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by natgeo
2 months ago


Image by @beverlyjoubert. The exuberance of youth. An elephant calf strides out with early morning energy and play on his mind. He is closely watched by his mother who is relaxed with us but over the years will have seen what people can be capable of. With a seventy year life span and excellent memories, any herd will have met with the dark side of humanity. Currently around 30 000 elephants are lost to ivory poachers and habitat destruction each year - around 8% of the population. While ivory remains an object that people desire, elephants will continue to be killed and their populations crash, so the future is an uncertain one for this little calf. This #WorldElephantDay make a stand for elephants by letting others know that ivory only has any worth on a live elephant. Let's end this trade and create a future that is far more certain for these incredible animals. #worthmorealive #saynotoivory
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