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That time @bobburnquist & I skated with a chimpanzee as @steveo @chrispontius & @iamweeman banged heir chests in approval. Unrelated: I broke my pelvis 10 minutes later.
#jackalopefest is ON. We'll be skating tonight. You might see a boneless or two. Here's @lizziearmanto rehearsing the elusive trick before the crowds descend.
I don't always coffin down the street, but when I do, I prefer racing my son in a [borrowed] $7000 suit (via @gqstyle & @sarahhallprinc)
Happy birthday to the best ever: @rodneymullen, who has always been so far ahead that we have trouble comprehending it. Here he is in 1988 doing tricks that only he understood.
These limited edition @pennyskateboards are available now, with % of proceeds going to @tonyhawkfoundation. Get a starter/cruiser deck and help build public skateparks in the process.
This was the first video I posted on Instagram: my last ride on my first skateboard, just before donating it to The Smithsonian. I kept expecting a bearing to explode, but please don't tell the museum.
The #wayfinding Skatepark is officially open. Thanks @librarystreetcollective @mcginnessworks @modernskate & @alec_beck for making it happen in record time, and thanks to #motorcitymini for the sweet ride while I was in town. Next stop: Montreal. Next sleep: unknown
The #wayfinding skatepark opens tomorrow in downtown Detroit. Free to public & ready to shred. Thanks @mcginnessworks @librarystreetcollective @modernskate & @alec_beck for making it a reality. 📷: @camera_jesus
That day @rileyhawk & I set out to create the Center For Children Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too (as seen in the newest @gqstyle). Special thanks to @sarahhallprinc for the opportunity.
Happy birthday to my brother Steve who gave me my first skateboard and who has surfed in the most unlikely spots. #antarctickickout
To quote the lovely @catherine_o: "At the skatepark no one cares what you look like, or where you come from. It happens here, and it should happen everywhere"
Some fine tuning and we're almost there #birdhousesaturdays
Serena Williams knows her Monty Grinds / back smiths (as seen in #birdhousesaturdays) @serenawilliams @lizziearmanto
I helped design this new skatepark in downtown Detroit, but it is not a @tonyhawkfoundation project. The credit goes to @mcginnessworks @bedrockdetroit & @modernskate for providing the idea, space & construction. I think it's a great use of the area and I hope it finds a permanent home in the near future. Opening next week! Free to the public. Special thanks to @alec_beck for helping me with the layout.
Surfing is a way of looking at that wave [behind a boat] and saying "hey bud, let's party!" Thanks to @skierspier1 & @div_in_the_d for giving us some tasty waves this afternoon JOJ's: @calvinino @spencerhonk @milesgizmo @keeganhawk & moi 🎶: The Ventures - "Secret Agent Man"
From 2009 @birdhouseskateboards Oz tour video "It's Always Sunnies In Australia" featuring @staabpirate1 @rentonmillar & @almanyoung
These fidgety @birdhouseskateboards spinners come with my signature @japancrate box, and they'll be available in stores soon-ish. Like a record, baby.
Hey look, it's the house from... squirrel! (thanks #motorcitymini for the sweet Countryman)
Happy birthday to the rare specimen known as Ben Raybourn. I shot this two years ago while on tour in Europe, and it was a catalyst for deciding to make a proper team video. It's all happening; #birdhousesaturdays is coming soon
I went to Sydney yesterday & helped save the world from a tornado of sharks. You're welcome. #sharknado5 #xanadu
Metallica in SD tonight! I tried to join the band a couple years ago but didn't make it past the first audition. Sad but true.