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To shellfish to share this Chili Lobster Toast from @lobsterbarmiami 😗 #PHAAT
Decisions, decisions...who can guess my favorite candy? 😎 @diplomateats #PHAAT
Fried Mac n Cheese Burger from @diplomatbeachresort #BristolsBurgers #PHAAT
The unicorn cone is now available at @taiyakinyc in @1800lucky ! #PHAAT
Check out happy hour at @elpatiowynwood and La Poderosa! TONIGHT from 5-9pm. $5 Well Drinks, $5 for 5 Beers, $5 Daily Cocktail. | La Poderosa: 5-9pm, $6 for 6 beers, $5 for rum-vodka-whisky-tequila $5 cocktails. #PHAAT
Sundae pie from @fdpies 😍 (added sprinkles cuz DUH) #PHAAT
Parmesan truffle fries from @leyniarestaurant #PHAAT
It’s not my birthday anymore but I’ll eat cake if I want too 😎 @msbunniecakes #PHAAT
Ice cream pops from @cielitoartisanpops ! Everything from chocolate covered to dulce de leche filled. Tag a friend who would love this! #PHAAT
The Pincho burger with sweet potato tater tots 💕 @pinchofactory #PHAAT
Agnolotti: fresh house-made beef stuffed pasta with sage brown butter sauce @chow_morso #PHAAT
Bolognese from @chow_morso at @avantifandb #PHAAT
Best weekend with the best people 🤗 #PHAAT
Name something sexier than Mac n cheese .. I’ll wait #PHAAT
Doughnut tower from @dcdoughnut #PHAAT
24 today!!🎂🎉 couldn’t have asked for a better birthday cake 🍕🍕🍕 made by the best @dbakers_miami ! #PHAAT
Nothing like s’mores when it’s snowing 😊 #PHAAT
Definitely not in Miami anymore 🌲 #PHAAT
Pasta makes the world a much, much better place. @osteriamorini #PHAAT
Salmon & crab poke bowl from Sunny Poke! #PHAAT
Come hang with me during The Naughty Hour at @jezebelmiami January 26th! Happy hour pricing on house cocktails, wine, beer, and bubbly bottles! Can’t forget food like Crispy Brussel sprouts, mini lobster tacos, and pizza 😛 RSVP ASAP! #PHAAT