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I always say, I want somebody plugging the @blaqueboxsub the way LL was plugging FUBU (think the Gap commercial) It's imperative that we go THAT HARD for brands we believe in.... They may not always have an ad budget that meets their needs, do they got You? The power of influence is up there with compound interest....Use it wisely, but USE IT
Early morning workouts are always special😌 - 🔥Abs and fasted cardio🔥type of morning💦 because it's time to get rid of all the extra water and bring out the cuts and the freakish veins!!😄😄 #WeLeadByExample
I only roll with goddesses 👑 #DontLetThatGoOverYourHead #TheWorldsLeaders #WeLeadByExample #WeWantEveryoneToWin #ThereIsNoCompetition #WeTheBest #Photography #PhotoShoot #Friends #Loyalty #Queens . . . . 📸 captured by: @conradcaptures 🔥🔥🔥
A boss creates fear, a leader confidence...A boss fixes blame, a leader corrects mistakes...A boss knows all, a leader asks questions...A boss makes things drudgery, a leader makes it interesting...A boss is interested in him or herself, a leader is interested in the group!!! #DontLetThatGoOverYourHead #TheWorldsLeaders #WeLeadByExample #WeWantEveryoneToWin #ThereIsNoCompetition #WeTheBest #Photography #PhotoShoot #Friends #Loyalty #Queens #MelaninSquads #MelaninPoppin #MelaninSquad @melaninsquads . 📸 captured by: @conradcaptures 🔥🔥🔥
When it comes to building your physique it's all about consistency. This is no sprint, keep working on your craft, create your own masterpiece, rep by rep, meal by meal, slowly but surely your masterpiece will start to take form🙌👊 Never give up on your vision off what you could be, no matter how far it might look at some times, stay positive and keep working✊️ #WeLeadByExample
"Most people die at 25 and aren't buried until they're 75" - Make sure you're living and not just surviving🙌 Find something that sets your soul on fire and do it as often as you can!🙏 #FlashbackSunday #WeLeadByExample
If you're reading this, I hope something amazing happens to you today.🙏😌 #Namaste #WeLeadByExample
"Motivation is what gets you started, commitment is what keep you going" - You have to be fully committed at being the best version of yourself, it's a full time job! It's not just about going to the gym and pushing weight, it's about the decisions you make, the sacrifices, how your priorities change. A lot might think it's too much, too excessive but I really don't see how investing and taking care of yourself and your health isn't on the top of your list on things you're committed to🤷‍♂️ - Make yourself a priority and stay true to your goals, the rest will follow. #WeLeadByExample
3 days post Legday and still sore as hell😩 and can't fully flex😂 But had to do a quick quads check😌 - Hitting hamstrings tomorrow to start off the week on a painful note😅and because nobody in their right mind hits chest on Monday, especially at this time of the year😂😂 #WeLeadByExample
swipe ➡️True indeed - dont judge base on ‘stories’ ‘rumors shj - Bantu orang utk turun berat ini perjuangan saya seumur hidup , i dont stop , i wont stop - we are UNSTOPPABLE ...💪🏻 #weleadbyexample
Don't compare your chapter 1 to someone else chapter 20☝️ We all started somewhere✊️, the beginning is always hard, scary, full off self doubt. - If you're beginning this beautiful journey and lifestyle, social media can be overwhelming at times, and make you feel like you're so far from your goal. Instead of focusing on how different you look from those people on social media use them as motivation. Stop trying to look like someone because you never will👀We are all different! Be inspired by their work, because nobody was born aesthetic asf or fit asf. You actually have to put in the work☝️You can't cheat the grind😌. Create your own masterpiece with all the tools at your disposition, and you will help others unleash their true potential by just working on you. You never know who you are inspiring🙌 - There will be ups and down of course! This is no straight line to walk👀 but never give up on yourself no matter what! #WeLeadByExample
Shoutout to people working out in tank tops🙌 I don't know how y'all do it!👀 Until mother nature is done with these -30*C this is as far as I can go with taking my clothes off😩 But it's #flexfriday so here's my contribution😅 Use your imagination to see the gains fam😂👀 #WeLeadByExample
Gains face is ugly, but necessary😅Or you're just pretending😂 - To everybody starting their fit journey or getting back at it, I hope you all make it🙌My advice would be, do it for you and try to fall in love with the lifestyle instead of the look🙏. - There's a reason you see some people doing their thing year after year and some going really hard for a time and suddenly disappear. - Shredded abs, big arms, big chest, big booty, great legs, flat stomach, all these things are cool yea but if that's the only thing you're aiming for YOU WILL get demotivated.☝️ - The reason some people seems to never get sidetracked is because they love what the do, and they are committed to doing the thing they love, it's a lifestyle. They have all those things you want as a result of their lifestyle not a quick fix. You'll get 10 times the results you wish for by doing something out of love instead of doing it out of hate. So stop hating how you look and what you can't do and start loving that you're actually giving this a try😌find what you love, and give it your all! Crossfit, Zumba, Powerlifting, Yoga, Weight lifting, Sports, Dance, I don't care just go for it and enjoy your journey!😄 #WeLeadByExample
#2017bestnine It's been quit a year! After 2016 who was definitely the worst year for me I didn't know what 2017 was going to be like👀 - Turned out to be one of the best year of my life!😁I remembered who I was😌what drives me, got my shit together and got back to a descent shape😅 - I can't take all the credit tho, you know I can't talk about 2017 without mentioning my little princess 👸🏼☺️ @fitjenni_ds Definitely my biggest highlight of 2017❤️😄 so many adventures and so much more to come😄 - I'm exited for 2018! Not just on a fitness level but also on a personal level and professional level. Big moves!😌 - Thank you all for the continuous support and the constant love🙌You guys are amazing!! Wish you all a Happy new year!😄🎉🎊 We made it through another year🙏let's be grateful for the good and also the bad and make 2018 even better!😌✊️ #WeLeadByExample
So everybody is posting vids of them working out outside and I wanted to chip in😌. - But see the way this country🇨🇦 is set up, it was -30*C here today so I had to have a couple of extra layers on me😅 - I know, I know, I know it's not really sexy😂😂no abs, can't see any shreds, no a single muscle popping off but hey I hope you still love me😂😂 #NotAllSuperHeroesWearCapes #CanadianSuperHero #WeLeadByExample
New year, bigger me. Coming soon🤷‍♂️😌 #WeLeadByExample
I got spoiled by my better half❤️with some parallel bars🙌😄 Took them for a spin earlier😌 I can't wait to go hard on them, try new things, sweat on them, maybe get a few scratches because of them😅, maybe drop a little blood because of them🤷‍♂️but at the end it will a be worth it😌....I guess😂 #WeLeadByExample
Actions prove who someone is. Words just prove who they want to be🤷‍♂️⚫️⚪️ - Everybody wants to be super fit, Until it's time to show their work ethic. Until it's time to skip friends gatherings or family gatherings because they need to get that session in. Until it's time to eat "boring food" while their friends eat all they want. Until people start calling them names. Until people stop checking on them 'cause they are boring. Until they need to train while every muscle in their body hurts. Until the injuries start occurring. Until they puck. Just to name a few.😌 - See in theory being fit is great! But in reality it's not for everybody. That why last year, less than 3% of men and woman in the United states met the basic qualification to be considered living a fit lifestyle.🤷‍♂️ No study has been made elsewhere but they estimate it's less than 10% worldwide. #DontTalkJustDo #WeLeadByExample
When you've been skipping cardio for weeks and you come across pictures of your leaner days😂😂 I feel like it's been a while since my middle section haven't been this tight😩 I wanted to move heavier weights this winter to add size on my frame so I had to adjust my training. Everything comes with pros and cons and if I would simplify things it would be More strength=Less condition More shred=Less stength I wasn't hitting any PB's with a BF% that low that's for sure👀 I was probably around 160lbs back then, lighter days😅 I'm sitting around 185lbs now, my goal is to hit this conditioning without getting below 180lbs🙌 Set goals, smash them and set new ones!✊️ #WeLeadByExample
Twinning in one of our rare civilian appearance😄⚫️⚫️ #WeLeadByExample
I wouldn't have it any other way The high, the lows The good, the bad The wins, the loses Everything has his purpose. I'm not the same man I was when I started this journey, both physically and emotionally🙌 #WeLeadByExample