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Sipping hot coffee from this little guy all week long because IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!🎄❤️☃️ #itsafreemanchristmas
This year I displayed our Christmas cards in the simplest of ways & I love it so much. String hung with push pins across our cabinet with mini clothespins for each card. I have yet to find a card holder I love yet I’m finding that repurposing what we already own brings so much joy & saves us a bit, too! The wee thrifted basket to the left holds cards from years past. We love flipping through them every year. ❤️ #itsafreemanchristmas
On the road headed to see family! 🚗🌲❤️ Listening to Charlie Brown Christmas tunes, catching up on my favorite magazines (@betterhomesandgardens + @countrylivingmag) & finishing up the last of our Christmas cards (we send over 200 so it takes me all month 😂)! If I’m being honest, I’ve been a hot mess all week over being away from @thefreckledhenfarmhouse shop the weekend before Christmas. But I’m reminded of two things: 1. We have an amazing staff who are fully equipped & capable of loving on & serving our wonderful customers. 2. Family is & always will be our first priority. Making memories > making money. Thankful for these learning lessons along the way - that’s what makes this boss lady journey so worth it. ❤️
Each week we’re slowly crafting ornaments to adorn Oliver’s little tree!✨🌲 We’ve made cinnamon ornaments & dried orange slices. Next week we’ll make a red beaded garland & the star! 🌟 #FunWithOlliePop We’re off to see family this weekend... ‘tis the season for holiday travel, but I sure will miss home! ❤️ What are your weekend plans? I’d love to know! #itsafreemanchristmas
Delivering freshly baked bread to neighbors & friends!✨ #freckledhenbakery
I’m feeling weirdly calm this week. After running on a hamster wheel for months, my natural first thought is to fill up my calendar just for the sake of filling it up because it makes me feel important or successful or less lazy. This week’s theme of Advent is Peace. Perhaps my Peace work this week is to find satisfaction, contentment & Peace in the space, in the Just Being. ❤️ #itsafreemanchristmas #advent
Prepping lentil salad (a favorite recipe from @skinnytaste!) for tonight’s family supper & completely forgot to buy more lentils 🤷🏼‍♀️ Off to the store I go! Also, I was wondering if it would be of any interest to y’all that I share more about my weight loss journey & healthy eating in the new year? I’d love to share recipes, meal prepping tips & more. Let me know! ❤️ #freckledhenfarmhouse
Monday is the only day that @thefreckledhenfarmhouse is not open so I spend my day doing behind-the-scenes work, including restocking, remerchandising, scrubbing toilets, dusting shelves, answering emails & more. Grabbed my laptop & now I’m perched in front of the wood-burning stove & this happy scene✨ Our dreams do require a whole lot of work, but goodness! It’s all worth it. ❤️ #itsafreemanchristmas
Happy Sunday! Just finished my walk (how are we all doing on our December intentions?) & making pancakes before heading off to church✨ Meal planning, Christmas card writing & grocery shopping are also in the works for the day. What are you cooking this week? 🍽 Share in the comments! ❤️ #itsafreemanchristmas
Quiet mornings before the work of the day begins are always my favorite. Coffee in hand, Charlie Brown Christmas humming✨ Thankful. ❤️ #itsafreemanchristmas
Packaging is my favorite. ❤️ Found delicious, old-fashioned butter cookies at @aldiusa for less than $4 a box. Repackaged them into a few mason jars with ribbon. Adorned each jar with a custom tag from my crazy talented friend, @janna_wilson, & gifted them to our neighbors! This all took less than 5 minutes & brightened their day. Sometimes simple is better ❤️ #itsafreemanchristmas
Nearly five years in & we’re slowly checking off our home reno list. Thank goodness for @anthropologie 40% off sales that allow me to purchase the wallpaper of my dreams! 😍 Next up - new front porch!✨ #freckledhenfarmhouse
One of our favorite traditions- Oliver gets his own little tree that we decorate throughout December✨ Oh how fun it is to share the magic of the season with him! #FunWithOlliePop #itsafreemanchristmas
We take stocking stuffers seriously in this family! Throughout the month we find little things here & there we know the other will use & love. I often fill my farmer's stocking with dark chocolate, good coffee, wool socks & more. This year I am adding in a stick of @schmidtsnaturals aluminum-free holiday deodorant! I love the Christmas Tree blend, which smells just like the real thing!✨🌲 What are some of your favorite stocking stuffers to give or receive? Share in the comments! #ad #stockingstuffers
What was life before our Christmas tree & before this sweater? I don’t even want to think about it. Also voting that we keep up our twinkly trees until at least March. Who’s with me? 🙋🏽 #itsafreemanchristmas #dressinhappinessdaily
Thinking I may need my very own Christmas tree farm because WREATH MAKING is SO MUCH FUN! Ok, who’s coming over to craft with me?! I’ll have hot cocoa ready!✨🌲 #itsafreemanchristmas
Gathering greenery from our local nursery & around the farm to make wreaths for this evening’s @thefreckledhenfarmhouse Holiday Party!✨ We have the most amazing team ❤️
Entering into the season of Advent with the first lighting of our makeshift/very non-traditional Advent candle from Ikea 😉 I received our Advent cards from church & hope to share each day’s activity with you in my Stories throughout the season✨ Reminding myself over & over again that perfection is not the goal here. ❤️ Happy Sunday, dear friends! #itsafreemanchristmas
A wonderful start to the weekend✨ Just finished my morning walk & now I’ve got my coffee in hand as I finish our first stack of Christmas cards! Wishing you all a cozy Saturday, dear friends!🎄❤️ #itsafreemanchristmas
Happy December, friends! Let’s talk about monthly goals✨ I think it’s in our nature to wait until the new year to gain a fresh start or live intentionally. I want to challenge you to set monthly intentions right NOW - in December - not 2018. What life-changing habit could you start THIS month? What intentions would make your next 31 days a little happier? What small change could make this holiday season brighter? Join me in setting goals & sticking to them! 👊🏻 Here are mine: 1. Bring a healthy dish or dessert to every party or get-together. Bonus points if it’s festive & fun! 2. Send Christmas cards to friends & family near & far. 3. Walk at least 3x per week outside. It’s my favorite time to listen to my favorite podcasts! 4. Sip on hot tea in the evenings instead of reaching for a sweet treat. 5. Reserve Sunday evenings for Sabbath rest. What are your December goals? Share them in the comments or tag me!✨ Photo by @firandforest
I purchased little German candle clips from @etsy (though I also found some at @shopterrain) with little beeswax candles from @amazon for our tree! They’re just oh so cozy!✨ Of course, I only allow them to stay lit if I’m close by for the fear of burning down my entire house!...How did the Germans do it?! 😂 #itsafreemanchristmas