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not pictured: tanner
thanks for such a wonderful trip 😘
happy 22nd birthday to my cross country traveling, bike riding, gem wrapping, elderly assisting, stock market investing, pretty lights jamming, beer drinking brother & best friend of mine! i hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are because you deserve nothing but the best. can't wait to have you back in colorado lil bruh, love ya!
tanner's travels went much smoother this reunion thank the good Lord.
from City Park
hootenanny πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ»
tanner drove 1200 miles by himself in an '85 volvo from seattle to surprise everyone in bismarck for the family reunion and is now stranded in the middle of montana and walked 2.5 miles in 98 degree heat with his ~60lbs of luggage because the alternator went out in the middle of the night on his drive home so he could work tomorrow. but he's still happy as a clam because he's the best..i love you tanner!
gonna miss ya, jamie! but london's gaining a pretty groovy gal 😘
happy father's day to the most incredible dad in the whole wide world, i'm so blessed to have you in my life. i love you to the moon & back times infinity, daddy ❀️
blessed by the best.
Congratulations to my selfless, hard working & uplifting mom on 31 years today at Craig Hospital as a physical therapist!! Watching you care for and love on your patients as they go through such traumatic experiences has truly showed me how far a gentle and caring soul can aid people in moving in a positive direction towards regaining strength and normalizing their lives again. I am so honored to have you as my mother and am so proud of you for the countless lives you have touched and continue to impact in the most positive and unbelievable way. So cheers to you mom, Craig is so unbelievably lucky to have you.