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I recently partnered @miniusa with @tonyhawkfoundation to help revitalize a rare public skatepark in St. Louis, Missouri. Here’s a small glimpse of the work that went into this project. Learn more - (link in bio)
NBD’s in Uganda (via @ugandaskateboardcommunity). I hope to visit there someday & ask the locals to teach me tricks like this
2001 X-Games best trick event. I only made a few heelflip bigspin leins through the years because of the guaranteed whiplash they incur. Also: more skate events should have German commentators just to hear them say trick names
I thought it was cool when we got an @officialmotorhead song in THPS3, but @rileyhawk just [literally] stepped it up with this @lakailtd collab. "That's the way I like it, baby"
Good to see you today @shecks!
Thanks @cirquedusoleil for the tickets to Luzia premiere. I never imagined seeing such incredible feats in a relatively confined space.
I recently partnered @MINIUSA & @tonyhawkfoundation to help a St. Louis Community where we expanded a creative urban space for a unique skatepark in a challenged area. Follow the link in my story to watch “Turning Corners. A St. Louis Skatepark Project"
Last year, @salvationarmyus served over 3 million people during the holidays. Your donations help put presents under the tree and meals on the table. Join me in the #FightForGood to make Christmas possible for families in need. Please visit the link in my bio to donate. #SalvationArmyPartner
Happy Birthday @calvinino! Thank you for sharing your endless talent and genuine compassion with us. 📷: @jgrantbrittain
It's heartbreaking to hear about the passing of the incomparable Kevin Robinson, a fellow Huckjammer and inspiring humanitarian in every sense of the word. My sincerest condolences to his family; he will be deeply missed by all of us. #doubleflair #krobfoundation
Highlights from the 2008 "All 80's All Day" event at Quiksilver HQ featuring @henrygutierrez @eddiereategui @stevecaballero @christianhosoi @grossosucks @staabpirate1 @buckylasek @andymac720 & me testing the limits of a Lapper
Southern California is lit, but not in a good way. It smells like a campfire & the sky looks like this. Thousands of evacuations while homes are burning. Stay safe out there.
See you at Bondi in February! Tickets for General Pants Bowl-A-Rama 2018 now on sale. @bowl_a_rama #ilovesydney
Thanks to @ericfuckingandre for doing the intro / cameo to @shawnhaleyeah's segment in #birdhousesaturdays. What am I supposed to do with a busted mannequin though? (styling by @_galina_) #skateboardskillsloading
Thanks to @triple8nyc for finally bringing together form & function in a proper skate helmet. I can honestly say I've never worn something so comfortable and felt so safe at the same time.
Happy Birthday @rileyhawk! I am so proud of the man you've become. 25 is the new 5 btw
Thanks to Door Of Hope & @salvationarmyus for including @keeganhawk @calvinino Kady & me in the holiday gift surprise this evening. You can help spread the joy (link in bio)
Grinding the fence, 1978. Such a dumb idea.... It went bad one time and I ended up straddling the ramp with splinters up my inner thigh. I don't think it stopped us from doing it again though. "Youth knows no pain"
Thanks for the new setup @haydenshapes! Best graphics ever
Thanks to the City of Gallatin, Tennessee for honoring our dear friend #rayunderhill with this sweet mural by @bryandeeserex2. Ray's legacy endures thanks to your efforts.