Translation) - the Suntory Yamazaki distillery. It's between Kyoto and Osaka and we had a great time seeing many awesome things. We were in this Super Secret area, and I asked if I could take photos (this photo is not it). They said, of course, of course. So I spent about 15 minutes taking photos, and, as we left, they said, please, do not show anyone those photos! Haha... classic Japanese... but I promised not to show them, so I won't! Too bad, because they are So Awesome! Oh well. Speaking of Osaka, see you at the photo walk tomorrow at 3 PM! #rcmemories #80stays #japan #Osaka
Awesome Osaka! We're starting the photo walk here on Saturday at 3 PM - see the Facebook event at - We're actually getting it started right here just outside the Ritz-Carlton, where I took this photo from the room. Osaka is kind of an underrated city, I think! Anyway, hope to see you out there! 🙂 #80stays #Japan #rcmemories #Osaka
We went to go see a cool performance here in Kyoto. It was my first time ever to hear a Tibetan throat singer in person - quite a treat! #80stays #rcmemories #kyoto #Japan
Crossing a red bridge in the Autumn yesterday morning in Kyoto... #80stays #rcmemories #kyoto #japan