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Quiet day for men’s fashion shows so if you need me I’ll be enjoying lunch at The Four Seasons @fsparis catching up on the work of famous French writers like Proust, Zola, Camus, Goyard, Celine, Dior, Chanel (oops, that got away from me quick) Ok, maybe some shopping too since I’m literally surrounded by all the famous brands here on Avenue George V.
Dries van Noten Fall 2018
Such a nice mix of colors it’s almost painterly, Milan
Sporty chic @maisonvalentino at its sporty chic best
The elegantly rakish Mr. Nick Sullivan @nicksullivanesq One of the main men responsible for the heat around @esquire magazine these days.
#TheAlienist has stayed with me for years because so many of the locations used in the book are still standing, like the makeshift headquarters Dr. Kreizler uses at 808 Broadway. Tune into my Instagram story as I photograph a couple of @TheAlienistTNT locations and give my best tips. @TNTDrama #sponsored
Maybe I’m biased because I spend a lot of time outside but I think statement outerwear is always a good investment, Milan
Hahaha Staying at @excelsiorhotelgallia Is like staying with the perfect mom that straightens up after you but never makes you feel guilty for not coming home for Christmas 😊
Via San Marco, Milan
Camo, Burberry, and a dash of Red, Florence
Prada, Prada, Prada; Prints on Prints on Prints
At @neilbarrett I learned I NEED a belted-coat in either a knee length or hip length. Now I can’t unknow that 🙄
A beret done the right way ! Pitti Uomo, Florence
RIP Nabile. Nabile was a ball of energy at every fashion week, you never had to ask if he was at a show because you could feel his presence. He literally bounced around from shot to shot. I think he was great at capturing style because he had such great style himself and he recognized great style in others. He also had a great ability to flow between street style cliques, he was a glue that helped hold the street style community together. Jenny and I will miss him greatly @jaiperdumaveste
The sun in Florence has been occasional but when it does shine it’s a gift.
Pierre-Louis @pierrelouismascia is wonderfully creative and curiously stylish! Take a close look at the scarf he’s wearing (and designed himself) I could never wear the looks he gets away with but I’m always immensely inspired
Piazza Carignano, Torino Happy New Year!! Great to be back at work sharing images!!
I’ve always said in interviews that #TheAlienist is my favorite book. #sponsored Caleb Carr’s historical fiction novel, set in New York in the 1890’s is a fast paced who done it. Caleb Carr took great pains to set the locations in buildings that are still standing in New York today. He also used notable characters that would have been in New York at that time, such as Teddy Roosevelt as chief of police, which I always found very intriguing as a reader. I love that the story is fast paced but that you also pick up a lot about New York history without feeling like you’re in a lecture hall or that it’s slowing down the story. That’s why I was so excited to see that finally after more than twenty years after the book first came out, @TNTDrama is producing a series about the book and from what I understand it is very true to the original story. I can’t wait to see it and I will be glued to my TV when it premieres to see this story that I’ve always pictured in my head finally appear on screen. Check out the display of costumes from @TheAlienistTNT now on display at the Time Warner Center, in New York
Back home just in time to go Christmas shopping with fancy pants @jennymwalton
Thank you so much @royalsalute and @barnabefillion for the lovely luncheon to celebrate the British Polo Day 2017 in Jodhpur! The seminar during lunch was fascinating. I learned so much about the intimate connection between smell and taste! Well done Barnabe! #RSOlfactory
Pasticceria Gertosio tazza is fantastico! The next pic. is of the typical overflowing sugar bowl with a gentleman next to it for scale!! It’s ginormousico