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Shrimp burrito bowls for lunch? 🙋🏻‍♀️ you can replace the shrimps with chicken or omit it all together. What you need (to make 4 bowls): 20 large shrimps 1 cup quinoa 2 bay leaves 1 can black beans 1/2 onion (chopped) Juice from 1 lime Bunch of cilantro (chopped) 1 tsp cumin 1 tsp black pepper 1 tsp cayenne pepper 1/2 tsp red chilli flakes 2 tbsp olive oil Toppings: tomato, sweet corn and avocado ______________ Boil quinoa with bay leaves. Remove bay leaves, add lime juice and cilantro. Cook onion in skillet. Add black beans and cook for just a minute. Then add the black beans and onion into the quinoa mixture. Set aside. Add spices and olive oil to the shrimps and mix well. Cook shrimps for a few minutes. Place quinoa mixture into bowl and add shrimps and toppings. Et voilà!
🦋🦋🦋Life Balance 🦋 🦋🦋thank you @nadthefabdiary for the awesome pic ☺️📸
When it comes to vegan food Australia 1 - 0 Norway 🤤
from Elixiba
My life motto! Dare to make choices in your life. Dare to swim upstream. Don't be afraid to fail, and course correct where needed. But don't ever, ever, ever, stay stuck in a situation that doesn't make you feel great!
Well that is easier said then done. Some psychologists say we have between 50-70,000 thoughts a day, a majority of them negative - unfortunately our brains are wired this way (but that’s for another day - Darwinism, evolution etc. etc.). Good news is - neuroscience has proven the brain can be changed and a great way to start such change is through mindfulness and meditation 🙌🏻.. training our brains to spend more time in the present moment literally rewires your brain through your neural pathways 💕 if you don’t know where to start check out the free meditations on our website - made especially for beginners from a renowned beautiful friend who is a hypnotherapist and meditation expert in the UK 🙏🏻 🧘‍♀️ #free #meditation #brain #neuroscience
I S L A N D P A R A D I S E 🌴 . Can’t quite believe this was 2 years ago!! Where has that time flown to?? . When I shut my eyes and meditate on paradise this is pretty much what I see. . It was an epic journey to get to little corn, taking an 8 seater plane from Managua, Nicaragua to its big sister island and then taking a wild and wet ride in a tiny boat across some very choppy seas for an hour. The way back, well, that was a whole other adventure in itself! . It was totally worth the journeys though and amazing to spend time there with my beautiful IIN accountability partner @curiositysavescats @apoyolodge . Happy happy memories. . #tbt #littlecornisland #nicaragua #centralamerica #happymemories #allthosewhowanderarenotlost #neverstopexploring #wunderlust #grateful #memories #paradise #beach #palmtrees #life #wander #wonder #travel #travelphotography #travelishealthy #traveliseverything #wellness #mentalhealth #healthylifestyle #healthcoach #healthytravel #iin #acountabilitypartners #whenyoufinallymeetyourbestvirtualfriend @nutritionschool
: change the way you’re projecting.☄️ . it’s in the act of ‘changing’ where growth happens. and that usually requires some sort of hardship and life exams. if we only learn to see this as ‘constrast’ and guiding posts leading us to where we ultimately want to be, to let it light the way - life will be a lot more meaningful, flowy and fun. . . it’s all about thought management and good perspective, isn’t it? . what struggles keep recycling and showing up in your life? what lessons are you trying to teach yourself? I bet if you think about it hard enough you’ll find your answers. 🙃 . . . #likeattratcslike #spirituality #spirit #spiritjunkie #spiritstudent #spiritschool #schooloflife #schoolofgreatness #psychology #spiritualpsychology #wellness #health #holistic #holictichealth #beamman #healthyjo #healthyliving #goodlife #foodforthought #iin #iinspired
Yup // sugar + glowing skin are not soul mates. I wrote a blog post about it on The link's up top in my bio 👆 . Sugar creates inflammation in the body (and skin) and contributes to a process called glycation which makes skin cells stiffen. Want glowing skin? One thing you can do is scale right back on the sweet stuff. #gloriouswellness #befreakingglorious #gloriousglow
RAW CARAMEL SLICE😝🙌🏼 // You may have seen me post about this this on my instagram story hehe🙈😍🤤 It was SO EASY (took 10 minutes) and its so delicious. Here is the recipe
There’s a difference between what you want and what you’re willing to work for 💪🏼
I really chairish wundaful morning workouts 🤣 . . . . . . . . . . #bepilates#bepilateslondon#classicalpilates#dawnelikhodedova#gratz#chilternstreet#bakerstreet#marylebone#exercise#pilates#fitness#pilatesstudio#fitness#health#healthylifestyle#lifestyle#healthychoices#mypilateslife#healthcoach#iin
Blueberry Oats topped with all the 🍫🍫 🖤to celebrate the last 15 weeks of my pregnancy 🤰🙌 and my 9.5kg weight gain so far! — By this point in my 2 previous pregnancies I was a lot heavier as I was eating whatever (a ton of junk mostly🙈) and doing zero exercise ! • • I STILL feel very heavy now BUT I know that I’m feeding myself and Baby 💗 with much better food this time (mainly thanks to my @nutritionschool studies) around so the “gains” are completely irrelevant tbh! Quality over Quantity any day 🙌🙌 • First time trying @ombarchocolate And I have to say LOVE IT! This is the 72% Cacao one 🍫😋 • A big dollop of @coyo_uk + @pipandnut Smooth PB • And the best bit is — The kids are still asleep 💤, so I got to inhale this bowl of goods in complete silence + calm ✌️ • • What are your favourite oat toppers??
“The man who says he can, and the man who says he can not... are both correct.” - Confucius Choose CAN 💪🏻 . . . . . #motivationalquotes #inspiration #getfit #healthychoices #feelgood #throwback #positivevibes #positivemindset #iin #iinhealthcoach #fbbalancedwellness
¿Te gusta la toronja?🍊 Te cuento algunos de los beneficios que aporta: • Antioxidante •Alto contenido de vitamina C •Ayuda a prevenir y eliminar la celulitis •Elimina toxinas •Reduce la sensación de hambre •Diurético •Ayuda a quemar grasa y acelerar el metabolismo •Antiinflamatorio Así que si te gusta, te recomiendo comer toronja en la mañana en ayunas o como snack y aprovecha todos sus beneficios! . . . . . . #fruitbenefits #grapefruit #vitaminc #healthychoices #healthyfood #iin #healthyliving #cleaneating #fbbalancedwellness
The picture you see on left might be healthy looking (for some) but I felt terrible emotionally, mentally and physically . I used to be lazy, lethargic, moody, food addict, non-disciplined, emotional, over sensitive, and had my melancholic moments whereas in the right pic (now), I feel in a state of joy (happiness that comes from within), always active, disciplined in almost all areas of my life, and have nothing but positivity and determination in my thoughts. I am able to think with much more clarity and quick in making decisions. I never focused on losing weight bcz in my head (in the left pic, I never thought I was fat fat) . My clear goal was to work on my health and I did whatever I could to achieve that. I have reversed my thyroid disease, my constant feet pain issue and hair loss. There is nothing in this world you can enjoy to it’s fullest if you are not in good health. There is no secret tbh, all I did was started respecting and loving my body, and what you give, you get that back acc to law of attraction. Focus on health and beauty will follow. Also, ladies and gentleman I would like to inform you that My left pic was pre pregnancy( just in case you think I became over weight post baby). As they say: Persistence is the mother of all transformations PS there is still a long way to go. #healthtransformation #healthwithzaynab #healthfirst #fitness #weightloss #sundaymotivation #happy2018 #thenandnow #healthcoach #healthcoachingwithzaynab #iin #nutrition #fitness #transformyourlife #persistence #persistenceiskey #healthispriority #healthispriceless #foodaddiction #veganhealth #inlovewithlife #nomorethyroid #respectyourself #treatyourselfright #healwithzainab #liftwithvegans #organicfood #healthoveranything
what's your passion? what are your dreams that you want to manifest? are you truly living in alignment? in all honesty, there's never going to be that 'perfect' moment. now's the time to stop comparing yourself to others and instead start using your time to build your fortress. • #TheBIBClique is currently looking to mentor three girls who have a passion for health & wellness. • if you are ready to turn your life around, earn $500 extra dollar on the side or even turn your love into a new & full-time career, then we're your girls to help make it a reality. pm me or drop a ❤️️if you would like to learn more about us and if you're ready for this amazing opportunity. • • • • • • • • • • • #healthcoach #instahealth #holistichealth #hbloggers #findyourtribe #iin #empoweringwomen #aussiegirls #loveyourbody #takethemoment #iinhealthcoach #healthychoices #instafitness #hormonebalance #pcos #womenshealth #bethelight #seektheimplicity #selfcare #thatauthenticfeeling #pcoscysters #nutrition #wellness #wellbeing #iamwellandgood #healthandwellness #guthealth #nutrition
➰Liquid Breakfast ➰ Sometimes, but not always, I like to ease up my digestive system with one liquid meal per day (+ 2 solid meals). I feel that it helps to alleviate a bloated belly, and gives my body time to digest the previous meal (or two!). I especially like to do this when I have gone out to dinner the night before - we more often than not, tend to overeat when we dine out. We also have little to no control over the sauces, spices and salt that goes into our meals. For the days when Oats are just too heavy for my belly, @bioglanau Probiotic Breakfast Smoothie contains ground Oats and ground chia seeds, blended with 14.1g plant protein AND 5 billion CFU Probiotics. Loaded with energy to fuel the day and fibre to keep things moving 💩 🔆 I ensured to read the ingredients properly too, and there are no nasties! 5 yummy flavours (this one is Blueberry Muffin!) and available at @chemist_warehouse_official 💋 You only have to shake the blend with water - so it's the perfect on-the-go complete smoothie for the time poor (I blended mine with some blueberries and ice to thicken!) #shakeupbreakfast #BioglanCollab #lowsugarlifestyle #lowsugar #flavourfoodflow @bioglan
juru rias 😀😀 mba #iin