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Photo @Hammond_Robin. Khookha is a 29 year old Tunisian. He is an activist for LGBTQI+ rights and identifies as gender queer. He is confident and comfortable with who he is. His family are not: “My mother asked that I see a psychologist to 'adjust my weird behaviour' and 'heal me from abomination and mental disease.’” The Psychologist told Khookha he was "adopting female traits to show signs of weakness", an assertion he rejects: “Everyone should have the right to experiment [with their] femininity and masculinity and every possible way of gender expression despite the biological sex they were assigned to at birth.” - The Tunisian #LGBTQI+ community hoped that the 2011 revolution would usher in a more open society, and an end to homophobia and transphobia. This has not come to pass. Despite the discrimination and risks they face, activists continue to campaign for Tunisians to be free to love who they want, and identify as they feel, without fear. - Khookha was photographed by @natgeo contributing photographer @Hammond_Robin. He shared his story for the #WhereLoveIsIllegal campaign, a platform for #LGBTQI+ stories of survival. It is a @witness_change project. To see more stories of survival from around the world follow @WhereLoveIsIllegal
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