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@freerefills has the perfect food memes for showcasing how most of your life pans out. (by: @movonb, via @freerefills) #spoonfeed
It’s the 5th night of Hanukkah and nobody likes Sunday scaries, so Manischewitz sangria it is. 🎥 @laurenmagenta #spoonfeed
‘Tis the season for eggnog cronuts, y’all. 📸 @feedyourgirlfriend #spoonfeed
There’s dessert hummus ammungus—and it tastes like brownie batter 😱😱 🎥 @ardensa #spoonfeed
Ever. Again. (source unknown) #spoonfeed
It’s freezing outside, and we should all be making hot chocolate in our almost empty peanut butter jars. #spoonfeed
Saturday morning calls for red velvet pancakes that are so fluffy, you legitimately debate going back to sleep on them. 🎥 @afrank9 #spoonfeed
@freerefills has breaking news in food memes (even though this happened last week—that’s okay). #spoonfeed
Whipped cream, we’re in love with the shape of you. @edsheeran, don’t you agree? 🎥 @mepaigemarie #spoonfeed
Anyone else wake up in the morning hoping they look as good as this avocado toast does? Yeah, us too. 📸 @thecarboholic #spoonfeed
Marshmallow rim > salted rim. No question. 🎥 Lina Park #spoonfeed
@freerefills knows your perfect cheese to bread ratio and it has perfect food memes. (by: @rduggerd, via @freerefills) #spoonfeed
@badgalriri, and it’s not even our birthday 👏 🎥 @mepaigemarie #spoonfeed
🎵 Soooomewhere over the cookie cup rainbow🎵 📸 @sofiaeatsnyc #spoonfeed
Omg sprinkles! Hello, little friends. So good to see you. 🎥 @mepaigemarie #spoonfeed
Ooooooh, yeah. (source unknown) #spoonfeed
Blondes have more fun, funfetti has more fun (similar idea). 🎥 @ardensa #spoonfeed
We dō not have any words to describe how drōp dead gorgeous this peppermint hot cocoa cookie dō is, so we’re relying on dō puns. Dōn’t judge us. #spoonfeed
@mom, you packed the best pb&js back in the day, but all we’re saying is if you’d considered using Rice Krispies treats as the bread—you wouldn’t have even had to pack us dessert. Two birds with one stone, friends. 🎥 @fleahvor #spoonfeed
@freerefills has the most uplifting food memes. (by: @movonb, via @freerefills) #spoonfeed
Is it wrong that we’re confident we could eat this giant Reese’s within 24 hours, no problem? Okay, cool. 🎥 @alexandramachover #spoonfeed