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Some #lettering fun for Valentine’s Day! Tag a sweetie 🐝- #handlettered #brushlettering
Aww ☺️💕 Ziggy stamped his paw in the blood of his enemies to make this cute little Valentine’s for me. My sweet boy!
Excited to announce that I’m partnering with the new @bootsuk brand @yourgoodskin, a skincare line that was co-created with a community of real women. Taking care of my skin is how I start each morning, making me feel confident to take on whatever the day brings. It’s also how I end each day to pamper myself and wind down. I’ll be doing @yourgoodskin‘s 28 day challenge, which promises better skin for life, and will be giving updates every now and then. 🍃 In the meantime, you can check out the products they sent me by viewing my Story highlights!
So who else is in it for the commercials on this Super Bowl Sunday? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Also what a fun excuse to make so much food, like this spinach and artichoke dip with toasted baguette slices. My full lineup (that you can look at in my insta stories) includes: burgers with secret sauce, coleslaw, fried pickles, bacon and tomato dip, and cauliflower and onion dip. Go sports! 🎉
my love language is dragging everyone i love to brunch. 🌿
from ARVO
Another photo shoot for @hawaiihomemag all pau!
since finding my familiar, my timeline has increased greatly. love my lil minion. 👧🏻💫🐱 #pawappreciationpost
This photo contains the trinity of a good day: blue skies, bluer waters, white sand. ☀️
Watched a few YouTube videos on how to make an off-the-shoulder top. Took some ideas I liked and then improvised my own method, and ✨voila!✨ Finally making use of the leftover fabric from all the cami dresses I’m making.
My bar trick is using my tongue to knot a cherry stem into a pentagram. ✨
Dinner with a view that looks much much better than cosmic dust. ✨🥂Lucky we *still* live Hawaii amirite. 🤙🏽 Chee.
Today is going to be an especially beautiful day here in Hawaii because many of us thought that we were not going to see tomorrow. After word went out that it was a false alarm, I went to enjoy a wonderful breakfast. But it made me think: how many of us knew what to do during those moments of panic trying to turn on the news or search for viable news sources online when the alert went out and there were no sirens going off? If this ballistic missile was really coming for us, do you know where to go or what to do? In case you didn’t, I’m leaving an answer in my bio, a link to an article about what to do in the event we ever had a missile coming towards us. As for me? I am going to continue with the plans I made for my Saturday and be happy. But make no mistake, the error this morning that threw so many people around me and in my neighborhood into a frenzy was one not cool. I. Want. Names. ⚡️
Some behind the scenes action from this morning’s photo shoot for @hawaiihomemag with @olivierf.koning. Our newest intern is pictured here with me and it’s really fun showing her what my process is like for styling photo shoots, from planning to clean-up. And that perhaps the biggest challenge of all is to continue being natural and not giggle so much when someone is trying to take a *casual* behind the scenes pic. (I failed.) 📷: @ckawamoto
Modified this pattern by lengthening it to make a dress and added side slits on both sides because I’m into that. Took some trial and error—had to recut the back panel because I cut it too small the first time and the straps took me three times to place them right. But! All that being said, learning from mistakes and by troubleshooting is cool, and I plan to tackle this at least two times more to make this in more colors because I’m quite happy with how it turned out. Pattern: @truebias Ogden Cami via @indie_sew
Brunch, mimosas, and cute stuff to celebrate @knyuha completing another trip around the sun. 🎉💕🎈
wine club member no. 002 (yay friday! 🎉)
First sew of 2018! First time using a PDF pattern! First time sewing darts! Looking forward to more firsts with sewing this year. Zoom in to see 🐱🐱🐱. Pattern: Lexi Top from @namedclothing Fabric: Kaimuki Dry Goods
Rolling into 2018 ✨👧🏻🥂🐱✨
Thanks 2017. Letting things go more than I usually do 🌬 Let’s keep making lemonade and taking care of one another in 2018. Soft peace to you and yours. xx
All my love to the ones who lift me up, challenge me, inspire me, and have very tenderly and patiently allowed me the space, and time, to heal and grow. 2017 has reminded me that anything is possible. It happens all the time. Proud of myself for being able to accept love again. And I ask you to please acknowledge your own personal feats. Let no one take that from you. This week I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Lemonade in action—my friend, who, right before my eyes, turned something sour into something sweet. And now this is how we’re rolling into 2018. Come. What. May. 🌼🍋
from Kauai
hello pretty thing. 🌾