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Pain's a well intentioned weatherman; predicting God as best he can
"It's like the sky is blue, right? But when there are clouds, you think it's gray. But, really, it's still blue. It hasn't changed. It's just covered with gray clouds passing by. And your clouds will pass by." - oitnb
Decided to have lobster ramen today after sending the cuzzie off after a night of drinks and met a beautiful confident waitress who was really sweet and kind and engaged in a conversation with me after seeing me take out my sketch book. Turns out she was an artist too and she took the opportunity when she had spare time to eagerly show me some of her sketches and she even offered to teach me calligraphy. Reminds me that it's always refreshing to meet new people and share one's experiences and passions with one another. And that in this world, you are never truly alone. (: Thank you, Zhi Yin. You have made my night and your passion and enthusiasm is an inspiration to me. I learnt what it means to live for myself again. There is beauty in the simplest of things. 🙏🏻
Happi burvdaye tissu boi luv u long taime 万岁万万岁 dis foto oso Long taime ago when I had red nuose
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i poke u - pokeachu
Am I blue
Mommy Leanne 😇 You are always beautiful to me ❤️ Thank you for being a light in my life. 🙏🏻
Miss 😢
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Shut up and groove
Forgiving myself has probably been the hardest thing to overcome as of late. But everyday is a reminder to try harder, smile wider, and laugh like I never have before. It's okay not to be okay. And it's okay to try and fail. At least you're moving forward and leaving your past behind. You are beautiful in your own right. There's nothing wrong with being able to love yourself, and others too. And you will find solace wherever your heart settles. ❤️
Hey errbady I'll be playing for Shine Festival and The Great Singapore Replay as well as at the Beast this week, and as some of y'all already know, I have a new insta account 😜 So follow me @kyla_tmusic where I'll be posting upcoming shows and releases. 😉 Thanks for your sappork if you already have ❤️ I try to do mostly rnb ballady lofi hip hoppy shizz 🙏🏻 📷: @adiatayyt #supportlocal #singaporemusic #localmusicsg #Rnblofi #thankseverlast
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happier days
Happie baffday to the friend who has been by me since poly and who has never failed to always successfully surprise me at my gigs. @marcusjim you're probably one of the strongest souls I've ever met. I know we never remember each other's birthdays much cause every day is special not just the day we were born on. Keep on keeping on and I'll see you real soon with @wanling.jpg when we go crash her hood 💃🏻
Didn't know my hair could breakdance #hairytales
"He wiped the sweat out of his eyes with his right hand. What he couldn't say was that he longed for his father as a lost child yearns for home. That comparison wouldn't have occurred to him, because home was the place he kept safe for his mother, not the place others kept safe for him." -Phillip Pullman
So I wrote another sad song again This is quite impromptu, but I'll be playing a 30min set tonight at Hard Rock Cafe at 730pm and @adiatayyt and other acts will be after me huehuehue come for spinach dip and strum strum clang clang them keys #bedhair How could you leave me How could you just, just walk away How could you leave me I was so afraid Did you not know the pain Did you not feel the same
Come see me and my mad talented Friend Zueol @fatlikeanything beatbawx and sing while I strum strum We'll be playing songs like Redbone, Feeling Good and Rocketeer so if you like what Chu hear, come on down tomorrow, Friday at 8pm and have sum chill vibes with us 🍻
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when i cannot write lyrics i write fail spoken word poems