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Literally my dream wedding
priscilla presley tryna get dicked down by shrek is a big mood
Swipe for deep wisdom and inspiration courtesy of Jane Fonda 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻
me trying to flirt with the FBI agent watching me through my laptop camera
If Mama O can get through this vaguely humiliating jumping photoshoot I can get through this Monday
Getting fingered be like
🎶And your dad is myyyyy dad toooo 🎶
Me in the gym making absolute hard gains. Shredding my body. Eating clean bitch, it’s 2018. No excuses. I don’t do it for you. I do it for me. (@ltabachb)
when u ask bae to raw dog and she says no
Can’t stop thinking about this haunting photo of Meghan Trainor and her fiancée, the kid from Spy Kids, leaving a sex shop with a bag literally full of dildos. Someone send help..... please..... it’s keeping me up at night
capital one queen jennifer garner posted this pic of herself as a man and I am EXTREMELY turned on.... a-list actresses doing drag is my new fetish
so hungover lmao. had 2 make my classic hangover cure ;)
This pic of Dolly Parton wailing on the sax is *literally* exactly what i look like when I’m sucking that dick!!!!
my pussy basically exploded in a squirt geyser the minute I saw this iconic photo of DJ Khaled, Saltbae, and Drake. I’d give my right arm to be caught in a sweaty, hairy, stinky foursome with these zaddys, all of us drenched in meat sweat and fighting through the language barrier. 2018 foursome goals
might delete soon but I felt cute in this pic 😉
who is he?? 😍😍😍
Thank you @oprah for sharing this beautiful Christmas message. I love to hear kind uplifting words like this during the holiday season. So inspirational and meaningful. :’)
it’s called fashion sweaty, look it up 💁🏻‍♀️
god bless the disney imagineers who made trump look like a cross between a melted candle and angela lansbury in drag. Bro looks like chewing gum came to life. Serving diseased nutsack realness. Cracking open a Diet Coke in your honor today @waltdisneyworld
Diddy curling >>>>> everything else I’ve ever seen. I don’t even care if this is CGI, some andy serkis shit, this is the only gift i needed this holiday season. Thank u to the marketing execs at @ciroq thank u @diddy thank you @cassie!!!!
If Sharon Stone using kira kira doesn’t get u in the mood for the holidays..... nothing will