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SENIOR SUNDAY! @susiesseniordogs has some great news to share! Big news for 9 year old shy girl Zoey -- SHE'S BEEN ADOPTED! Zoey was featured on Dogs of Instagram back in June. She had been looking for her forever home for many months and was having a hard time finding love because she is very reserved upon meeting new people. Zoey doesn't beg for attention, but instead she sweetly observes the scene and waits for someone to notice her. Thankfully, her adoption day has finally come! Last weekend, Zoey was adopted by a wonderful family with kids and another dog. They appreciate her calm and gentle nature and she has been a very welcome addition in their home. Congratulations to all!! Her new mom Laurie writes, "We are just loving our new girl! We renamed her Jenny, after the main character in Forrest Gump -- rough beginning, happy and peaceful last chapter. And she's doing so well! Jenny is a little unsure how to handle a big house, so we make sure she stays close to us. She's already wagging her tail when she sees us and giving tons of kisses! We upgraded her food to a raw diet and she seems to think she hit the jackpot! Our boxer, Lloyd, gets along so well with her. They are both so gentle and respectful of each other. Jenny brings such a sweet energy to the home, and there hasn't been a second of regret or concern for any of us. She is our first senior adoption, I've only had puppies up until now. And there's a chance that my future is full of senior dogs. We made her a promise to take care of her forever. She's making it very easy!!" writes @laciulla.
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