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Today is our annual end of summer trip to the aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. 🐠🐟 I found this adorable knit top for under $8! It's a fun transitional piece I can layer for fall too! Happy Saturday, y'all! ❀️
To the girl who looks in the mirror and feels sad, frustrated, never enough... To the girl who can't seem to make the number on the scale get small enough no matter how much weight you lose... To the girl who would rather crawl back into bed and hide under the covers than try to squeeze into the clothes that don't seem to fit anymore...β € β € You are beautiful, loved and valued. Today. Not when you meet your goal weight. Not because of your size or calories consumed. Not because of your physical appearance or because you have the perfect outfit. But because you are made in the image of our perfect heavenly Father. You were created with a purpose, made to reflect Jesus, and known fully as you are today.β € β € Come back to this verse if you spent the morning in desperation: "I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well." Psalm 139:14β € β € You are wonderfully made, fully known, and loved as a daughter of God. You are enough because Christ is in you, not because of anything you could ever do to earn favor or approval. Rest there today, friend.β € xo-@rcmilnerβ € β € Find the #livewellwatered tee in the #wellwateredshop as a reminder to walk in freedom as you #dressinhappinessdaily #wellwateredwomen 🌿
$2 garage sale necklaceπŸ‘πŸ» #dressinhappinessdaily
#tbt to a few weeks ago when my squishy size 16/18 ass rocked a bikini at my church's women's retreat and felt fly af. 6.5 years ago I lost 100 pounds. Prior to that, I spent my summers sweltering in jeans and cardigans because I thought I couldn't wear the clothes that made me happy. Then I gained all the weight back because depression is a bitch. I'm losing it again (down 35 pounds so far!) but I'm not waiting until I hit my goal to dress how I want to dress. This summer (and even last summer when I weighed 230 pounds) I'm wearing short shorts, sun dresses, tank tops, and yes, bikinis. Because there's no size requirement to #dressinhappinessdaily.
Keeping it sweet and simple today. I didn't take pics, but my only accessory are big, gold teardrop shaped earrings. πŸ’ž
Heading out to Despicable Me 3 with my tiny best friend. Does anyone else always freeze in a movie theatre? ❄️⛄️ I'm layering up!
I found my late summer uniform 🌿 dress: @loft but secondhand from @platosclosetfayetteville πŸ‘ŒπŸ» II purse: @portlandleather II sandals: @saltwatersandals II bralette: @amazon II earrings: @noondaycollection #dressinhappinessdaily
Wanna know a secret? A great place to find retired Lilly prints is eBay! I love this bell sleeved piece I found. In the south, it will be warm well into fall and I think this will make a great transitional piece while I wait patiently for sweater weather! πŸ’ž
β€’SOLDβ€’ Oh my, all about this vintage #hawaiianoriginal botanical dress.πŸŒΏπŸ‚πŸ˜Check the listing out up on the shop for more deets. Link in bio. $40+shipping . . Shop Etsy or my feed. To purchase here comment SOLD and dm me your email address!✌🏻
Let's take today to appreciate a friend who is living well-watered. Tag her to let her know how she's encouraging you to love Jesus more!β € β € Find the new #livewellwatered tees in the #wellwateredshop today! We cannot wait to see how you wear your tees - these are the most comfy shirts we've ever had!β € β € #wellwateredwomen #dressinhappinessdaily
It's a knotted perfect t kind of day! This top was a total impulse buy (my first perfect t) and I'm so glad I did. It has all my favorite fall colors in it like burgundy, turquoise, and mustard. Get ready to see it on repeat! ❀️ My necklace is one of my all time favs. Use my code THISMONOGRAMMEDTEACH for a discount when her shop reopens after their move! πŸŽ‰
Why yes, I did out on jewelry just to run to the grocery store today. πŸ’πŸΌ That's what happens when your samples arrive! ✨🌏 Love me a good arm party! #meruearrings #dancingcharmbracelet #simplicitystackbracelets #noondaystyle
Lulapalooza at our convention center was soooo much fun! Here is a sneak peek of my finds! I can't wait to share these as outfits with y'all! Which print is your fav!? 😍😍 #allthingsstyleaugust #passionforfashionaugust #simplystyledaugust #primarystylechallenge #fashionfateaugust #justlooks4lessstyle #styledinaugust #stopdropstyleaugust #gbtlstyleup #911style_challenge #delishstylechallenge #ootd #wiw #currentlywearing #teacherstyle #teacherootd #teacherfashion #flatlay #pttw #dressinhappinessdaily #lularoe #lularoeleggings #lularoecarly #lularoeperfecttee #floral #feathers
I have a baby shower and a baby's first birthday party today. I almost always buy baby wipes and clothes πŸ™ˆ. #homewithautumn
Our convention center today is hosting "lulapalooza" and "comic con." Guess which one I'm going to!? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (Hint: I have never seen Star Wars. πŸ˜‚) Also- don't forget to use my code THISMONOGRAMMEDTEACH @siftwithstyle #allthingsstyleaugust #passionforfashionaugust #simplystyledaugust #primarystylechallenge #fashionfateaugust #justlooks4lessstyle #styledinaugust #stopdropstyleaugust #gbtlstyleup #911style_challenge #delishstylechallenge #ootd #wiw #currentlywearing #teacherstyle #teacherootd #teacherfashion #flatlay #pttw #dressinhappinessdaily #veryjane #siftwithstyle #oldnavy #oldnavystyle #kohls #myrackroomshoes #centsofstyle #fitbit
Sending you all a BIG HUG on this Friday mornin'! Cheers to the weekend, friends! β˜•οΈβœ¨ #dressinhappinessdaily
This pretty new Old Navy tank pairs perfectly with my nearly 10 year old Old Navy necklace! #allthingsstyleaugust #passionforfashionaugust #simplystyledaugust #primarystylechallenge #fashionfateaugust #justlooks4lessstyle #styledinaugust #stopdropstyleaugust #gbtlstyleup #911style_challenge #delishstylechallenge #ootd #wiw #currentlywearing #teacherstyle #teacherootd #teacherfashion #flatlay #pttw #dressinhappinessdaily #oldnavy #oldnavystyle #gap #gapfactory #gapoutlet #target #targetstyle
Wearing my new Bernie from the the amazingly sweet @annakatrinsky πŸ’™
This may be my favorite shirt ever. It's soft and flowy and has hand lettering by @lovelyletteringco and some little cactuses I got to draw and it's kinda crushed plum and olive (chi o's original colors) so Rho Beta. But mainly because it's a reminder from Isaiah 58:11 to live well-Watered. To stay connected to the source. To be close to the heart of Jesus. And it's in the #wellwateredshop as of today! Happy Wednesday! πŸŒΏπŸŽ‰ #wellwateredwomen #walkingracedaily #dressinhappinessdaily
Friends, we are so excited to show you our new Live Well-Watered Shirts. They just came to the #wellwateredshop and they are super soft and comfortable. We pray these tees are a reminder to live out of the overflow of meeting with the Lord and to be clothed in grace each and every day.β € β € If I'm being honest, I had a rough morning with the mirror today. After gaining some weight back and finding my clothes a bit tighter than I'd like, I was disappointed in myself and flustered over having "nothing to wear."β € β € But here's the truth: I can be a loving wife, an encouraging friend, a hard-working employee, and a faithful daughter of Christ no matter how much I weigh. β € β € I can love others well and serve selflessly even when I need to buy bigger jeans.β € β € And I can walk in the grace of Jesus even when I need to practice healthier habits and make wise choices with my health.β € β € I'm learning and living in grace today, praying for strength and wisdom to honor God in this earthly body, and looking for opportunities to take my eyes off myself and put them on those around me who need some love, encouragement and words of life. β € β € Join me? xo-@rcmilnerβ € #wellwateredwomen #livewellwatered #dressinhappinessdaily #walkingracedaily