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Before and After. Cardio Core. For a girl who doesn’t usually like cardio, I really liked that. And core exercises involving bands and sliders are totally my jam! PS. I would run for wine (or margaritas, or prosecco, or mojitos.... but not tonight!) #goals
Pre workout meal going down!! Sweet potatoes, zucchini, and buffalo chicken! So good!! The food I prepped the other morning has made life SO SO EASY this week!! I need to remember this Sunday when I don’t feel like cooking! Lol
Last night, I took my before pictures and measurements. I haven’t measured or taken real progress pictures (ie not a selfie) in months!! I saw some positive changes in some measurements and negative changes in others. Altogether, I’ve been pretty consistent since the summer. I’m pretty proud of myself for staying on track despite a challenging start to the school year, new curriculum, and the holidays. So far I’m in love with this program! I’ll be taking monthly measurements and pictures to track my progress and share the good, bad and ugly along the way. Can’t wait to see how this bikini fits in 80 days! Hopefully I’ll fill out those bottoms a little better 😂🍑😂
Who hasn’t had enough water today? 🙋🏼‍♀️ I didn’t realize it until I was in my car driving home and so thirsty. I realized I ever refilled my water bottle today! I usually drink 1.5-2 bottles a day at work so probably between 48-64 ounces during the school day. I didn’t even have 32 ounces today!! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Drinking up now!! I know I’ll feel awful if I get dehydrated! Now I’m wondering if that’s why I had a slight headache this morning.... probably! How do you make sure to drink enough water? Any tools weather tips? I definitely struggle in the winter!
I did it!! I finally started my new 80 day program! I’ve been impatiently watching from the sidelines since Monday when hundreds of people on my team and thousands across the US, Canada and UK began to push play! But I wanted my rest day to be Tuesday so I waited a couple days... IT. WAS. AWESOME. It wasn’t easy. But it wasn’t impossible. It took longer to do some movements than it took the trainer to complete. I cursed a few times. I couldn’t reach 15/16 reps for every move. But I pushed until I couldn’t push anymore. I know I’ll get stronger over the next 3 months and I know I will be able to do those moves at some point! I can not wait to see my growth over the next 80 days!
When you’ve been really unproductive lately and commit to waking up at 5am delay or no delay to get some cooking done before work... killed it!! I feel so productive and accomplished and ready for the day... even if school was cancelled. That means I have even more time to get things done and make up for all my laziness of the last week. BAM!
I know I shouldn’t have favorites, but don’t we all? Today was one of their birthdays. I KNEW it was today, we talked about it all last week and then this weekend it totally slipped my mind and I went to school empty handed 😞 I felt so bad! I was hoping he didn’t come to school because I didn’t want to tell him. Of course he did, and he came to see me and I had to tell him I was baking tonight! I think he will forgive me once takes a bite. Because they smell AMAZING!! I’m staying strong though, none for me!
Drink a cup of coffee. Workout. Read a book. Get or give yourself a mani/pedi. Take a bath. Call a friend. Sunday is a great day to set yourself up for success the upcoming week. Take time to de-stress, relax and do something for yourself. And then schedule the upcoming week. You’ll feel less stressed out, more accomplished and ready for the week. Happy Sunday!! 😊
Monday I’m really starting to dial in on my nutrition and Wednesday I begin an 80 day journey to the healthiest and fittest year of my life! So tonight I had homemade pizza and salad. It’s been a few months and I was starting to crave it. So I wanted to get it out before getting focused! I can’t wait to see my transformation, inside and it, over the next 3 months!
Garlic quinoa and stir fry veggies for lunch! So so good! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was transitioning to a plant based diet. I thought I’d be bored, hungry and eating salads all the time. That has not been the case at all. I ate salads last week because it was easy. And it’s what I’m used to having for lunch, but this week, I’ve switched things up a bit and the variety has been a nice change, filling, and delicious!! The best part is as I continue to phase my diet, I can continue to eat the different meals I’ve had. Maybe not in the same manner, but they can stay part of my meal plan in one way or another.
Eating a plant based diet over the last 10 days has surprisingly been pretty easy! Much easier than I ever thought. Its nice to be eating foods I haven’t made in awesome or usually stay away from. Dinner tonight was ON POINT! So glad I made a bunch of leftover stir fry veggies for lunch tomorrow! They’re definitely going to be incorporated into my meal plan more often!
Guys, I’m definitely fighting something... my stomach bothered me last night into this morning and I’ve had a dull headache all day. I took a nap and had coffee to help with the headache after work and still wasn’t feeling 100%. But, I haven’t worked out since Monday because of my scheduled rest day and tummy problems... I knew I wasn’t up for an intense workout, but I wanted to get moving. So I popped in my favorite workout for days just like this and did some Piyo. I love the calming and relaxing nature of piyo- it was exactly what I needed mentally. And my body got a nice stretch. Forever thankful for finding this company and having thousands of workouts at my fingertips so I can choose the best one for me on any given day. If you’re like me and hate having to drive to the gym, leave your warm house on a cold night, or fight for machines/equipment at the gym (not to mention my the cost $$$), let’s connect!
Today I wanted to crawl back into bed. I didn’t want to yeah. Or go to work. Or adult. As I drove to work, I thought happy thoughts, I visualized a great day, I said some of my favorite positive affirmations and it’s been a pretty decent day so far! Even though it’s warmer, I’m struggling to shake the winter blues from last week. I’ve taken some vitamin D and fish oil, working out, and eating healthy.... all things that help me when seasonal affective disorder (SAD) starts to get the best of me...I’m trying to fake it til I make it.... it’s all slowly helping and I’m feeling better than I was last week. One day at a time.
Yesssss!! Seriously, though, since I started surrounding myself with positive, like minded people, life at work is more fulfilling, I am happier and happier more often and I can find the positive in most situations- and when I can’t I have someone close who can see it for me! The same goes for outside of work as well. Find your people. And embrace them 😊
I mean, I never want my kids to cry... but if they’re going to cry over something...
Killed my Arms, Abs and Ass workout and the made one of my favorites for dinner, black bean soup! Served it with a side of broccoli for extra veggies and topped it with some avocado for healthy fat. It also gives those bites a creamier taste. YUMMMMMM!! Perfect for winter nights.
This one’s for my partner-in-math-crime @lybroanjames whose infectious energy just made my day! Looking forward to our collabo! #stemulatelearning #STEM #matheducator #catlyst
This is the last Swirl Crush Saturday of 2017 and I’m ending it with this incredible woman and she’s an AKA. My Swirl Crush Saturday goes to Sherea Johnson! Have you ever met a person who is so sweet, helpful, driven, positive, knowledgeable, and keeps a level head through any situation. Well, that’s her and more. There were many times during my teaching career that she helped me and many others. Honestly, if it wasn’t for her, Lord knows many of us would’ve lost it. She’s a devoted mother, wife, educator, and friend. She wears many hats, is extremely busy, and you will hardly ever catch her without a smile on her face but trust me, she’s not a push over and she gives and expects respect. Sometimes we’d try to figure out how she is able to do what she does, have so much on her plate, have a ton of pressure on her, and through it all have the most pleasant and positive disposition. Then it clicks, it’s her mindset, her faith, and her outlook on life. She is such a wonderful example for women and young girls to look up to! Sherea, you give so much of yourself to others and it doesn’t go unnoticed. I thank you for our many talks and your help, being a friend, for being a breath of fresh air, your patience, and for just being you! ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🌀💙 🌀 #SwirlCrushSaturday #SCS #ShereaJohnson #Educator #Mother #Wife #Friend #WomanPower #WomenEmpowerment #Naturalista #Natural #Education #Math #MathEducator #Faith #RoleModel #MelaninPoppin #AlphaKappaAlpha #AKA #Ivy 💗💚💗