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happy day. 🌻 Top: Adapted from @mccallpatterncompany M7598 and made into a shirt Skirt: @simplicity_creative_group 8299 📷: @ki.mieco
I live in my sewn creations now. 🤷🏻‍♀️ This matching top and bottom looks like a dress when I wear them together which is cool. It cost $20 in materials to make. Top: Adapted from @mccallpatterncompany M7598 and made into a shirt Skirt: @simplicity_creative_group 8299 📷: @ki.mieco
~ who is she ~ 🌻🌻🌻
Renaming 2017 as the Year of the Sunflowers because we finally made it out here together‼️ #fujix100t
A closer look at the ⚡️metallic⚡️ fold-over clutch I sewed.
Made this ⚡️metallic⚡️ fold-over clutch and it’s a v cute and v fun shimmery holiday season accessory. It cost me $22 in materials to make.
I did some serious shopping and also probably left a lot of glitter in the photo studio to bring you the ✨2017 Holiday Gift Guide✨ which is featured in the November issue of @hawaiihomemag. It’s filled with home accessories for everyone on your list, though I won’t blame you if you end up keeping some for yourself. 🙋🏻‍♀️ Link in bio for the full scoop. 📷’s by everyone’s fave Englishman: @magphotoguy
Key ingredient for holiday prep: PANIC.
Front details of my the shirt I sewed. Now I want these sleeves on every article of clothing I own.✂️ @simplicity_creative_group 8335
I made this top and it only cost me $11 in materials to make. The back details are my favorite. ✂️ @simplicity_creative_group 8335
This was fun. 🍴🍷 #hfwf17
whiskey & cute drinks ✨ #hfwf17
Eating and drinking (what's new?) at the Hawaii Food and Wine Fest✨ #hfwf17
Looking for a third and fourth horseman to ride into the apocalypse with.
We all float down here. 🤡🎈 #It #ssgeorgie
Exploring and experiencing the Islands as an adult, after moving back to Hawaii two years ago, makes me feel like the boy in The Alchemist who left his land seeking treasure and adventure, only to find that everything he was looking for was right where he started: Home. 🌊
Sitting under an illustration of Hemingway, ordering a plate called "The Sun Also Rises" and another called "Paris" because I am brunching at a cafe that has nothing but Hemingway-inspired art and pics, and a menu that references to his books and life. I have no clue what this place is doing on Kauai, but I am not complaining. 👨🏻📝📚✌🏽
Taking in the beautiful Napali Coast, and then slowly remembering that when the ali`i (kings) died, their bones were believed to possess great mana (power), so in order to prevent someone from stealing their bones to gain that power, a warrior was chosen to secretly bury the bones here somewhere and then jump to their death so that they could never reveal its location. 🌈
History is cool. 🤙🏽 And I happened to meet and talk story with Uncle Charlie Pereira, a master throw-net maker. (Google him.)
`Iwa bird spottings and bird watching. 👀
That's taro down there. 🤙🏽