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Today I had a meeting at an established yoga studio to see if they were interested in having me teach ~ Before I was set to leave I had a bit of freak out ~ I legit just finished my 200hr training only a week ago ~ Who am I to teach anyone? ~ What do I know? ~ How will I balance teaching and my acupuncture practice? ~ I have no idea WTF I am doing!! ~ Then I felt called to open my new book from @elevenelevencommunity “Light is the New Black” by @rebeccathoughts ~ I had to laugh out loud at the page I turned to ~ Yoga lights me up ~ Helping others heal and grow lights me up ~ It’s still not clear exactly how these things will come together, but I know if I keep following the light, I will create something beautiful ~ Oh, the meeting went great btw ☺️ I’ll keep you all posted on the deets as they become available
I can’t hear you Chad! I’m in a fricken waterfall😂😂😂 #KillinTimeAtKillenFalls #KillenFalls #SecretDestinations #BeautifulDestinations #Waterfalls #MorningHikes #HikingBliss #SpirituallyFit #WaterfallOfLove
As we prepare for a new week, know that the purpose for which you were created offers great fulfillment and great expectation. No one should have a problem with Mondays or any other day. 💗 Live out loud your Plus Size Faith Life...BOLDLY, unashamed, a little scared, certain or uncertain. Just do it! 💗 Ladies, join us in the Plus Size Faith L.A.B on FB. This is the place where we are walking out our Purpose. Link in my bio 👆🏽 💗 #plussizefaith #vidabratton #plussizelife #purposedrivenlife
Pray more worry less , the feeling of letting go and letting God is unexplainable.... “It’s already done #Spirituallyfit #Blessed #Humble #Grateful Happy Sunday 💋💋💋
Happy Sunday everyone! We’ve been running a couple of discounts lately but we’ve added one that we think you’ll love ❤️ • EVERY THIRD SESSION WITH US IS 50% OFF! You can mix and match between our divination and healing services✨ For example, your first session can be a Tarot Reading, your second Chakra Cleansing and the third an Implant Removal session which you get at 50% off! • If you’ve already had one or two sessions with us already, you’re eligible! Create space for self care and healing as we enter the New Year 😌✨💕
Such a fabulous mass experience today!! Love this reading. Perfect timing, as always. 🙂💗🙏🏼 . . . #advent #reasonforthrseason #jesus #coffeeandjesus #catholicmom #fitmom #fitnessbodymindspirit #fitmombodymindspirit #spirituallyfit #attitudeofgratitude #hope #coach #beachbody #girlmom #therapistmom #momoftwo #fitat40 #ilovechocolate #iamteambeachbody #hammerandchisel #autumncalabrese #shiftshop #fitspiration #praywithoutceasing #givethanksinallcircumstances #rejoicealways #grateful
#Repost @diandraclinic (@get_repost) ・・・ What the first thing cross your mind if we talking about anti-aging? Removed wrinkles? Smoothing up your skin? or just simply redefining your look? If you think that, then you have to learn about it more. Anti-aging is a science that basically related with our health and as a solution for the health problems. The real anti-aging will slow down the aging process from inside out to restore the youthfulness safely and effectively. This is what we applied in all treatments, because we want to give you a balance for a happy, healthy and beautiful life . Be the part of our family, because family is the most important thing in the world 😊🙏🏻 . #diandraclinic #antiaging #aesthetic #healthy #awetmuda #stayyoung #balance #pursuitofyouthfulness #cantik #sehat #family #man #woman #child #enhancement #healthybody #personalizedcare #bestforyou#holisticdoctor #face #mind #body #soul #brain #healtygut#spirituallyfit #balanceeverything #optimizeperformance #diandralifestyle
I’m loving this @bodyworksball As a curvy woman whose goal is #SizeHealthy this product is right on time! Why? Because stretching is SO IMPORTANT to good health. It cuts down on strains, other injuries. AND it massages at a deep level perfectly. 💗SWIPE TO SEE FOOT VIDEO💗 This is the best office health product. As you can use this anywhere. *Not an ad. Just a user that wants to share* 💗 #healthycurvesrock #bodyworksball #sizehealthyismygoal #healthyblackwomen #healthycurves
I can't say enough how prepping for the week ahead will set you up for success!! Let me teach, guide and support you in your fitness journey! I'm so EXCITED 🤗 to be starting the New Year with new friends getting them ready for their healthiest year!!! That can be YOUR year ahead!! Give yourself a 🎁! Do it for you! Do it for your kids! Set the example! 5 spots left! Let's crush the NEW YEAR, TOGETHER! 👯
Day 17 💕💡: Write a heartfelt letter to someone! One of my favorite things to receive is a card or letter from my friends & family! I keep them in a special box so I can pull them out if I ever need to be reminded of the love that surrounds me or I just need a pep talk! Add something a little extra to your holiday cards this year!! You never know what your words could do for someone’s spirits! 😘
Pastor Mark Evans @NewLifeChurch in Trumbull reminds us that our DEFINING moments show us who we really are and determine who we will become and that defining moments are the difficult ones not the so called good times ... Im so ready to define my moments in 2018 ! Im hoping youll join me 👍🏽🙌🏼🙏🏽 #spirituallyfit #livelean #Godlovesyou
We are so excited and honored to welcome @maureenmuldoon and @spiritual_speakeasy to Bodhi this morning for our Sunday Celebration Service, at 10a CST. Their community is joining us to celebrate the Season of Light. Maureen is a gifted speaker and teacher, and she and #RevLo @lolapwright will be a dynamic duo! . We're expecting a full house, so be sure to get there early to snag your seat. If you can't make it in person, be sure to tune in via livestream at . . . . . . . . . #spirituality #spiritualityoverreligion #spiritual #enlightenment #consciousness #lightworker #spiritjunkie #whitehottruth #spirituallyfit #spiritguide #faithoverfear #chicity #chitown #windycity #chicagosbest #chicagolove #RevealLove #BodhiChicago #SpiritualCommunity #society #ScienceofMind #CentersforSpiritualLiving #NewThought #AGNT
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I gotta be honest, I did NOT want to do my workout tonight (that tends to happen when I procrastinate 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️). It’s late and I still have a bunch of other things to do, but I knew I had an important choice. If I didn’t do it, I’d feel like 💩. And if I DID do it, I’d feel proud, strong and capable 💪🏼. When I remind myself the real reason WHY I do this, it makes the decision why easier. That’s why I love my online groups because we never lose sight of why we started in the first place 👁🔮. Motivation is gonna come and go so having support and a proven method is key. You are ALWAYS welcome to join us! 🤗👯‍♀️ 30 minute at home workouts, meal plans and supershakes, and support and accountability 👊🏼. Link in bio to get started! 💌
Sometimes the state of the US breaks my heart. Seeing people blatantly discriminated against, people being reduced to sex objects, and seeing people support those in power who disregard human rights. At times I’m just horrified by the state we are in. . Spiritually I know the dark has to be brought to light in order to move forward. As a collective, we humans are working to do better. Progress is happening. It’s helpful to remember this. . But sometimes I just need to grieve. I need to sit with my broken heart and let the tears flow. This incredibly beautiful song came on today by @paolonutini. I’ve loved it for years because of his amazing voice. But today it had a new meaning... and it gave me hope 💙 . “And we’ll rise over love And over hate Through this iron sky That’s fast becoming our minds Over fear And into freedom Into freedom!” - Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini