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Photo by @mattiasklumofficial I photographed this magnificent Boomslang on assignment in Cameroon for @natgeo. Boomslangs have exceptionally large eyes and excellent eyesight and often move their heads from side to side to get a better view of what's in front of them (like a photographer from Sweden). Please go to @mattiasklumofficial to see an African dawn near Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa and more images from our projects around the world! The average adult boomslang is 100–160 cm (3¼–5¼ feet) in total length, but some exceed 183 cm (6 feet). The venom of the boomslang is primarily a hemotoxin; it disables the blood clotting process and the victim may well die as a result of internal and external bleeding. The venom has also been observed to cause hemorrhage into tissues such as muscle and brain. Inspite of all this, the boomslang is a timid snake, and bites generally occur only when people attempt to catch, handle or kill the snake. When curious, confronted or cornered, they can inflate their necks and assume their striking "S"-shaped pose. Scientists like my friend Zoltan Takacs study the genetic and molecular set-up by collecting venom and DNA samples from these snakes, their prey and predators and are hopeful that the Boomslang may soon combat heart disease and this will not affect the snakes in the wild at all. #conservation #new #drugs #innovation #ecosystemservices #respectnature @thephotosociety @irisalexandrov @mattiasklumofficial @alexandrovklumofficial @mattiasklumcollection @natgeo
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