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ART IN THE NEWS - The earliest known photograph of an American president, John Quincy Adams, recently brought $360,500 at Sotheby's Auction House in New York City, nearly $100,000 above estimates. The photograph was made in 1843 in Washington, DC, when Adams was 76, the Philip Haas daguerreotype portrays the former president, diplomat, and secretary of state when he was a congressman from Massachusetts. Adams held that seat from 1830 to 1848, when he collapsed on the floor of the House of Representatives and two days later died of a stroke. #arthistory #artfacts #art #photography #presidents #artcollector #artconsulting #lizgrahamart
Chagall drew inspiration from the theme of the circus throughout his life. As a child in Russia, he had been fascinated by the travelling acrobats he saw at village fairs. After he moved to Paris, Ambroise Vollard regularly accompanied him to the circus, where he would sit in the audience and sketch. The chaotic and colourful atmosphere of the circus captivated Chagall. Here, he saw all aspects of life represented, from the comic to the tragic. He later said, 'For me a circus is a magic show that appears and disappears like a world.' Circus performers, with their outlandish costumes and garish make-up, were ideal characters to populate Chagall's dream-like compostions. @tate _______ Marc Chagall “The Blue Circus” (Le Cirque bleu) 1950 Oil paint on canvas (34.9 x 26.7 cm) Tate – London, UK Presented by the artist 1953
Girl with a Pearl Earring, Johannes Vermeer, 1665. This work is an example of a type of work called a tronie. Popular in the Dutch Golden Age, tronies were paintings that focused on the face of a subject with an added element of fantasy or an exaggeration of expression. ___ The paint for her turban was very expensive. Made from a crushed deep blue semi-precious stone called lapis lazuli, the ultramarine paint Vermeer used on the turban was one only a few of his contemporaries dared employ. Despite ultramarine's high price tag, Vermeer notably used the color even in times of financial hardship, possibly thanks to funding from his generous patron Pieter van Ruijven. ___ The painting has alternately been called Girl In A Turban, Head Of Girl In A Turban, The Young Girl With Turban, and Head of a Young Girl. It is on permanent display at Mauritshuis in The Hague, Netherlands.
#Chromophobia is the rare, persistent, irrational fear of colors. 🎨🎨🎨 #Color #ArtTrivia #ArtFacts
The Immaculate Conception is a doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church in regards to Mary, Jesus’ mother. The official statement of the doctrine reads: “The blessed Virgin Mary to have been, from the first instant of her conception, by a singular grace and privilege of Almighty God, in view of the merits of Christ Jesus the Savior of Mankind, preserved free from all stain of original sin”. ___________ Essentially, the Immaculate Conception is the belief that Mary was protected from original sin, that Mary did not have a sin nature and was, in fact, sinless. ________ The Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8. 
_________ Work: La Purísima Inmaculada Concepción, Bartolo,me Esteban Murillo, 1678 @museoprado
#EgonSchiele pasó una temporada en la cárcel por la condición "pornográfica" de su obra. Cuando salió, siguió pintando las figuras desnudas que conocemos hoy en día. #artfacts #art #impressionism #arte #impresionismo #desnudo #nude
Our friends at run the world's largest art exhibition database & have become the industry standard in ranking & data source for artists, galleries, collectors, scientists & others! -- Follow #ArtFacts now >> >> -- Media Partner | @artfactsnet -- SCOPE Miami Beach 2017 | Dec 05 - Dec 10 -- [Link in bio] SCOPE-ART.COM for more info + to pre-purchase tickets
#BornOnThisDay Italian Baroque Artist and Sculptor: Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680) ___ Apollo clutches Daphne's hip, pursuing her as she flees to escape him. Apollo wears a laurel crown, and Daphne is portrayed halfway through her metamorphosis into the laurel tree with her arms already transforming into its branches as she flees and calls to her father to save her from Apollo ___ Apollo and Daphne, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 1625, Borghese Gallery, Rome, Italy
It was Rothko’s euphoric veils of diaphanous pure color that led critics to praise him as a sensualist and a colorist, which pained him because he believed that his champions had lost sight of his serious intentions. For him the canvases enacted a violent battle of opposites—vertical versus horizontal, hot color versus cold—invoking the existential conflicts of modernity @guggenheim ____ Untitled (Violet, Black, Orange, Yellow on White and Red), Mark Rothko
Some things just never get old! #ArtEFact . . #Central #Venue #EventSpace #EventRentals #EventVenue #CentralDelhi #Delhi #India #CulturalHub #Art #ArtFacts #OldestPlay #Play #Theatre #GreekTheatre #Persians
#OnThisDay in art history, the #NewYorkTimes ran a story about an artwork by #HenriMatisse that hung upside down in #MoMA for 47 days! The piece "Le Bateau" was installed the wrong way, and it wasn't till weeks later that a young stockbroker named Genevieve Habert noticed something looked amiss that she contacted the Times. Oops!! Check out our collection of Matisse works at: 🤦‍♀️🖼 #arthistorynerd #museumhistory #artfacts #rogallery
Born on this day 1958 Mexican Neo-Expressionist artist Julio Galán (December 5, 1958 – August 4, 2006) _ He was first brought to attention by Andy Warhol, who printed several of Galán's works in his magazine, Interview, shortly after Galán moved to New York City in 1984. _ After that Galán started to exhibit in New York, Mexico and Europe. In 1994 he won the "Premio Marco" from @museomarco; in the same year he exhibited at @pamm in Miami, Florida, @museoartemodernomx, and @camhouston. ____ Featured Work: Mientras Me Despierto (As I Wake Up), Julio Galán, 1985.
What great art?! ‘Spirit’ by #MichaelReeder @reederone for his 'mini solo show' with @thinkspace_art at @scopeartshow taking place Dec. 5-10 on Miami Beach - #regram @thinkspace_art #SCOPEMiamiBeach #artfactsnet #artfacts #artfair #contemporary #contemporaryartist
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Born on this day 1883, Italian #ArtNouveau artist Felice Casorati. ___ A former pianist, turned artist who served Italy during World War 1 until 1917. Casorati was “intrigued by the decadent atmosphere of Turin with its sinister views”. ___ Often working in tempera, Casorati drew inspiration from his study of Renaissance masters, especially Piero della Francesca, as in his 1922 portrait entitled Silvana Cenni. ____ This symmetrical composition of a seated woman in a white dress is perhaps the best-known of the artist's works.  In it, the careful rendering of volumes results paradoxically in a sense of unreality which is characteristic of Casorati's art. ____ Silvana Cenni by Felice Casorati, 1922.
Happy Monday! It’s the beginning of a new week, so beat those #MondayBlues with American #FemaleArtist Mary Cassatt. ____ Did you know Edgar Degas and Mary Cassatt often did art collaborations and remained very good friends, they shared similar tastes in art and literature, came from affluent backgrounds, had studied painting in Italy, and both were independent, never marrying. The degree of intimacy between them cannot be assessed now, as no letters survive, but it is unlikely they were in a relationship given their conservative social backgrounds and strong moral principles. ___ Little Girl in a Blue Armchair (Petite fille dans un fauteuil bleu), Mary Cassatt, 1878.
Commission work!! Pencil on paper.. #charcoal #graphite #charcoal_on_paper #graphitedrawing #graphite_on_paper #pencil #pencildrawing #sketch #portrait #drawing #draw #artfacts #artist #artdaily #instaart #art #fine_art #fine_artist #colours #monochrome #creativity #creative #realism #realisticdrawing #realistic #canvaspainting #monochrome #artwork
[column updated] Masterpiece of Mounir Fatmi : Save Manhattan 03. Check link in our bio @art_front ■ Mounir Fatmi - Peripheral Vision 2017. Nov. 16 (Thu) - Dec. 24 (Sun) #mounirfatmi #artfrontgallery #SaveManhattan #VeniceBiennale #artfacts #morocco #Tokyo #アートフロントギャラリー #代官山 #ムニールファトゥミ #ヴェネチアビエンナーレ
I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again - this museum has the most amazing modern art collection I’ve ever laid eyes on. 👀 #hardfacts #artfacts #rome #roma #galleriaartemoderna #everyonelovescytwombly #amirightoramiright #mygoshthismuseumkillsme #canihaveasleepover #illevenbringsomecookies
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