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I don't know why more young fashion students don't try to get into fashion shows? Most shows have a "Standing" section and the press people are usually happy to fill any seats in the second, third or fourth rows. More importantly it's a great place to make contacts and see/hear what the fashion crowds are doing at the shows. I'm all for helping young fashion students but sometimes they have to do more to help themselves.
Wasp-waist alla masculino! Florence!
Doing some work on the archives while it rains in New York and found this image from about nine or ten years ago! Still looks perfectly stylish today!
Il Capo! I don't know if that's correct Italian but whenever I see Carlo Montanaro I can never call him anything else! Florence
Candle and perfume shopping with the lovely @jennymwalton at @minnewyork !! Great way to spend a July Saturday in the city!
That's Flair with a capital "F", Florence
Love that @prada skirt on the left! Milan
Piazza degli Affari, Milan
I think it's funny how sometimes I see a piece of clothing on a hanger and think "that's horrible" but then I see it on a living, moving person and think "uh, not my style but perfect on her/him"! I think I wouldn't like this red pants on a hanger but on her with that attitude and how that walk emphasizes the design elements it really seems perfect(for her)! New York City
I'm always jealous of people that can wear all-white with such confidence and ease. I'd always be checking if I spilled something or sat in something. Maybe the smart way ,for me, to wear all-white is to wear it for short, specific events (with very little food served) like maybe an exhibit opening or ballet performance.
Congrats to my friend and barber Michael Haar @mikewillcutyou for finally stepping out on his own and opening @haarandcobarbershop this September!! Supported by the old-school Italian brand @proraso_firenze_italy Michael is now in Italy "on tour" learning the fine points of the "Italian shave" and all things Barber Italiano. As all of you know, the idea of my favorite barber setting up his own shop with a hint of classic Italian style is music to my ears! Good luck Mike and have fun in Italy!!
Lafayette Street, Manhattan So good to be back shooting in New York City!
Wow! That's a lot of look but there's something about the outrageousness of it I love.
Brainstorming with the great @louisefili ! As many of you know she's a genius with graphic design, brand imaging and all things related to old-school Italian signage and design. I think this will be just the first of many meetings!
What a chic way to go to work on a summer Monday, Florence
I really feel like she could be some kinda Superhero! Like a more chic, Italian Angelina Jolie! Milan
It's so hard to look young (at a certain age) without looking like you're trying to look young. I don't know why he seems to achieve this so gracefully but I think he does! Florence
A little sweet, a little sinister, Florence
Ok that's a killer summer shirt! I like the pants/shorts(?) too but I'm not big on exposed buttons, Milan
Beach "cover-up" that's so chic it's almost a shame to take it off at the beach, Milan
One of the reasons I started going to fashion shows to capture images of cool people was less about seeing the models, designers or editors but more about the unsung people behind the scenes. I knew from fifteen years in the fashion industry that people in the press office or production or (even sometimes) sales were just as chic as the designer of a brand. I probably would never had met Luca Lucini (Product Manager Collezione Automobili Lamborghini) if I hadn't stoped by the @lamborghini presentation during Milan Fashion Week. It's so hard to find new (new to me at least) guys to shoot but Luca had just what I was looking for! Handsome, an obvious flair for fashion and a special twinkle-in-his-eyes. I hope we'll be seeing more of Luca on my feed in the future! #lamborghini #lamborghinistyle