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Photo by @CristinaMittermeier on assignment for @NatGeo with @PaulNicklen Perhaps the best part of spending three weeks alone on a remote island, was having as our only company some 50,000 pairs of nesting gentoo penguins. Once a sheep farm, the island of Steeple Jason is now protected and in a short period of time it has seen the return of incredible numbers of animals, including albatross, sea lions, fur seals and of course, tons of penguins, like these ones that I photographed as they made their way back to the colony after a day of feeding in the rich waters off the island. Clumsy on land but magical in the water, watch how these penguins fly underwater by going to my #instagram account. Please #follow at @CristinaMittermeier @sea_legacy | @thewcs | @natgeocreative | #bird | #beauty | #naturephotography | #conservation | #wildlifephotography
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