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me posting about Blac Chyna vs. me posting about universal access to healthcare
Blake Shelton looks like a honey baked ham with a goatee.... #NoThanks
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Two incredibly powerful women who changed the course of history forever. Icons. Heroes. Trailblazers. Gloria Steinem and Miss fuckin Piggy. Get with it
Mr Rogers and Koko the gorilla are relationship goals. U bitches wish u could hold a man down like Koko holding Mr Rogers down
Other girls: “I just leased a new Audi!!” Me:
Oprah telling off her dog Sadie is so damn disrespectful it makes me sick. Sadie has put in too many hours putting up with Steadman’s BS and pretending to like artisanal low calorie sweet potato dog treats to be PUBLICLY mistreated like this. I stand with Sadie and you should too. #JeSuisSadie
...this is literally my Mount Rushmore #Dream6some #NothingButRespectForMyPresidents
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why does sarah huckabee sanders look like she shit her pants but also wants to speak to the manager
Jim Carrey’s social media presence is my xanax
me looking at my credit card bill
Once a year Matt Lauer gets to live his truth in full-blown drag, and this Halloween he did not disappoint. I’m sorry am I at an aquarium? Cause all I see is fish!! Let’s all just admit we are slightly turned on by Matt dressed as Dolly Parton, we’re all adults here!!
Brb putting my dog’s paws in a wet fleshlight and violently jacking them off
when I smell weed in public
me putting soda in the water cup
If Alexander Skaarsgard comes through with this haircut... homeboy is gonna like, get it
I need me a mans like this 😍😍😍 #DreamBae
I went to the hell on earth known as Adultcon to talk to some of my fave pornstars and learn how to do sex. LINK IN BIO!!!!!!!!!! Thank u @adultconla @avadevine.official @zoey.knight_ @riley_loves_sex and all the horny lonely men I met. Directed by @jmillstein1
Steven tyler visiting cirque du soleil and going “full mom” is not just a “mood.” It’s a fkn way of life. steven tyler is a hero, he reminds me of a carefree woman who owns a beautiful jewelry / embellished denim boutique somewhere on the seaside, but he’s also a super manly rockstar. So basically he’s perfect.