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Currently rereading (for the fourth or maybe fifth?!) time one of my favorite books, “An Everlasting Meal,” by @tamar.e.adler. I so admire her approach to cooking & living in general - slow & simple. I need a whole lot of that right now, don’t you? 💛 So for dinner tonight, I’m soft boiling an egg. Placing it atop a bed of spinach with homemade vinaigrette (check out my IG story for the recipe!) & whatever else I may find in the fridge. I’ll boil a few extra for breakfast the next day, too. Because sometimes the simplest of meals are the tastiest! ☺️ Happy Monday, friends. May you find joy in the simple, slow moments this week!✨ #nataliecreatesbookclub
I love that my monthly book club encourages me to read books I might have never picked up on my own.✨📚 I missed out on this classic as a child & would have never read it as an adult if it weren’t for a little nudge from the ladies in my group. Do you love “Little Women?” ❤️ #nataliecreatesbookclub
Just finished "Wonder" by R.J. Palacio, a children's novel that I would have never picked up except for the gift of book club. It was a quick & easy read, but the message is one we should all live by - Always be a little kinder than necessary. ❤ What are you reading right now? #nataliecreatesbookclub
A surprise second round of gladiolus bloomed in the garden, filling yet another vase on our kitchen table! 🌸💕 With a side of homegrown #freckledhenfarm tomatoes on an English muffin, homemade iced coffee & my newest #nataliecreatesbookclub book "When Breath Becomes Air" (😭). I'd say this is quite an excellent beginning to Hump Day!✨ #freckledhenblooms #simplejoys
Soaking up a quiet, cloudy Sunday mornin' at the lake with a stack of books (so excited to be digging into @jerusalemgreer's newest book #athomeinthislife!), magazines, cookbooks & my meal planner. Loving our fixer-upper #TravelingSusieQ & all the memories made in this special space! 💕
Just a little #nataliecreatesbookclub update for your Thursday morning 💫 Currently reading "The Underground Railroad." This one is tough. I'm taking frequent breaks to process every page, every chapter. It's hard, necessary & worth it. Is anyone else reading this? Has read it? What are you reading now? Share your thoughts, book worms! 🐛
Lots of this tonight ✨ #nataliecreatesbookclub #presentoverperfect
Muffins, a good book & a matching mug of hot coffee. I'm pretending that @shannanwrites is gathering at the farmhouse table with me this mornin'. 💛 Y'all, I've been waiting far too long to crack open this book! Congrats, beautiful Shannan! #FallingFreeBook releases TOMORROW! Get yourself a copy! #nataliecreatesbookclub
This gem just arrived & I can't wait to start digging in. #nataliecreatesbookclub In other unrelated news, one week from today, we leave for Seaside, FL. Where should we eat? What should we see? We're foodies, we love coffee, we're up for anything & you've never let us down! 😘 P.S. Bread by @lukefreeperson 👌🏻 #freckledhenbakery
It's been such a busy week, but I'm thankful that we carve out a few moments to savor the morning.✨ Currently reading The Paris Wife & loving it. It has me planning next summer's international trip already! #nataliecreatesbookclub Speaking of trips, I'm headed off to a girls' weekend this mornin'... Better get to packin'!
A bit of packing for our weekend trip to California. Our itinerary is quite packed, but we'll have one full day for wandering. What little pocket of LA should we check out? Share your secrets, dear ones! --- In other news, it's taking me about 10 years to get through this book (although I really do love it!) & I never board a plane without layers. My mustard yellow @knowtheroute scarf is perfect! Oh, & that little woven backpack? I purchased it from our Moroccan basket makers & it is wonderful! I might just need to buy a few more to stock within the shop! Happy, happy day, y'all! ☀️ #nataliecreatesbookclub
During the observance of Lent, I am spending time each day finding unique ways to encourage my husband. Together we are also planning creative weekly date nights! I know that may seem just a bit nontraditional, but it has been such a fruitful practice in our marriage. In the midst of opening a business, defending a thesis, working full-time & owning a farm, intentionality is just what we crave. At the encouragement of a friend, I picked up this book & really love it so far. I know Rob Bell can be controversial at times, but the brother knows & thing or two about relationships. Just a little suggestion If you're in need of a new read! #nataliecreatesbookclub
Soaking up just a few moments at the airport with a hot cup of tea before boarding my final flight home. Jotting down new ideas & loving every page of this book. Oh yes, & I've got a chunk of artisanal Brooklyn-made stinky cheese in my carry-on. Priorities, people. #nataliecreatesbookclub
Coffee & a stack of books to start this morning. Already digging deep into my new word for 2016. What are you currently reading? #nataliecreatesbookclub
By the pond in the hammock with a stack of books & magazines soaking up this beautiful October day & dreaming up some pretty big ideas. 🍂💛 #freckledhenfarm #nataliecreatesbookclub
Two things. 1. I came home to a clean house & I'm fairly certain Amanda, housekeeping extraordinaire, has cleaning super powers. 2. Also, I'm reading @elizabeth_gilbert_writer's new book & I didn't know I could love her more. Carry on, dear ones. #nataliecreatesbookclub
The Big Question of the Summer: How did we have fun before the pool?! 💛 For the love of donut floaties, crystal clear pool water, good books & fancy drinks in mason jars. Also, this might be the last dip in the #FreckledHenSwimmingHole for the season & I don't even wanna talk about it. 😟
Thoroughly enjoying The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. 💛 Just finished the chapter on books & so happy with our much smaller home library corner in our guest bedroom. #nataliecreatesbookclub
The list is long today, but I find when I sit down to a good breakfast, I approach the work of the day so differently. #nataliecreatesbookclub
Today on the blog (link in profile), I am sharing my thoughts on one of my favorite books in 2015- Better Than Before by @gretchenrubin - & why you should totally get your hands on a copy ASAP. 👐 #nataliecreatesbookclub
Just started this book & I cannot put it down! So good! This year I am choosing to read more books! This is also a strategy to slow down & prioritize rest time! ☕️❤️ What are you reading right now?