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If you think this is a *great one, you should follow @freerefills for more good ones, some great ones, and always food memes. (source unknown) #spoonfeed
There’s a lot to say about food, but sometimes it’s best to just let the photo do the talking, and this Oreo donut cannoli is saying A LOT. 📸 @soha_eats #spoonfeed
Your body wash can double as a phone charging station — you’re welcome. #spoonfeed
If you feel like this waiter could be your hero, you should follow @freerefills for unsung heroes and food memes. (by: @movonb, via @freerefills) #spoonfeed
If you’re ever having a problem, cheesy pesto bread is always the answer. 🎥 Emma Spoldi #spoonfeed
Whatever, we’re getting cheese fries. 📸 @moodyfoodyadventures #spoonfeed
@yankeecandle, you’ve got some serious competition. 🎥 @alexandramachover #spoonfeed
@colesprouse, we are one in the same. (source unknown) #spoonfeed
It’s not summer anymore, but there is such a thing as a fall bonfire, and these recipes will inspire you to make one stat. #spoonfeed
“You are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.” — E.E. Cummings (and also us to this cookie). 📸 @ninafriend #spoonfeed
This is craaaaazy 😱 (@koppertcressusa) #spoonfeed
If this is truly the most ingenious way you’ve ever seen this thing used, you should follow @freerefills for more ways to make sense of the world with food and food memes. #spoonfeed
We just meal prepped the side dish for your dinner tonight. You’re welcome. 🎥 Lydia Eisenbeis #spoonfeed
If your donut isn’t coated in chocolate, you’re doing something wrong. But, if you’re at @spoon_usc and you stop by the corner of Hoover and Jefferson to hang out with us and @grubhub for today’s #studyhub event, you’re doing something absolutely right. We’re handing out donuts and coffee, and you’re not gonna wanna miss it. 📸 @already_eaten #spoonfeed
PB & J < lava cake < PB & J lava cake. 👏 MATH #spoonfeed
If you’re feeling blessed just looking at this, you should follow @freerefills for more food photos and memes that’ll make you smile. (source unknown) #spoonfeed
And for this seasonal sweet potato soup recipe, we thank you, October. 🎥 @casey.hack #spoonfeed
Yo, if you can see your reflection in the glaze of your Nutella sticky bun, it’s a damn good sticky bun. 📸 @myfoodcoma #spoonfeed
If you’ve never heard of @amysdrivethru, you’re about to be stoked. 🎥 @katherinebaker4 #spoonfeed
If this is a pretty accurate depiction of you in business casual clothing, you should follow @freerefills for more relatable content and food memes. #spoonfeed