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Happy Friday, friends! I woke up to no half & half in the fridge (#teamcoffeewithcream), but at least the kitchen's clean. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ @lukefreeperson, come home ASAP.
When you get home from work to find all of your teddy bear sunflowers have bloomed!! 🌻 They're just the HAPPIEST! πŸ’› #simplejoys
Rainy days make for poopy eggs! πŸ’©Thank you, ladies! πŸ“β€ #freckledhenfarm
This handsome farmer is leaving me for a work trip in Montana this week. Oh, how I wish I could join him! 😒 Extra cuddles, coffee & breakfast together before he leaves. A lot of folks ask why we haven't had children yet. The answer is always, "We just opened a business! We are barely sleeping as is!" But the real reason - we're in such a sweet spot. It's hard to imagine sharing him. ❀ #thefreemanadventures
Filled up our pantry with the last jar of sauce until our next round of tomatoes ripen πŸ…β€ Sweet summertime on the farm... always work to be done! #foodinjars #freckledhenfarm
Spent some time yesterday reorganizing & fluffing our nest, finding baskets & bins for odds & ends that never really found a home during the busyness of summer. As @gretchenrubin always says, "September is the other January." I really believe that. I find myself switching things up & introducing new habits into our daily rhythm once the new school year rolls around. Do you do the same? I'd love to read your intentions for the school year & fall season!✨ #freckledhenfarmhouse
So much rain today, but I managed to harvest a few bouquets for @thefreckledhenfarmhouse! πŸŒΈπŸ’• #freckledhenblooms #flowerfarmer #simpleliving #homegrown
Another rainy day in our neck of the woods. 🌧 Makin' lemonade outta lemons with a hot cup of tea & a thankful heart for a brand new week! πŸ’› #freckledhenfarmhouse
"Love wins, love always wins."
We gifted each other an hour on the lake with a couple of paddle board rentals for our anniversary. Perhaps the cheapest, best time we've had in a long while! Love you, @lukefreeperson! πŸ‘« #thefreemanadventures
Mornin', y'all! Headed to @thefreckledhenfarmhouse, but first - coffee & a few quiet moments in the garden spent harvesting the prettiest tomatoes! πŸ…β€ #thegoodlife Happy Saturday, friends!
Lucky me, I get to spend the day with this little (but looking so grown up! 😭) guy! It's a rainy day over here so we plan to watch movies, make art & bake! What are some of your favorite rainy day activities with little? ❀ Happy Friday, friends! #FunWithOlliePop #auntlife
Our lavender is slow to bloom, but I am harvesting here & there + hanging it to dry on this old mug rack turned herb drying rack - a $1 yard sale treasure! πŸ’› Celebrating the #simplejoys on this beautiful Thursday!✨
If I was flower growing wild & free, all I'd want is you to be my sweet honeybee. 🐝🌸 (@lukefreeperson 😘) #freckledhenblooms
Coffee with a side of sunshine (& homemade zucchini bread)! Happy Hump Day, y'all! πŸͺ
I found my late summer uniform 🌿 dress: @loft but secondhand from @platosclosetfayetteville πŸ‘ŒπŸ» II purse: @portlandleather II sandals: @saltwatersandals II bralette: @amazon II earrings: @noondaycollection #dressinhappinessdaily
Tuesday - work that I love, a little time carved out just for me, a new book arriving today!, an easy crockpot dinner, my favorite new striped dress, waking up with my farmer. ❀ Share some of your joys with me in the comments below... Let's celebrate the little things!✨ #simplejoys #freckledhenfarmhouse
This week's #freckledhenblooms bouquet inspired by those gorgeous summer sunsets we're having. πŸŒ… Tucked inside thrifted pottery - the best kind, yes? πŸ’› #flowerfarmer
Starting the week off right with a clean home, a fresh bouquet of flowers & a termite inspection πŸ˜‚ Monday, let's rock this! P.S. This is one of my favorite spots in our home because it's so simple yet functional. Purchased the wooden hanging coat rack for under $10 from Amazon & it's a game changer for our small space without a coat closet or mudroom! πŸ’› #freckledhenfarmhouse
Headed home after a marathon of weekends away!✨I absolutely love adventuring, traveling & seeing new places (and Susie Q sure does make it sweeter!), but there's nothing quite like settling back into our daily rhythm on the farm. ❀️ I'm spending the rest of the day deep cleaning, gardening & meal planning. Happy Sunday, y'all! #TravelingSusieQ
Soaking up a little family time at the lake this weekend with #TravelingSusieQ πŸ’• Loving my new β˜•οΈ cuff from @portlandleather!