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I see your soul. Just kidding. 😉 #me #student #selfie #firstworldproblemssolver #almostsmile #nutritionstudent #happyme #lomghairdontcare #looklike15yearsold #sotired #runfreak
So I decided to take the leap and purchase an air fryer! With a combination of sales, discount codes, and gift cards, I only spent $11.50 on a $150 air fryer... Now THAT is a steal! I decided to fry up a couple of potatoes and a @drpraegers veggie burger. My life has changed forever 😂 • • • #airfryer #roastedpotatoes #drpraegers #veggieburger #vegandinner #veganlunch #veganmeals #whatveganseat #veganrecipes #vegansofig #foods4thought #veganfood #veganfoodporn #veganfoodie #plantbasedvegan #plantbased #plantpowered #eatplants #forksoverknives #realfood #cleaneats #dairyfree #veganathlete #rd2be #futurerd #fitfoodie #nutritionstudent #nomeatathlete #veganrunnersclub #vegancommunity
Eating healthy is great, but eating healthy AND in proper portions is BETTER 👌🏻Believe it or not, you can have too much of a good thing 😆 These containers have been a GAME CHANGER for me and my nutrition game. Each one is colour coded for different types of foods (veggies, proteins, carbs etc) so I don't have to guess how much of something I should be eating. I just fill it, and know that my meals are portioned right. I like SIMPLE procedures to follow, and am not interested in counting calories or macros 🙅🏼 This works for me and fits into my busy schedule. And I love that they're colourful and bright! 🌈😍 - - - #nutritionstudent #nutritiongoals #eatgoodfeelgood #livingmybestlife
Love the weeks where I treat myself to salmon. I’ve always baked salmon in the oven, but this time I cooked it on my @lodgecastiron skillet. It came out good but I think I need to continue to play around with heat and oil to get it just right! I hope everyone is having a good week! I’m feeling super tired, so I definitely need to get some rest this upcoming weekend. #whatsonmyplate: salmon topped with salmon seasoning and a lime wedge for garnish, plus my roasted potatoes and Brussels sprouts (recipe is on the blog).
Hoje recebi um texto lindo da minha professora/coordenadora do curso que gostaria de compartilhar: A palavra entusiasmo vem do grego e significa “ter um deus dentro de si”. Segundo os gregos, só as pessoas entusiasmadas eram capazes de vencer os desafios do cotidiano, criar uma realidade ou modifica-lá.. portanto a pessoa entusiasmada é aquela “preenchida” por um deus e por isso pode transformar a natureza e fazer as coisas acontecerem e acreditam igualmente nos outros entusiasmados. Não é o sucesso que trás o entusiasmo, é o entusiasmo que trás o sucesso! O entusiasmo é bem diferente do otimismo. Otimismo significa esperar que uma coisa dê certo, entusiasmo é ACREDITAR que é possível fazer dar certo. 💟 . Foi com esse texto que nos receberam com boas vindas! Minha professora ( a qual ja tem toda a minha admiração em apenas um dia) disse que esse texto serve para vida dela e com certeza daqui para frente servirá para minha e espero que compartilhando dessa maneira possa servir para você também ♥️ #nutritionstudent #estudantedenutricao #futurenutritionist #futuranutricionista #blessed #mywayoflife
3 ways to⚡️ D E T O X ⚡️ *no juice cleanses here! 1. Detox your feed 🌸 unfollow those accounts you have been meaning to unfollow! Even if that account has helped you in the past, if it no longer aligns with your values, it’s done it’s job & it’s time to move on 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️ 📱💻❌ on that note, putting down electronics during meal times is a great way to take more notice of your hunger cues. When we’re checking emails, watching Netflix, or instagramming while eating, were not as likely to notice when we are full. Switch off! 💧take a look at what’s in your skincare. There are so many things we can make ourselves with food items around the house, that don’t have toxic crap in them 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m talking coffee grounds used as body scrub, ACV used as spot treatment, household cleaning products using essential oils! & all of this stuff is plastic free, making it better for you AND the environment 🙏🏼 The point is, it’s the things you do every day, the changes you can implement that are sustainable that will make the most difference to overall health 🌿🌟
💕EMPECEMOS CON LO BÁSICO 🍎👩🏻‍🏫 Las kcal son la unidad de medida que se utiliza para expresar el valor energético de un alimento, la energía es necesaria para realizar cualquier trabajo y llevar acabo todas las funciones de nuestro cuerpo. 📌 ¿Que pasa cuando consumimos más kcal de las que requerimos? Nuestro cuerpo las va a comenzar a almacenar como tejido adiposo (grasita en nuestro cuerpo)📌 🍎🥑🍎🥑🍎🥑🍎🍎 #nutricion #nutritionstudent #lovefood #republicaVerdee #miercoles #healthylifestyle #nutriólogas #kcal
Your opinion matters! . I’ve finished editing my YouTube video and now it’s time to add music! In my opinion music makes the video. So which song do you want to hear this week as background music to my YouTube video? SWIPE LEFT to hear both. . OPTION 1: Smokin Sticks OPTION 2: Palm Trees . Leave your pick in the comments section below👇🏾 . #rdsofinstagram #dietitianapproved #nutritionexpert #nutritionprogram #wednesdaymood #vegetariansofig #musicloud #nutritionfirst #nutritionnerd #dieteticinternship #dieteticintern #youtubemusic #nutritionexpert #nutritionprogram #nutritionentrepreneur #dietitiansofinstagram #educationalentertainment #dietician #dietetics #millenials #foodandnutrition #rd2be #nutritionistapproved #nutritionstudent #dieteticstudent #instavideos #helpmechoose #nationalnutritionmonth #eatrightgetright #rdchat #musicinspo #wednesdayvibe @thehiphopdietitian @youtube
I always roast a batch of sweet potatoes to have on hand for impromptu meals! They are a great way to add a serving of vegetables in to your meals! (#choosemyplate anyone 😉) . 🤔 Did you know sweet potatoes 🍠 are bright orange in color due to their high beta carotene content (which is converted into vitamin A by the body when consumed) . What’s your favorite way of incorporating vegetables on to YOUR plate?
Thanks for good training company @margretesaeter 💥✨ 👊🏽 We are ready for a new day with more knowledge, lifting and fun🤓📚🏋🏼‍♀️🥙 . . . . . #EatSleepWorkStudyLiftRepeat #activeEducation #PersonalTrainer #satselixianorge #nutritionstudent #mentalcoach #aktivejenter #shapeupnorge #gymgrossisten #bodybuilding #crossfit
Question: What is food? Tell me the first 3-5 words, or one thought that comes to mind. Comment👇🏼 . . Like my new style? I’m experimenting with new approaches to communicate the same messages. Speaking of approaches and strategies— checkout the replay (link in my bio) from last night where @collegenutritionist and I provide tips and stories about your journey on IG. Additionally, we discuss our Nutrition Masterminds business model. Our mission and vision represents collaboration and we are here to support you. 👊🏻 . . . Special thanks to @rdnacademy for hosting us last night and making our Mock Mastermind Workshop happen. 👍🏼 . . . #wellnesswednesday #food #foodie #whatisfood #dietitian #dietitians #rdeats #rdchat #nutritionmajor #rdlife #rd2be #foodiechat #foodquote #foodhumor #dietetics #nutritionist #nutrition #dietitianlife #dieteticinternship #dieteticintern #nutritionstudent #iamwellandgood #millenials #dietitiansofinstagram #nutritionistapproved #dietitiansofig
12PM Quick- Easy- Healthy and Tasty meal. #TrackWithFao This is one of my favorites! Chicken Breast Omelette • White Rice Jasmine • All the veggies • little parmesan cheese • 331 Calories. 41C | 7F | 35P #MacroLife #EggsForLife #veggielove Now snack time, again ha! 🤪
Because if it was long and green, it would be a cucumber... 🥒
Good Morning!! #TrackWithFao Today is Rest day! Best part my macros right now are the same as training days So I decided to do Protein waffles this morning w. | Turkey bacon Egg | EggWhite & Fruits. The Kale nmy belly ha! #HealthyHomeMadeWaffles. #TeamBreakfast24/7 Thanks for @kodiakcakes. @godshalls bacon & eeeeeeegggs! #teamwag. #myfitnesspal @myfitnesspal Rest day = Classes & Yoga 🧘‍♀️
today was an experimenting day!!! • I made whole wheat bagels coming in at a whopping 150 calories & 10 grams of protein per bagel (***NOT including toppings) • INGREDIENTS- -1 cup whole wheat flour -1 egg white -1 cup greek yogurt -2 tsp baking powder -3/4 tsp kosher salt • mix all ingredients together and kneed dough. make 4 balls (I tripled recipe & made 12), then roll out dough and connect ends to make bagel shape. top with egg wash & sprinkle with seasonings of choice then bake at 375 degrees for 25 minutes & all done 🙌🏽🙌🏽 • flavors I made: garlic, salt, old bay (& all the marylanders say amen!), cinnamon sugar, chocolate chip coconut, & cheddar cheese • UNFORTUNATELY- I couldn’t try them because they aren’t gluten free BUT all my taste testers said they were incredible and super moist. even though I couldn’t eat them they were fun to make & i’ll be experimenting with gluten free ones soon 😊👍🏽👍🏽
I made this AMAZING farro salad w/ arugula, roasted beets, goat cheese and pistachios for lunch today! 🙆🏾‍♀️🌿 Oh my goodness, this was soo incredibly delicious! All of the flavors worked so perfectly together with a simple balsamic vinaigrette! 😍😍 This was my first time cooking farro, and I have to say it’s probably my favorite grain ever! Farro is a great source of complex carbs, full of fiber and is blood sugar balancing. I got a small package of quick cooking farro for $1.79 at Trader Joe’s - which fits perfectly into my budget friendly week! I highly recommend you guys give this a try! You won’t be disappointed. 🤗
Can we just pause this amazing weather we are having here ☀️ it’s too pretty to not enjoy a meal outside. This week I’ve been enjoying my random salad concoctions 🥗 here I have spinach + ground turkey + roasted brussel sprouts + carrot noodles + steamed broccoli 🥦🥕 basically what you’ve seen I’ve been eating all week! Thank goodness for meal preps. What are you meal prepping this week??———————————————————————#whatsinyoursalad #mealprepping #veggieslover #balancedmeal #nutritionstudent #healthylifestyle #easymeal #springtimehurryup #colorfulbowls #happyandhealthy
Is it worth it? _ This is something I always think of before eating a “treat food” - are the calories actually worth it? My diet is made up of nutrient dense foods such as lean meats, lots of vegetables, fruit, oats, healthy fats etc but I also have a sweet tooth and like everyone else, I enjoy “treat foods” too. I’ve said it before, but I believe in including the foods you love in controlled amounts. _ Personally, if I’m going to have a higher calorie or less nutrient dense food, it’s gotta be worth it. _ Ever found yourself eating a handful of chocolates because the box was just open in the office? You probably weren’t even craving something sweet. Or what about the biscuits that were served with your coffee ☕️ You eat them even though they weren’t your favourite kind that you’d regularly choose? Asking myself is this food worth the calories? has really helped me make good decisions and prevent mindless eating 🙌 For example, I don’t enjoy jellies so if there’s a bag open I wouldn’t eat some for the sake of it. Or today I was out for lunch having soup and some plain white bread came with it - once again, not something I enjoy so not worth it in my opinion. Enjoy and savour the food you eat ☺️ Give me froyo 🍨, Reese’s pb cups 🍫 or a decent burger 🍔 any day🙌 _ Next time you find yourself mindlessly picking up something, ask yourself if you are actually hungry, if you actually want that particular food or would you rather enjoy something else later on? 💭 And when you are eating, get off your phone 📱 and enjoy it 🙌 #Nutrition #BeckyLyonsNutrition #MindlessEating #Calories