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Cheers to the weekend! We hope you have a great one 🍻
We are back at @harmonicbrewing on January 26th. It’s always a great time and such a rad space with even radicaler beers. Hope to see y’all there! (Radicaler is not a word)
Wanna give a quick thank you to all y’all that make it out to the pop ups and have encouraging words for me. It’s scary as hell following this thing down a rabbit hole but it’s also proving to be extremely rewarding so thank you. Thanks to you that have helped and supported or booked me to cater your party, I’ve tagged you each here. You all rule so hard and I do this for you, seriously. ❤️
Relax ! Come in an have a good glass of wine 🍷 #winelover#redwine🍷 #bytheglass
#LiveFromOaxaca: our exec chef Octavio is currently on one of his yearly trips to Oaxaca, so we’ll be sharing parts of his trip with you! Here is an espadin plantation he visited where espadin agave is grown - the main kind of agave used to make mezcal.
Bring in your own bottle tonight we will cook Dinner for you! No corkage fee!#mondaymotivation #nocorkage
Another restaurant week entree you can choose from: Carnitas Mole! Our mole is made from 20+ herbs and spices and is a delicious family recipe that has been passed down through generations. It's EXTRA tasty on our carnitas 😊
We set up shop at @triplevoodoo today at 230pm. Swing over to have top notch local beer so you can say you knew them when and pair it with our slow smoked brisket and pork belly burnt ends. Limited availability so get there early and get it while you can. 📸 @knawder (sorry for not asking, we’re cool right? yeeeaaahhhh)
Soooo about our Restaurant Week dessert... 😍 #coffeeflan
Got a wrong number call today from Texas and it went like this...heavy southern accent mind you... Me: Hello Guy: Hey! Bo! Come over n’ git a bowl of sketti! (Spaghetti) Me: What? Guy: Sketti! Come git sum! Me: I think you have the wrong number but it sounds delicious. Guy: Arright den The moral of the story is that while I won’t have sketti for you this Saturday at @triplevoodoo I will have delicious slow smoked brisket and pork belly burnt ends...I think that’s the moral anyway. Come see us starting around 230pm.
Check out this absolute knockout: our Prickly Pear Margarita. We're only serving this extra special drink while our supply of Oaxacan Prickly Pear lasts, so be sure to grab one before they're gone!
Prime rib Friday night! Make your reservation today! #datenight #bff #foodlover #meat #bestprimerib
#ladiesnight #girlfriends #bff
It's chanterelle season! Be on the lookout over the next few weeks for this incredibly tasty special: Sonoma county chanterelle mushrooms, mole sauce reduced with the chanterelle juice, pomegranate seeds, and tlayuda (thin crunchy tortilla crackers). Give it a try and let us know what you think!