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Sweet meetup with my homegirl Anita at local dive @thefieldclub_sanmateo for champagne & currant cocktails! ✨🍹🥂 #mixologist #drinkup #caseofthemondays #gin . . . . . . #cocktailparty #tikibar #withmint #girlsnight #picoftheday #imbibe #barwoman #bartender #barlife #art #sanmateolife #cocktailporn #siliconvalley #cocktailhour #thefieldclub #fieldclub #norcal #champagne #redlightspecial #createcommune #way2ill
It may be winter, but Caribbean Queen will take you to your summer place. "From atop our brewery's roof, if the sun shines hard enough to burn away the bay's semi-permanent blanket of fog, we are gifted beautiful views of sailboats dancing across the San Francisco Bay. Daydreams of what it's like to be on one of those boats float through our heads as sweat from the brewday drips to the ground. While on the boats they are enjoying their tiki drinks, while we'll be alleviating the heat with some Caribbean Queen. Inspired by a blend of various tiki drinks, the result is a beer soured to the point of mouth puckering acidity and is then fermented with passion fruit, red sour cherries, oranges, limes, and El Dorado hops. The result is an over the top fruity Catamaran of a sour beer ripping through your palate and leaving only tart and juicy greatness in its wake." #sanmateo #sanmateolife #baymeadows #baymeadowslife
#Latergram @james_petrice . . . 🎳 BOWLING FOR BIZ 🎳 Thank you to the San Mateo Chamber for an epic event! #myteam #youngentrepreneur #fam _________ Met a senator, grew a mustache, networked with local businesses + enjoyed an unforgettable game with my Gen Y Millennial peeps. Shout-out to Ben of @craftsignworks for the shirts + to my unicorn @caronmodmedia for the props! 🦄 #bowlingteam #senatorjerryhill #millennials _________ #smallbusiness #solopreneur #entrepreneur #startuplife #sanmateolife #unicornlove #mycrew #senator #bowling #businessparty #norcal #belmateobowl #sanmateo #caligrammers #startup
King Citra now on the beer menu @fieldworkbrewing_sanmateo! "The clock strikes noon as King Citra awakens in his parents' basement with only one thing on his mind, battle. He straps on his cardboard chainmail, arms himself with his pool-noodle broadsword, grabs his brown bag lunch, and heads to Ohlone Park to continue with his campaign. With a towering aroma of mom's fresh squeezed orange juice and tangerines freshly picked from the backyard, no one will be competing with the king today. A thick and full mouthfeel creates an Orange Whip-like profile that sticks to the palate with a refreshingly dessert-esque fervor, slowly giving way to a soft bite of carbonation. As the sun sets across the horizon King Citra fires thunderbolt after thunderbolt at every taste receptor till they are overwhelmed and he struts away, crown atop his head, still reigning supreme over his Empire of Double IPA." #fieldworkbrewing #sanmateo #sanmateolife #baymeadows #baymeadowslife
Introduced my BarOnline homie @midwesttrav to @soulcycle according to @yeahmt + it's official: he's our favorite! ✌️ #soulsurvivor #postworkout #fitnessinstructors
Fill up a growler or Crowler with Hoppin 4-Tay for some sportsball watching today! "Hoppin' 4-Tay is a hybrid of IPA styles; east meets west meets east again in this Citra-fueled hop voyage. Not as bitter as our Westcoast IPAs are, but not as soft as our regular IPAs. More body than our Westcoast IPAs, but not as much as our regular IPAs. Just as much aroma as our Westcoast IPAs, which means just as much aroma as our regular IPAs. The truth lands somewhere in the middle; a pillowy hazy body with a nice mouthfeel and smooth texture is made more drinkable with a mild hop bite that sparks the palate like static shock. An orange-juice-forward hop profile strikes the perfect balance between the fruity esters of the northeast and the citrus hop kick of the southwest. The result is an aromatically charged IPA that's tighter than a glove and can chop a lot of game in any beer bar whether it's in Berkeley, Napa, Sacramento, Monterey, San Mateo, or right across the water in the Biggity Biggity O." #baymeadows #baymeadowslife #sanmateo #sanmateolife
Chaos Emeralds now on the beer menu @fieldworkbrewing_sanmateo! "A lot of what we do here at Fieldwork is picking the best raw materials for the job, putting them together, and trying to make every beer we make the best version of what that beer can be. Then every once in a while we come across some hops that are so good there is no combining of raw materials. No sense in risking muddling the flavors these hop growers developed so masterfully. We'll then often brew a simple beer just like this: moderate in body and low in malt character grain-bill to support one single hop. In this case, the hop is our Simcoe from the most recent harvest. The best Simcoe we have ever smelled. Notes of passion fruit, guava, grapefruit segments, white currants, and a hint of spruce tips. We love how the Simcoe hop has morphed over the years into what we have littered in the glass in front of you. We're crossing our fingers we can get Simcoe with this same profile year after year so we never have a reason to pull Chaos Emeralds IPA from our constant IPA rotation." #sanmateo #baymeadows #baymeadowslife #sanmateolife
****Update at 1:15 pm: King Citra cans are sold out. Thanks to everyone who came out to pick up some cans! *****Special Release cans of King Citra will be available tomorrow at 12 pm @fieldworkbrewing_sanmateo! No draft because it hasn't been kegged yet, so no fills will be available. Limit is 12 pp, but limits may be increased or decreased depending on turnout. #baymeadows #baymeadowslife #sanmateo #sanmateolife
New Release @fieldworkbrewing_sanmateo! 1502 Vienna Lager "If you look up "Vienna Lager" online you will find dozens of different definitions all with varying degrees of accuracy. 1502 is our Vienna Lager that lands somewhere on the spectrum between historically accurate and modern interpretation. Think Mexican Amber Lager brewed with traditional Central European Lager yeast and hops. This beer is all about the malt character with its notes of biscuits, torta bread, raw cane sugar, and flaked cereal, but remains quite dry and drinkable; rich yet crushable. Hop character is quite mellow with just hints of wild grass and dandelion. With a respectably lower ABV and a soft yet crisp finish you can drink 1502 Vienna Lager while sitting on the bayside with a fishing pole or studying for finals at Stansbury. Simply put, this is the beer that replaces Mexican Lagers in our fridge during the winter months, because nobody wants to drink beers named after the sun when it's raining out." #sanmateo #baymeadows #baymeadowslife #sanmateolife
#Latergram of my selfie with San Mateo Mayor Rick Bonilla at TGIF Lunch & Learn with @frippvt ! After seeing each other at ALL the 2017 Chamber events, he & I are like 🤞 this. 😁 #mayorrickbonilla #sanmateolife #besties
We are open regular hours today and Chisel has returned to the beer menu! "Designed to be a flagship-worthy IPA in our sea of experimentation and rotation, Chisel is a tropical mélange of aromas. Beginning with bold scents of Mango, over-ripe papaya, and orange marmalade; Chisel will draw your face to the glass till you retreat with some of its thin fluffy head coating the tip of your nose. Your only option will be to give in and start guzzling its dry nectar. Slowly washing across the palate you will find unique caramelized peach undertones provided by its specialty malts, with a flavor profile dominated by Citra hops, finishing with a balanced bitterness, hints of tangerine, and a blast of white grapefruit . Simply put, Chisel is a modern West Coast IPA that should be anyone's everyday IPA." #sanmateo #baymeadows #sanmateolife #baymeadowslife
On Sundays, we @soulcycle + selfie. Thanks for the Total Request ride @yeahmt ! 🎶 #fitnessisfun #trynewthings #lifeafterbarmethod
Island Time returns to the beer menu @fieldworkbrewing_sanmateo! Pre-order your Crowlers from the link in our profile! "Island Time Tropical Sour Ale looks exactly how it feels when you step off a plane in Hawaii and someone drapes a lei around your neck. The vibrant pink color screams for an umbrella to be dropped in the glass while your imagination takes your toes to a warm white sandy beach. The nose of this tiki inspired concoction is ripe with red papaya that kicks with an almost sweet smelling funkiness. As this tropical beer sets sail across your tastebuds, you'll be exposed to more fruit-fueled complexity than you could have imagined. Potent notes of papaya quickly dissipate and are overtaken by boisterous waves of pineapple and eventually finishing with ripe to perfection mango flavors; all with refreshing and underlying notes of key lime and hibiscus flowers. Crafted with the coast of Molokai on our mind; Island Time Tropical Sour Ale is incredibly tart and exceedingly juicy, taking your palate on vacation every time you grab a pint." #fieldworkbrewing #craftbeer #islandtime #sanmateo #baymeadows #baymeadowslife #sanmateolife
Ghost of a Hop is on the beer menu today @fieldworkbrewing_sanmateo! Should be a nice day to enjoy some beers outdoors. "Oh, it's you... You know, I'm getting a little tired of you and your new fandangled hazy-juicy-murky-IPAs. When I was your age we didn't have any Citra, or Mosaic, or Nelson... ....our hops didn't smell like candy, they smelled like grapefruit and pine and were named after rivers and mountains, and if they didn’t start with the letter “C,” we didn’t want ‘em! You kids have no idea how easy you have it, do you even know what it’s like to have to pick between either a Cascade or a Cluster hopped IPA? No you don’t, so we’re going to take a little trip back in time and revisit some of these classic hops that may or may not have fallen out of fashion, apply modern hopping amounts and techniques, and wrap it up in a semi-classic Westcoast IPA form factor. Ghost of a Hop is the latest and not likely last in our Single Hop Series of beers. For those of you that haven’t had the honor of drinking an IPA made with Centennial hops, or for those of you that simply miss it’s grapefruit blossom and melon ball powered profile, we encourage you to grab a Ghost of a Hop." #fieldworkbrewing #sanmateo #baymeadows #baymeadowslife #sanmateolife
Sniff Test is now on the menu at @fieldworkbrewing_sanmateo! Brewery dog Hugo is pretty excited. "Piggybacking off of our single-hop Blonde Ale series named Field Trial, we developed Sniff Test for the same purpose of testing out experimental hops, newer hop varietals and new crop year hops to see how much we like them and learn how to best use them, this time in an IPA setting. For this series we use a fairly trademark Fieldwork grain-bill, ferment with our house IPA yeast, and each time we brew it we will use a different hop to see how they pop in a Fieldwork IPA. Always soft in bitterness, creamy in mouthfeel, and highlighted by what could be the next star of an IPA near you." #baymeadows #baymeadowslife #sanmateo #sanmateolife #fieldworksanmateo
About last night... 👍 Partied with birthday girl @mickeymalloy at the Equinox mixer like what! #personaltrainer #fitfam #hbd❤️ @sanmateochamber
Ugh home ownership... Thank you San Mateo FD Truck 21 #sanmateofiredepartment for the basement pump out. #sumppumpfail photo and all work managed by @acathcartinca #taxesatwork #biggovernment #sanmateolife #cityofsanmateo #birthdayweek #rainincalifornia #truck21 #respondforthewaterassist #nonemergencyemergency
Two hour timelapse of my weekend workout with @binthebay doing mitts with @hughes.cleveland ! 🥊 #workoutvideo #sanmateolife #fitnesstimes #lifeafterbarmethod
On Sundays, we @soulcycle ! 🚴 Thanks @yeahmt for the Total Request class + congrats to @yhcalifornia for picking the winners. #fitfam #soulchallenge #postworkout
Thank you @binthebay for being my fitness date for a sweaty boxing sesh this morning with @hughes.cleveland ! 🥊✨💪 #didirollmyeyesoutloud #fitfam #weekendwarriors