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📸 @fayiz_razi #eveningvibes #droneworkshop #fun
First VR experience ☺ #virtualreality #firstexperience #awesome #sdiot #droneworkshop #flightstimulator #bmu #fatshark
Had a blast at the @vagabondphotographic drone workshop learning some new skills from @hamishstubbs and @anjsemark Cheers for the awesome day fellas 🚁🤙 . . . . . . #vagabondphotographic #droneworkshop #pointpicquet #dunsborough #westernaustralia #australiassw #australia #amazing_wa #thisiswa #experiencemargaretriver #depthsofearth #margaretriver #downsouth #roamtheplanet #droneoffical #dronetones #thelensbible #perthisok #skysupply #gameofdrones #skypixel #thevisualcollective #fromwhereidrone #beautifulaustralia #australiabydrone #beautifulmatters #travelandleisure #gothere #iamabackpacker
Happy Lovers’ Day 😍 We ( @birdseyeofbigsky and @uascoach ) are sharing a 15% off promo code “DRONELOVERS” so you can snag your lover a gift of confidence by registering them for one of our Flight Intelligence Drone Workshops! Give the ones you love a gift that will withstand time: WISDOM THROUGH MINDFULNESS AND DISCERNMENT 💖 which is just one of many awesome benefits of taking or workshop 😉
Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! 💖 We just love this shot with one of our first female student pilots! Give the main woman or man in your life the gift of knowledge and confidence- register for our Flight Intelligence Drone Workshops today! Shucks, maybe you two should take it together 😍👍🏼
from Montana
All about yesterday #droneworkshop 😍😍
When technology is your hobby #droneworkshop #remotecontroledaviationtechnology #thanksgod
5/11/2017 ◾ be with people who pull out the magic in you, not the madness ◽ That day #droneworkshop #volunteers #iet #juniors
2017 at Xinfab #xinfab #xinfabmakers #xinfabworkshops #xinfabmeetup #drone #droneworkshop #makers #diy #shanghai #digitalfabrication
Coaching one of the first two female pilot to come through my Flight Intelligence Drone Workshops! My heart is gleaming! @chelseaculp @jamcneill
An entrepreneur and visionary whose life experiences has led to the creation of commercial UAS company Birds Eye of Big Sky. Matt was inspired to create an organization dedicated to the highest standards of technical excellence in Unmanned Aircraft System operations (popularly referred to as "drones") for renowned clients such as National Geographic, PBS, HBO, BBC, NBC Sports, plus many more feature film and documentary companies who demand the best results. Matt has a passion for flying in his blood; he was inspired to fly by his father and grandfather (a skilled Air Force mechanic) with whom Matt spent many hours building and flying model airplanes. Decades of RC flight experience with radio-controlled fixed-wing and rotorcraft has enabled him to seamlessly evolve into a drone pilot of incomparable proficiency. Since 2015, Matt has teamed with other industry leaders to provide commercial UAS training on larger aircraft systems to renowned production companies, specialized service providers, and even government entities like Navy Special Ops Teams. As Matt has seen the shifts in drone regulations from one end of the spectrum to the next, he has made it a goal of his to encourage professionalism among production crews and set industry standards. Come learn how to pilot intelligently with Matt and @uascoach at this weekend’s Flight Intelligence 1.0 Drone Workshop! Last day to register - link in bio!
Happening again this weekend and I’m so excited 😆 we’re going to chat about the new FAA portal and LAANC systems a bit more than we did last month. Such a treat to connect with others in a way that encourages so much mindfulness! LOVE changing the world in this way! It’s time to rewire your brain with drones folk- come fly with me! 😉 link in bio 💖
Drone workshop with instructor Paiton today during time based media class on strawberry stadium! #oursoutheastern #mysoutheastern #drones #dronefootage #newmediaart #droneworkshop
We’re gettin all sorts of excited about our upcoming drone workshop this weekend 😁 Link in bio to register today while there’s a couple seats left
Very excited to announce we have new Flight Intelligence 2.0 Drone Weekend Workshops available on our website! Our Flight Intelligence 2.0 Drone Workshop is the next step in our Flight Intelligence Drone Workshop Series. While Flight Intelligence 1.0 is our primary foundations level packed with need-to-know essentials on flight operations, Flight Intelligence 2.0 addresses more technical aspects of being a UAS pilot such as Camera Settings, Media Management, Flight Route Planning, Equipment Standards, and how to differentiate your drone company with Business Branding. Link in bio for more info on registration and current dates! We hope you enjoy this photo of @matt.ragan.921 applying these skills and working with @elementsmedia @visitmontana
Worshop @squadronebandung Video by : @andika.app92 . . . #droneworkshop #workshop #aerial #video #drone #squadronebandung #jonasphotostudio #jonasbanda #wengterus
Vuelta al #droneworkshop
Paul’s walking our budding coders through their preflight checks before they take their drones to the air. #DroneCoding #CodingWorkshop #DroneWorkshop #Instadrone #Instacode #youngcoders
Workshop weekends #DJI #droneworkshop
More on #thedroneside : I am so excited to announce MORE on the beginning of my NEW heart-filled endeavor and why I started this account: Pilot EQ is a drone training branch of Birds Eye of Big Sky, LLC that serves and coaches drone pilots about responsible flight operation protocol, UAS aircraft familiarization, Aeronautical Decision Making, and an introduction to the drone industry as a whole. We are also utilizing ADM techniques created by the FAA to increase Emotional Intelligence. EQ is the strongest predictor of performance, explaining a full 58% of success in all types of jobs. My intention is to teach you how to fly drones in a way that your time practicing not only increases your pilot capabilities, but it will also increase your personal and social competence to encourage a higher quality of life. From simple to cinema, hobbyist to commercial pilot; our intention is to encourage other drone owners to be a safe, emotionally intelligent, and informed pilots. Join us for one of our Flight Intelligence Drone Workshop this year to learn the foundations about mindful drone flight operations! Being a drone pilot is a responsibility. Choose to Pilot Intelligently. Click the link in my bio for more info
from Montana