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This letter matching snow globe printable was a great way to encourage P's letter recognition! I've not pushed much letter work on him as he's been more interested in numbers, but he likes working with stickers for sure! This also gave me the opportunity to name the letters, tell him the sounds they make, and brainstorm words that start with that sound. He did great helping me come up with words for most of the sounds just from hearing them before. We did lowercase today and plan to do the uppercase set tomorrow. Thanks for sharing this Mom Inspired Life! ☃️ #walkerpreschool #snowweek #preschool #homeschoolpreschool #homeschool #homeschooling #preschoolathome #earlyliteracy #handsonlearning #mominspiredlife
#prek#kids#children#craftideas#creativecraft#kidscraft#preschool#preschoolcraft#preschoolactivities#preschoolfun#teachersfollowteachers#preschoolteacher#nurseryactivities#homeschooling#education#preschoolathome#earlyyears#brownbearbrownbearwhatdoyousee#animals#colours#independentcolouring#reading#billmartinjr#ericcarle#colours#brownbear#cat#frog#dog#bird#duck# Hi everyone, as you can all see from my recent posts, we have been doing some work on the book named 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?' Here is some of the animals that I drew from the book for my girls to colour in and cut out. For my daughter I let her colour in the animals without help to see if she remembered from the book. With my niece next to the animal I put down with colours she had to use and let her get on with it. Believe it or not they both did excellent without my help. As an extension I let them cut out the animals. Keep a look out for what we did next. Why dont you try these activities to.
A new day, a new costume! #pianomom #pianofun #pianoforkids #suzukimethod #homeschoolelective #homeschoolfun #preschoolathome
Practicing letter formation. #sensorylearning #preschoolathome
Hay actividades que tienen mucho margen de edad para realizarlas, solo hay que adaptarlas un poco a la madurez del niñ@. Esta es una de ellas, la realizamos desde el muy pequeño; primero sin relacionar colores (simplemente colocando el pompón u otro objeto en cada hueco); después se pueden relacionar colores (o lo que sean, números, letras, animales...); para practicar psicomotricidad fina usamos pinzas (pueden ser caseras),cucharas... o como nosotros hoy, que estrenamos estas pinzas amarillas que nos trajeron los reyes!!! . . . . #folowthechild #psicomotricidadfina #actividadesparaniños #learningathome #homeschool #preschoolactivity #preschoolathome #toddler #montessoriencasa #montessoriathome #montessorriactivities #montessoriactivity #montessori #colour #colores
One of his favorite activities to pull off the activity shelf is the name puzzle I made him out of a piece of sister’s diaper box. When he’s done, he stores it back in its little basket. We have had it for a long while. I’m so happy to see it used. I have had a few people curious about our activity corner. It’s nothing special. I don’t have an entire room dedicated to it (I wish I did). But, a corner is! And that works for us. Plus, I dedicated a wall that is for our arts and crafts to display. The important thing is to have activities and loose parts you want your preschooler to engage in or with in your corner. So the shelves have puzzles, books, some arts and crafts supplies, letter work books and blocks. It’s all kept at eye level for easy grabs for my kiddos. Above the shelf, we hang all our letter flash cards for the letter we’re working on. Then, we have a fun map (we review where we live and where daddy flies), ABC poster and number garland. My rule is: if you’re done with an activity put it away before getting another one out. This took a lot of practice and sometimes needs review. But, they’re great little helpers with it. Swipe left for the pics! And hop on over to @unclutterit - Bridget is doing a fun giveaway for organizing your craft supplies. The giveaway ends on Monday. So hurry hurry! 🏃‍♀️ She is an organizing queen. And I’d totally fly ✈️ her over to help me with my house. • • • • • #preschoolathome #motherhoodthroughinstagram #momsofinstagram #motherhoodrising #unitedinmotherhood #momlifeisthebestlife #mommyblogger #toddlerlife #preschooliscool #mommymoments #authenticmotherhood #motherhoodunplugged #momcommunity #motherhoodintheraw #communityovercompetition #ig_motherhood #mytinymoments #raisingreaders #childledlearning #letthekids #momtribe #documentingmotherhood #honestmotherhood #momtogs #graceupongrace #mommabear #theycallmemama #toddlermom
SNOWFLAKE BLOTTO ART Blotto art projects fascinate kids (and adults too!). Each one is unique, and opening up the new design each time is always a fun surprise. To make snowflake blotto art, we used a squeeze bottle to squeeze out half of the design for our snowflake. This was a great opportunity to show some of the facts that we learned about snowflakes (that they have six sides or points) We had to add in a little math thinking and decide how many lines we needed to draw in order for their to be six once we folded the paper in half. These are great discussions for early learners! After folding the paper in half we had fun seeing how our snowflake designs turned out. Each one is unique just like a real snowflake. And because we love glitter, we embellished our designs with a bit of silver glitter glue to make them sparkly. Click the link in our profile for the full activity tutorial and even more winter activity inspiration in our winter theme activity guide. JOIN IN: Each weekday of 2018 we're sharing a theme based idea for playful learning. We'd love for you to be a part of it! Just tag @fantasticfunandlearning and use #FFLideas so we're sure to see the fun ideas you share. We've also made a handy free printable with some ideas if you'd like to plan ahead. If you don't already have the free printable January activity calendar, pop over to and be sure to get on our email list. Each month we'll send out a new activity calendar so you will know what themes are coming and get some activity ideas to get ready in advance. #snowflakes #preschool #preschoolthemes #winteractivities #funthingstodowithkids #iteachprek #homepreschool #preschoolathome #toddlerfun #preschoolfun #homeschoolpreschool #kidart #artforkids
Mesela cocugunuzun altini degistirmeniz gerek ama "hayirr, istemiyorumm!!" 🙅‍♀️ diye bi karsilik aliyosunuz 😶 Veya banyo yapmasi gerek ya da disari cikacaksaniz ve hepinizin hazirlanmasi lazim.. ama tum cabalariniza ragmen karsinizda "hayiirr!!!" diyip direnen bi kucuk insan var 🙅‍♀️😒😶 Cook basit ve ise yarar bi önerim var size 💡 Kriz aninda hemen sevdigi bi pelus oyuncagi veya bi kuklayi alip elinize konusturmaya baslayin sesinizi degistirerek 🗨💬 Cok yuksek ihtimalle cocugunuz sırıtip istediginiz seyi eglenerek yapacak 🙄🙈 Bunu bize ogrenciler icin anlatmislardi, cocuklar derste sizin sordugunuz soruya cevap vermeyebilir, sizden cekinebilir ama kuklalara tepki verirler diye ogrenmistik. Gercekten de ise yarardi, cantamizda olurdu bi tane hep derslerde 🙄 Bizim bez degistirmek istememe ve banyoda kafasini yikamaktan nefret ettigi icin girmeme krizlerimize bu gordugunuz minik papagan 🐦, minik kedi 🐈 ve bay maymun 🐒 cozum oldular 🎈 Mesela banyo yapmak istemedi ben de minik kediyi alip sesimi degistirerek "Miyyaavv, Nil benim yikanmam gerekiyor beni yikarmisin banyoda?" dedim ve bu kadar.. Kediyi yikicam derdine banyo yapiyor 😅 Bez degisimleri icinde bay maymunun gozlerini kapatiyoruz ve bakmiyor, bekliyor, papagan yanimizdaysa onu sakliyoruz isimiz bitince cikiyor, bay maymunda gozlerini aciyor. Ise biraz eglence ve oyun katiyoruz catismak yerine 🎈💬🗨 Tabi yaparken inanin kendinize, kuklanin ikna edebilecegine ve role bürünün 🙄 Bu uygulamayi yaparken su anda okudugum kitapta da oneri olarak karsima cikmasi cok hosuma gitti. Demek ki kriz yonetim anlari icin oneriliyormuş. Kitabi da bitirdikten sonra paylasicam 🙄📚 Yanimda da minik papagani veya bi parmak kuklayi tasimayi dusunuyorum artik disardaykende 🤔 Ihtiyac oldugunda yardima kosuyolar cunku 🙄🎈❤ Bence bi deneyin 😉 #nillepratikeglence
We baked banana breakfast cookies, read while playing I spy, and made some B's with out for paint - now we play ❤️ #homeschoolcollective #preschoolathome #bakewithheart #theletterb #theletteroftheweek #dotart #mommalove
Teach children to name their feelings by playing with them. • About ten minutes after we’d played this matching game with our Time-In ToolKit “Feeling Faces” cards, my son came up to me and was whining. • Instead of saying, “Stop whining!” or “What’s wrong?!!!” I said, “How are you feeling?” He paused and then he said “I’m sad”. I held his eye contact so he knew that I was listening and then just about a half a second later he added “I’m frustrated!” and without missing a beat he began to tell me why. It turns out he WAS frustrated, (very frustrated!!!) a far different feeling than sad, with his twin sister. As my son began to put words to his feelings and the reasons behind them, instead of whining, what I increasingly began to hear in my son’s voice was clarity and conviction. “I’m going to tell her that it’s MY turn...” and off he went. • In this entire interaction, I said a total of just four words. “How are you feeling?” When children spend time learning about and playing with emotions each and every day, they have an easier time naming (and listening to learning from) these feeling when they are happening inside of their own bodies or inside of others. • This set of printables is just a tiny peek inside the Time-In ToolKit. #GenerationMindful | Make connection a habit. #emotionalintelligence #socialemotionallearning
Today during “school time” we played with water colors, worked on writing the alphabet, and looked for things that are similar! #school #preschoolathome #art #sesamestreet #nephew #preschool
Practicing our teens with a little journal work this morning. 👍🏻✏️📓 (Follow the link in my profile to find some other fun preschool journal ideas.) 🏡📚❤️ • • • #arrowsandapplesauceonIG #preschooljournal #journaltime #learningtocount #preschoolathome #homeschoolmama #letslearntogether #schoolinourpjs #perksofhomeschooling
Mas remembers del año pasado! ❤️ 💕 mi cabeza ya trabaja en cositas nuevas 🧐 #learningathome #Homeschool #homeschoolingmom #homeschooler #homeschoolmom#actividadesinfantiles #kidsgames #didacticactivities #aprenderencasa #schoolathome #jocsdidactics #educar #learning #aprenderjugando #montessorichild #juegosdeaprendizaje #chloeadventures5 #toddlerplay #schoolathome #preschool #preschoolathome #playandlearn #actividadinfantil #aprendizaje #montessori #montessorimom #montessoriathome #Activitytoddler #ourmontessorilife #montessorilife
#baby4 #jan18 #babyMikayla #licensing #unannouncedvisit #imnervous #aspirechristianpreschool #preschoolathome #preschoolteacherlife
Dando vuelta al marcador para crear su obra de arte 📀🎨 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Spinning the marker to create his masterpiece 📀🎨
Wednesdays are our literacy days. We go over the alphabet, sounds and a variety of words, plus some sensory activities. Yesterday got so busy, I didn't didn't get a chance to post these. If you watch some of our stories, you'll see a few other things we did. Here, the kids are doing a sensory bin, filled with oats, and chocolate chips. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ First, Jacob and Sam did an alphabet letter hunt with the sensory bin, and then Rachael did an activity that was meant for Sam. She handpicked all the chocolate chips from the bin and transferred them into a tiny little jar. Meanwhile, the older kids did Rachael's fine motor activity. Dropping pom poms into paper rolls, into a container. They had waaay too much fun with that one. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It can sometimes be a bit tricky to separate activities for each age in a day, so I've been trying to make sure to tailor and complete at least one activity for each child to have per day. So far, so good. It's been working really well and I feel we accomplished something at the end of the day. Even if we don't do it all or the activities don't go as planned. I call it a win.