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This Just In LA: #ComingToAmerica comes to #HollywoodForeverCemetery hosted by ME! I'll be djn before and after... #Repost @cinespia ・・・ Just Announced - #Cinespia's September Screenings. COMING TO AMERICA - September 9th with DJ @questlove - Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Not much cartoon memories in my life. But damn if #JuneForay wasn't the voice of one of my favorite cartoons ever #RocketJSquirrel of #RockyAndBullwinkle. That show was #AdultSwim before there was one. Humor way above its target audience. I swear it was more for the parents in denial (hello #YoGabbaGabba) than the kids. But all of her commercial work and cartoon work (Jokey Smurf, Granny from Sylvester & Tweety, remember Rikki Tikki Tavi? She even appeared on that #Simpsons #RubberBabyBuggyBumpers gag referencing the classic Roc/Bull sketch in which no one could say that tongue twister correctly)--she was the voice of my childhood (a ha who am I kidding---still talk like Rocket J occasionally)
The FOOOOONKIEST hip hop crew EVER. Some were the livest. Some were the most dangerous. Some were most incredible and incrediblest. Some were the greatest. The first. The best. The luckiest. The worst. The most amazing. The ultimate---but nah.....I'm giving #SlumVillage the FOOOOOOKIEST hip hop group ever @officialJayDilla @officlalSlumVillage
That time @CraftyIsCool (Allison Hoffman) gave me an awesomely cool @Prince gift. Then I payed it forward & gave it to his right hand stromy his homie his #EstherRolle his #DeLaSoul his soul on a roll #WendyMelvoin of #WendyAndLisa @TheRevolution. This was like a #RocChain moment.
Waking up to this.... #ShitIDontLike #HeGottaGo 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫
I don't know what's older the phone model or the trigger song in my head when I see this poster #KennyRogers #ThroughTheYears (btw number 4)
Wanna hear us go *fool* dweeb? Listen to tomorrow's highly weird for the ages ep of @QLS with the queen of them all: @HunterHeather we go everywhere: graffiti, love, sex, hip hop, history, fights, therapy, soul train, respect, recording, photography self preservation plan b,c,d,e & f & This ep ain't for the faint hearted. So take note #NSFW means this AINT for your kids in the car & not for your ride to church or hanging with your coworkers. 1pm est & 10am pst. Enjoy!
As a font dweeb who obsesses over tv title cards, logos on movies & commercial products it's sad for me to hear that #MargoChase has passed on to the next life. Her work in 85 transforming @Prince's artwork in some crazy pillowy psychedelic landscape was right up my alley. I went full Psych then rocking mad nerd paisley. Trying to guess how she'd write the letters to whatever single he was releasing next (Lil miffed #Tambourine never got its own cool letters in the spotlight) I think he employed her to do all of his work right up to 1990's #GraffitiBridge. But it was way beyond: all you Buffy & Charmed fans will know her work for those shows as well. Her work will literally live forever. Rip! #RememberingMargo @CDGTweets.
tomorrow's ep for @QLS requires a prerequisite #NSFW 👀... 1pmEST/10amPST.
Ang Knows. #Repost @angelarye ・・・ "Nothing about being poor is easy!" ------------------------------------ Check out the full vid at @attndotcom
14 Epic Shows. All 14 Nights Something Unique. WHO will show up as surprise guest for @TheRoots Aug 1st 2nd 3rd & 4th? Hmmmmmmm. #ChapelleRCMH grab them tix now cause that's the ONLY way for you to see this!!
Comic Genius. @girlstripmovie @tiffanyhaddish
Since You Been Gone It's Never Been The Same Man. 9/14/83-7/23/11. #AmyWinehouse.
Payin tribute to #TheGapBand peep #CharlieWilson's interview on the coolest nerdiest musical rabbit hole of a podcast called #QuestloveSupreme #QLS (follow @QLS click the link and listen to his and the archives w/ #TheRevolution #RayParkerJr #Solange #Qtip #ChrisRock #Usher #Prodigy #Babyface #NellyFurtado #TheEmotions #JerrodCarmichael #JimmyJam #SiedahGarret #GillesPeterson #RoyAyers #AngelaRye
This Is Magical & It Can't Git More Magicaller #BlackPanther
Tour De Quest.
Le Views.
This is why I love the internet #BadAndSushi @questlovesfood
Meek Focused Man. #WinsAndLosses @MeekMill. #Philly
from Illadelph
Lemme Find Out @tankandthebangas are a religion. If you ain't at #BowlTrain I feel sorry for you. #CotDamn!!!!