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Good news in that the new app Plotagraph made it to the top 50 in the iTunes store! And #6 in Photography! Thanks everyone - and thanks for all the great reviews in the store - that really helps a lot I think. It comes with a lot of my sample photos so you can practice animating them before trying your own (note you have to swipe left to try a sample photo - not totally obvious but the team will fix that). If you haven't already, you can grab it here Desktop/laptop people can find out more about that version here: #plotagraph #hobbiton #sunrise #newzealand #app #iphone #ipad
Don't forget you can get my new Luminar presets at... Hope you love them! :) #macphun #luminar #photography #processing #postprocessing #paris #opera
A rolling sunset storm over Queenstown, New Zealand! I just finished making three tutorial videos around this photo. At least one of them, a demo of the new Plotagraph on the iPad/iPhone, will be in the newsletter that comes out in the next few days. We're all very excited that it's finally out for iOS (and Android soon). Grab it here Desktop/laptop people can find out more about that version here: You can sign up for the newsletter here: #plotagraph #animate #animated #jpeg #dji #phantom. #newzealand
I think my daughter Scarlett found her happy-place in Tokyo. #sweet #candy #cottoncandy #candyfloss #color #confectionary
While in Harajuku (the place where people dress up in Tokyo), I took hundreds of photos. I saw this girl here reading something near a reflection and asked if I could take her photo. She said yes, excitedly. I asked her if she was in school, and she said, in broken English, "No, but I like dress like I am." I gave her the thumbs up then took this photo. #reflection #reflections #read #reading #streetphotography #japan
Seen on the streets of Tokyo last night near Shibuya. #mask #japan #streetphotography #shibuya #ominous #music
The back streets of Osaka... These are great to shoot because you can wander around until you get tired, then duck into any nondescript sushi restaurant and have an amazing experience. It doesn't matter if you can't speak any Japanese; the people here love to take care of you and you'll get an incredible meal. You may not know what everything is that you're eating, but if you're open to trying anything, it's a great little adventure. #osaka #japan #streetphotography #instatravel #explore #sushi
Guess what? Plotagraph launched on the iPhone (the iPad was last week). What is it? This tool allows you to take any still JPG and then animated. Like this photo below from Burning Man. It started as a simple JPG, then you can use the iPhone to drag out animation lines. It's really easy and fun... then you can share right to any social media. You can grab it in this link: Want to know more about Plotagraph? Here you go... #animate #photograph #burningman #software #app #iphone #ios
Here's another taste of the Amsterdam Highlight video! In the whole video (which is free over on the blog -, you can see behind-the-scenes of our #80stays tour as well as my photo tips and tricks from the Photo Walk! #80Stays #rcmemories #AirNZPhotoContest #InterFlixContest #FlixBus #Partner #80staysamsterdam
Here's another new favorite area of Osaka. This is the downtown area and there are so many things to shoot down here... I only spent one evening here, but maybe this gives you a sense of how electric and eclectic it is here. #osaka #rcmemories #japan #sunset #travel #vacation
Here's a photo of incredible Osaka, Japan. It's my first time here and I am amazed at the city. I've been to Japan four times and this was never on my agenda for some reason... but now I see it as a must-visit location. This was edited (as with most of my photos) with Aurora HDR. I'm really looking forward to coming back in November to have a photo walk and some art-events here. If you follow my Instagram stories, you can see some behind-the-scenes stuff, including Tane Gent playing the piano for me while I took the photo. He's an excellent pianist. #osaka #rcmemories #japan #aurorahdr #cityscape #above
We came back to the mountains near Nagano where we visited the snow monkeys! There's a special snow monkey park here with at least a hundred of these guys running all over the place. It's a great park because there are no cages or anything. They are all around you, between your legs, jumping over you, running past you at impossible speeds, brushing across your legs, etc. Between their crazy comings and goings, sometimes they are very calm and just kind of look at the world like this. #Japan #snowmonkeys #nagano #portrait #portraitphotography #monkey
The view from my room in Tokyo... I've been sitting on the window sill every night like a little kid, looking down with my camera, having chocolate and sake while listening to music. That's a park down there, where I've walked a few times, listening to the birds and insects and traffic in the distance. #tokyo #rcmemories #japan #chocolate #travel #night
This is near Kabukichō in Tokyo around 1 AM. Tokyo is made up of over 10 different cities, all crammed into one. This is a subsection of Shinjuku is generally known as the red-light district. Most red-light districts in cities can be a little sketchy, but this one feels perfectly safe and was lots of fun to explore. Not far from here is the Golden Gai (see previous photo). #tokyo #rcmemories #Kabukichō #japan #shinjuku #street
In the back streets of Shinjuku is a somewhat secret area called Golden Gai where there are about 75 bars crammed into three small streets. Each bar only seats about 7 or 8 people. Some are private and membership only, but most are open to anyone that discovers the place. We went into this one there, called Brian Bar, had some Japanese whiskey, then went outside to take photos of the scene. I almost feel bad about posting this photo, because I think this area should be kept a secret! 🙂 #japan #rcmemories #tokyo #goldengai #travelgram #instatravel
Here's the view from my room here at the Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo. Crazy, eh? It's the tallest building in the city and the views are redonk. I've taken to, every night, turning off all the lights in the room and just sitting in the window sill like a little kid with my camera. Here's the scene last night. We're scouting out some fun things to do for our upcoming photo walks across Asia, starting here in Japan. But none of this is officially announced yet! Still working on the plan... #tokyo #rcmemories #japan #japanese #roppongi #night #view
Windows Luminar News! The beta is now available at - grab it (for free) now. This photo above is from a trip to visit Shuri Castle in Naha, Okinawa. Each of those lines is where visitors to the castle would sit in attention. #okinawa #rcmemories #japan #shuricastle #red #blue
Hey now (this ability to animate a still photo) Plotagraph is avail on the iPad! It's the same great tool, scaled down for ease of use and quite light. It just launched with a special pricing at As for this photo, I took it last night here in Tokyo during dinner. I don't know if you watched my Instagram story of me taking the photo, but I was also eating a 10-course Japanese dinner that sent me into a shame-spiral, the likes of which I still have not ascended. But I did manage enough to pull myself together to make this Plotagraph. Want to know more about Plotagraph? Here you go... #tokyo #rcmemories #plotagraphpro #japan #movement #animate
Worked on some photos from Antarctica set in some of the abandoned shacks from missions there over 100 years ago. Not far from here, the bones of a poor dead dog remained. This photo is a little deceptive because it looks warm, but it wasn't. If I wasn't in all my emergency protective clothing, I would not have been able to take the photo. I have no idea how they did it 100 years ago. #antarctica #hut #adventure #extreme #ice #freeze
The view downward when flying away from the south island of NZ. Next stops are some new cities in Japan - Okinawa, Osaka, and more! #newzealand #glacier #ice #flow #above #blue
Here's the amazing hot tub at Aro-Ha near Glenorchy, New Zealand. After a long day of hiking and working out, this is the best place to relax and soak in the beautiful landscape. #newzealand #relax #lake #wellness #yoga #sunset