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After months of admiring pictures, we finally got to try out the @spartanprecision tripod at the @britishshootingshow yesterday ... wow! - Not only is it a phenomenal tripod set up for a number of uses (shooting, glassing, photography to name a few), it’s also an incredibly stable shooting stick solution when you remove one of the legs! Can’t wait to get it out in the field and see what impact it has on our hunting and photography! @spartanprecision #spartanprecision #spartansunite #carbonfibre
Want something awesome to read that’ll blow your mind? Look no further! 🙌🏻 *don’t worry if you’re like us and can’t read, because it’s also full of AMAZING pictures so you should still go to @modernhuntsman and get yourself a copy 👍🏻 #modernhuntsman #huntdifferent #huntepic
Today we’re going to #throwback to an incredible adventure we had with Jason & Wilma back in October 🙌🏻 despite the noises coming from their tent, which scar us to this day, we were able to hunt our biggest stag to date - drag it 4km back to the truck - go to a new mountain and hike to a camping spot - wake up to the sound of grouse and hunt more deer and hike it back out to the truck ... all within 36hrs! 💪🏻 looking forward to the next adventure guys 👍🏻 #Irishchucklebrothers #huntingbuddy #huntepic
Gotta stay snug in the cold! ❄️ #merinowool #snug #warm
Slogging through the snow 🌨 Merino headwear by @huntepicapparel & camo by @kuiueurope #adventure #snowday #cameraman
@quintinlyle has been sending us pics of yet more snow falling in Scotland!! Makes us think of that time we dragged 12 deer off the hill 😰 ... would it have been easier or harder with more snow? 🤔 #deerstalking #deerhunting #deermanagement
We’ve not been hunting for a while as we keep working on sorting our branding for 2018 and how we’re going to move forward ... so tell us some of your hunting stories from the weekend to ease our withdrawals #Huntepic #WeekendWarrior #huntstories
Who’s packing the car for an adventure? | Jack modelling our new and improved Olive Slot-T 😎 #Huntepic #adventure #havefunhuntepic
@ferrett77 bending over backwards for those tall birds 🙄 #pheasant #pheasanthunting #pheasantshooting
Finger blasting 💥 - @lordmichael82 visualising shots on as the birds continued to fly out after the horn 🙄 #pheasantshooting #gameshooting #pheasanthunting
Attention: High birds crossing 🚧 #pheasanthunting #pheasantshooting #countrysports
🍻 | what do you keep in your hip-flask? #cheers #roughshooting #port
3 gun salute - @grogers91, @ferrett77 & @db_hunting having a pop at the high birds as @lordmichael82 spectates from the end of the line 👀 #pheasantshooting #countrylife #fieldsports
Is it next season yet? - @grogers91 watching a high pheasant fall to ground on his first drive of the day - 23rd Dec 2017 #pheasantshooting #pheasanthunting #drivenshooting
Do you think the season should be extended? 🤔 - We’ve heard a lot of talk regarding the timing of the pheasant/woodcock/waterfowl season this year, much of it in regards to the start and ending ... many of the folk we’ve spoken to have referenced the change to milder, wetter winters meaning the temperatures stay warmer well into Jan/Feb! Most of the ‘old boys’ remember when they used to get frost in November, now we’re lucky to see it in January! The overall consensus, amongst the people we’ve heard discussing the issue, is that the season should now finish a month later than it currently does to allow for colder temperatures to settle and create those golden shooting conditions ... what do you think? Do you agree with the idea of shooting in Feb? #pheasantshooting #woodcock #duckhunting
Home stretch ... it’s nearly the weekend folks! Who’s adventuring? #adventure #deerstalking #huntepic
A quick #throwbackthursday to 10 of our favourite pictures from this past duck/waterfowl season ... we’re not going to lie and say it’s been good, it’s actually been pretty sh!t compared yo previous seasons, but at least we got some good photos along the way 👌🏻👋🏻🦆 #duckhunting #waterfowlhunting #tbt