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had an onsite visit in denton today for work, so we of course made other stops...recycled books, which has THE best art section anywhere. the downtown mini mall, a treasure trove. west oak coffee bar for a matcha latte. not pictured is our fantastic lunch at barley and board before all that, and a very long stop at the half price books clearance sale on the way home, until it closed!
we discovered that we live near a beautiful old #cemetery, established in 1892. it's not in a safe neighborhood. much of it is overgrown. there are no funds for upkeep. but, there are many dallas names buried here, along with a huge part of our city's history. we saw lots of impressive architectural features and #monuments, and just wandered for a couple of hours. 🍂 . . #cemetery #cemeteryphotography #graveyard #history #dallas #sundaywalk
we actually went in this booth the other day. it's pretty much the only freakish thing left at the fair. lots of two headed turtles and rattlesnakes, plus other strange things. totally worth the 4 coupons. 🐍 #statefair #oddities #attractions #twoheadedcreatures
#latergram from yesterday's stop at the garden. i don't think most people notice the beautiful facade of this building. there's also an ikebana exhibit right now, and a truly gorgeous ceramics show. y'all go take a look! 🍂 @texasdiscoverygardens
two more favorites from today. i've been fond of these two lovely looking attractions my whole life actually. all the painted scenes are so romantic. 🎟 #latergram #carousel #statefair
i'm such a sucker for an a-frame, no matter where.
such a good idea for shade. ☂️ #latergram from yesterday's walk through the fair. this is above the wine garden. i'm noticing lots of new things this year. #statefairoftexas #umbrellasky
met this guy on the midway today. 🎪#carnivalbarker
finally out for a short walk tonight. ✨ #statefairoftexas #esplanade
#latergram. the state fair is in full swing and we haven't been yet because i've been sick, but i took these on a walk through one night a week or so ago. i loved how #spooky it felt nearly all set up but totally empty.
tonight's conference reception was here, such a beautiful museum. bonus = surprise peek through a telescope. 🌗 #naturalhistorymuseum
i mean, really.
looked at lots and lots of special collections treasures here today. 🏔
in anticipation. #depechemode
i love these drawings. 🌮 #foodsigns #mexicanfood
lots of interesting 3D paper objects have come into the studio lately, like this umbrella and these pistol boxes. 🔫 i'm saving the most amazing 3D piece for a later reveal though (hint: it's a really old anatomical model). #paperconservation #myjob
wiener dog. 🌭 #graffiti
i'm stuck inside working today, but at least we have little green pockets like this #courtyard close by.