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THIS HEAT WAVE THO 😈🔥 // Santo Diablo Margarita @gmweho #sipmezcal
THE DARK SIDE OF MARVELOUS @albrechtbehmel // Santo Diablo Founder @karlaamtmann in Hollywood tonight raising $$ to provide relief efforts to families in Mexico 🙏🏻🇲🇽 #bebadass #bethechange #helpmexico
New @santodiablomezcal bottle launches next month! Mezcal is being bottled right now in Oaxaca ➰💃🏼➰creative direction & design by #SEMPRINICREATIVE & @artinyip 💥
"Fifteen years ago mezcal was considered a drink for construction workers, town drunks, and lowlifes. Now it's the complete opposite- it's 'in' and fashionable to drink mezcal. But that's where the sad part is: mezcal isn't a trend. Trends don't exist for five hundred years - they change each year, and mezcal doesn't. If you don't believe in and love the product, if you don't know how it's made, if you haven't smelled it, and lived it, or in any way experimented with it - you're just going to see it as a bottle that can be pretty or ugly, and sold as cheap or expensive." - Graciela Angeles Carreño, proprietor of Real Minero and fourth generation mezcalera. #tradition #culture #mezcal #womenofmezcal
OLIVER COOPER SIPPING MEZCAL // Don't miss the new episode of @drinkyfuntime hosted by @theimbiber @emmapatterson2 as they sit down with actor Oliver Cooper to discuss "Californication" "Red Oaks" and "Project X" and of course, yours truly 😈 Click link ☝🏻in profile.
HOLY PIÑA 😝 Check out link in profile☝🏻for a free new episode of @drinkyfuntime with @emmapatterson2 @theimbiber and Santo Diablo Founder @karlaamtmann as they explore mezcal with Oliver Cooper, star of the Amazon original series “Red Oaks.” Oliver talks about landing his first big break – as Costa in Todd Phillips epic party flick, “Project X” – playing David Duchovny’s son on “Californication,” and the joys of eating bologna sandwiches made by Jessica Biel...all while #SIPPINGMEZCAL with Santo Diablo 💥
On this #womencrushwednesday I would like to celebrate all the women of #Mezcal and @emmajanzen in particular. Congratulations Emma and thank you for the wonderful copy of your new MEZCAL book, sold out last week at @tales_of_the_cocktail!! If you haven't ordered your copy and you're into agave spirits do it now! ✨📚✨ . . . . . #WomenofMezcal #GirlsDrinkingMezcal #MEZCALBOOK