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I just did a story 👆 featuring @indichocolate & I'm getting so pumped to do some recipe development with their chocolate spice blends. Which one are you most intrigued by? Any dishes come to mind that you'd want to try them with? Consider this an open brainstorm! #ad . To get the creative juices flowing, here’s an easy & healthy recipe I developed last year for #vday. It’s a chipotle-chocolate chicken with oranges and sweet potato that you can make in one pan. You can find the recipe via the archives. Link in bio @emeraldpalate. . . #cocoapowder #chocolatesauce #recipeideas #starvingfoodseeker #yougottaeatthis #storyofmytable #heresmyfood #hautecuisines #ourfoodstories #foodblogeats #eatwelllivewell #recipeshare #eatmunches #recipeoftheday #onmyplate #bestfoodword #droolclub #foods4thought #healthynotboring
Mandy eats: @kraft_macandcheese | I always bring back a few boxes from home to the UK 😂 it’s great drunk food, dinner, or can even be a snack 🧀
Fry- YAY! ‘Cos Herb mayo and bacon fries are the only way !
Bangkok’s latest export @greyhoundcafeuk is opening today. They started as a fashion brand before opening their first venture and it shows through their menu, quirky designs and BEAUTIFUL food! Order heavy, share it all! everything was delish 😋 . Great mate date with @eatnlondon @gokican @hungry_anja @onehungryasian and @the_foodiediaries 🖤
Potentially the only time I'll have this for breakfast. And yes they do drink beer at 9am #whoneedstowaittil5pm #gottapointatpicstoorder #asfreshasitcanget #raweerrthang #tsukijifishmarket #tokyodreamin #latergram
🇲🇾 Throw bak Thursday 🙌🏻 Heard of Bak kut teh? A traditional Chinese-Malay dish more commonly cooked with pork rib, however my uncle insisted on this seafood variation and BY GOD did it deliver👌🏻😋Pour the brothy goodness over your rice and tuck in ❤️ Countless prawns and lala here... 😍 Cannot wait to be back! Stay tuned for more Asian deliciousness. #bakkuteh #tbt
Now we're in the new housw Ive found the perfect reading corner. And with no parties lined up for the forseeable (after a little December over indulgence) I'll be getting much use of it. Who gets peckish when they read? 🙋🏻‍♀️ @thelaughingcow_uk filled celery boats topped with left over crushed Xmas nuts and cracked black pepper. #snacksmart Tooo damn addictive! #ad Leave those book recs below please!
Dark chocolate mousse, poached pear & chocolate sauce. The perfect Christmas desert. Wishing you all a wonderful day!
The best thing about heading home is all of the left over food in mums fridge! Get a Co-op King Edward tattie in the oven for 2 hours on 90 degrees coated in a little oil, salt and pepper and BOOM the perfecf jacket! (A christmas staple for left overs in our house) Exclusively from @coopuk #roastpotatoes #TheCoopWay #ad
from Tetbury
Without doubt thee best thing hanging from my tree right now!! From @slingsbysocial shop in Harrogate, be quick!!! Gin on a tree!!
Burgers & Boxing! 🍔 x 🥊 Want to meet our bud @mranthonyyarde ? Q&A over a ShackBurger? Tag your sparing partner below and winners will find out the location in a private message! 7pm tomorrow ✌️#shakeshackuk #beastfromtheeast
Christmas means bring on the suckling pig & steamed crab rice 😍 this is how we do it 🕺✌️
When she huffs 😤 for chips mayo & curry sauce 🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟
Sunday afternoon pub roast followed by @TheGameofTHINGS #ad ! Slightly delirious after eating all of the food makes for an even more hilarious game! Pick a topic like 'Things that you wouldn't say to your mum' Everyone writes an answer and then you guess who said what! #TheGameofTHINGS #AmazonUK
{ it's snowing 🌨 in #London right now! Happy happy me! But it's 1 degree & I need motivation to get out ❄️A cinnamon bun will definitely help. Let's go and do a ☃️} #ilikebigbunsandicannotlie
Savages... Got to have an iron grip to compete to catch the golden fish 🎣🐟 ✌️😜💪
Yolk prawn 🍳🍤👌🏻 I usually frown at prawn toast, but this was done on a whole other level! @threewilliamscafe nailed it with this rendition with chilli, coriander, black sesame and a prawn to top it all off... literally 😄 #prawn #prawntoast
Cold weather is perfect for PIMPED UP JACKETS! @potatoldn servinup the best of the best!
At @americanexpress Centurion lounge in @hongkongairport where it was by far the best airport lounge I have been. Nice, relaxing and unlike most lounges, without a lot of people. A wide variety of food to choose from in buffet style. 🍴🍴🍴 . A private area exclusively for Centurion members. More quiet space to rest before boarding and even more food (A La Carte) with airport apron outside the windows 🛫 Swipe left for videos in the lounge and the exclusive centurion member area! #americanexpress #centurionlounge #hongkongairport #hkairport #lounge #centurion #ig17_298