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My favorite fan photos of the week.
How to spruce up your old furniture.
Guess who’s backstage?
Ty Burrell had no idea this was coming. #EllenShowMeMore
Who knows more about Alexander Hamilton... Lin-Manuel Miranda or our presidential expert, Macey Hensley? Find out tomorrow.
I’m determined to do something about this. Please repost it. Use #BeKindToElephants, and for everyone who does, we’ll make a donation to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. @DSWT **LINK IN BIO
So proud of my brilliant friend @alexknollofficial. He’s gonna change the world. #Repost @alexknollofficial ・・・ Thank you @timeforkids for featuring me on the cover of your magazine. Thank you for helping share the importance of being kind to others and allowing me to share my journey with the development of @abilityapp! Thank you @theellenshow for believing in me and inspiring me! #bekindtooneanother❤️
@SteveSpangler made an explosive appearance on my shows today. I learned a lot about slime, and got some great new art for my office.
My #12Days of Giveaways mascot is here! Are you ready for her?
Thanks for watching, sharing, and loving my new series, Summit. Episode 2 is here! Watch on ellentube. #EllenSummitSeries
@JacobTremblay is about as adorable and talented as you can get.
Donald Trump is lifting the ban on elephant trophy hunting. We can’t allow this to happen and not speak up.
#Repost @animalonearth ・・・ No words for mothers love in any languages, respect feelings of all living beings.
#Repost @worldofanimal.s ・・・ Be kind to ALL living beings 🙏🏻 #Repost @mydreamforanimals ・・・ Beautiful 💚 #Repost @fuzzyfawn ・・・ Several deer rescues today but unfortunately I could only save one. This beautiful girl was stuck in a muddy ditch. She was exhausted from the struggle and stress of trying to get out on her own. When I got there I thought she had already given up. The gentleman who called me helped pull her out. I cleaned her off, warmed her, medicated for pain and electrolytes. Nothing was broken, no cuts or injuries so I wanted to see if she would get up and go on her own. I let her lay on me for about an hour and then she slowly got up and left. I’m so grateful the gentleman saw her while walking his dog because it was not in an area that is heavily traveled ❤️🙏
#Repost @wildlives ・・・ Real life Bambi and Thumper 🐰🦌🍃 • Repost 💓 @fuzzyfawn I've been putting Chester outside during the day in the bunny enclosure. Mocha has taken a nurturing interest in him. They both lick each other through the fencing and when Mocha lays next to the caging Chester gets as close as possible to him nudging and licking him. It's been amazing to watch. Chester is not frightened or stressed by Mocha.
The #SexiestManAlive is here tomorrow... if you’re into that kind of thing. @BlakeShelton
Ohhhhhhh, straight people.
If this doesn’t move you I don’t know what more I can do. #Repost @animalonearth ・・・ It's a touching moment as Dr Jane Goodall (@janegoodallinst) hug of thanks from chimpanzee 'Wounda' who she nursed back to health from near death. 'Wounda' being realese into the wild.
Tavaris has learned from the best. @sir_twitch_alot
Reuben meeting his idol, @KimKardashian, is the kind of thing you need to see today.