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6 months ago


Can I just say, on the record, that Australia has the coolest and weirdest animals in the world! I know that I see kangaroos and koalas a lot but literally every time I stop and spin out. Haha. Like, they literally hop. If I were not Australian and I saw this I would probably laugh my ass off. Sun Country has a huge amount of wildlife, not just kangaroos but koalas, wallabies, other Aussie natives and more birds than I've seen in my life! Seeing animals in the wild versus seeing them in sanctuaries is a completely different experience. As you all know I have a lot of Aussie wildlife sanctuaries that I support and visit but this is important, to see animals in their natural environment. We spotted this guy on our way to Bouchiers Beach, where we also saw a koala! @VisitSunCountry #VisitSunCountry
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