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happy museum selfie day!
the joy of creating — sundays with bob ross part 5 with @housespecialpdx (!!!) and art director, gee staughton (@dontfretdotorg) #mydaywithbob such a cool studio visit with one of my favorite production houses! had a blast looking behind the scenes and seeing how the sausage is made and the teeny sets and figurines that the creators labor over. so neat! have a good sunday people!
the joy of creating — sundays with bob ross part 4 featuring @jonburgerman (!!!!) #mydaywithbob go check out jon’s stuff. it’s great and his stories are super funny too! it was really neat to meet him and eat breakfast sandwiches at peter pans and chat about exploring the tools on social media platforms creatively. it was really funny because a woman sitting next to us at the counter sneakily took a picture of us from like the chin down (probably because of jon’s sweatshirt) and we started talkin about her taking our picture (we could see it on her phone) but she pretended not to hear us.
🔊part 5 of 5 love letters to new york films. #mydaywithnewyorkmovies (here l recreated the fake orgasm scene in when harry met sally (staring @mika_risque as sally ❤️❤️❤️) in katz deli.) and that concludes my NY film series. i hope you liked it and thanks to everyone who helped shoot with me and mika i hope you like your new sally wardrobe! ❤️
sitcom mom calendar sale ends tonight! last chance to get one. @catalystdesign is printing tmrw shipping next week! link in bio 🧜‍♀️❤️👌🏻📸
hey!! so i’m gonna give away one of these puppies to a random like or comment. say something nice below or tell me who your favorite sitcom mom is or just double tap and i’ll pick one of you lucky dogs and ship it off. (or link in bio if you just wanna buy one? 7 bucks off shipping until december 1st.) happy holiday-ing!
🔊part 4 of 5 love letters to new york films. #mydaywithnewyorkmovies (here l recreated one of my favorite small moments in film: margot tenenbaum’s strained interaction with her mother, ethelene, in the royal tenenbaums (starring @kai_stamps as margot 💃🏼❤️👌🏻📸 and shot outside the real tenenbaum house in harlem.)) i could blab for days about wes anderson stuff and this movie or this scene. but i’m gonna focus on one thing for this: something i find remarkable about his movies is that you could accidentally walk into a new wes anderson movie 30 minutes late and within 30 seconds, you’d know it was a wes anderson movie. that’s not the end all be all of a filmmaker but it is difficult to maintain a unique, identifiable aesthetic in this day and age considering his body of work and string of profitable films. and it’s something i think about on a lesser scale with my own work. i’ve had a lot of conversations over the last couple years about… broadening my aesthetic or my style. i’m told i’d be more marketable to brands if my videos were less… niche or my process was quicker. and i’m sure there’s some truth to that and i imagine someday i will spread my wings and start to work in a way that allows me to create more in less time. it’s not like building hand-crafted stop motion videos is a quick and easy process. and i don’t want to look back in 20 years time and see 4 minutes of content…. heh. but for now, i can’t explain to you how neat it is when someone sees work i did for a brand, out of context, recognizes that it’s mine and forwards it to me. maybe i’m not thinking about the right things a creator should be thinking about, especially if you want to make a million dollars. but to be fair mostly when i’m working i’m just trying to make something fun that i’d want to watch (that’s shot with the limitations i’ve placed on myself for my creative process!!). it’s not like the desire to be unique is my primary focus or anything. but i would be lying if i said uniqueness isn’t somewhere in my mind every day i’m working. #MDWLlilmovies #theroyaltenenbaums #stopmotion #stopmotionvideos #margottenenbaum #wesanderson #NYC #harlem
it’s #GivingTuesday and i teamed up with @childrenofpromisenyc to raise awareness for children with incarcerated parents and today donations are matched dollar for dollar by a private foundation (link in @childrenofpromisenyc ’s bio!!)!! this group does such neat work providing a sanctuary and after school programs for these kids. many of these kids have been through real traumatic experiences, like watching a parent get arrested or having to visit that parent in jail. it’s just not fair what these kids have to go through and how much their support system has been torn down around them. every child in children of promise’s program has access to private and group therapy sessions and also can write letters to their parents and learn to process their feelings through art, all under the guidance of a clinician. it’s really just a special place and they’re doing such great work for an issue that is so under-addressed. right now, 2 million people are incarcerated in america. that’s awful. mass incarceration does terrible things to people and has tremendous, negative impacts on societies and future generations. and it needs to be addressed... but in the meantime, we have to face the reality that there are very real little humans feeling the brunt of this and please think of them if yoo can. these images are from my wonderful visit last fall. this little girl, Dimani, wanted to be beyonce so bad and she nailed the pose and these other little goofballs wanted to be kevin hart and the rock on a slide. xx, joel
part 2 collab with @taste.collection. took @sophiesumner8 & @kai_stamps to times square and made em walk around in @wearesilentarrow undies 👙❤️👌🏻📸
🔊part 3 of 5 love letters to new york films. #mydaywithnewyorkmovies (here i recreate the scene in big where josh breaks things off with susan. starring @quinnebago as josh 🕺❤️👌🏻 thanks for helping out quinn! your outfit was spot on.) #MDWLlilmovies
from Gem Spa
was goin thru old photos and found this photo of @taylorlashae as anna karina and some BTS. i never published it but i kinda like it now.
mydaywith: @taste.collection!! had a fun time goofin off with my bud @sophiesumner8 (👌🏻❤️👌🏻📸) you should swing by the store if you’re ever in the lower east side. they got cute clothes and cuter people there! (makeup by @kai_stamps brands @tadashishoji @raen) and special thanks to @rojas0_0 and @broganandbraddock who answered my story request for fun extra hands. thanks for all the hard work you two and super nice to meet you! hope you had a fun day! xx)
dear @instagram, are you guys ever gonna add a “recent” button? i’d like to see my friends posts and not just the same five accounts i never interact with. oh and your explore page is broke too. those are definitely not “videos i might like..” it’s just a bunch of kids screaming into the camera. and i’m not sure why there’s so many butts and abs suggested to me. butts are cool but can’t remember the last time i double tapped a 6 pack. do you guys know? i mean if i have ive probably only done it once or twice in the last three years. tops! (look it up in your database!) and i love my friend lacey who is a wonderful track super star and is an inspiration but... i’m not sure why you’ve been suggesting i wanna follow more track and field people for the past year. running is not an activity i’m all that fond of and i definitely don’t wanna watch other people do it all day! oh but the animations section is cool!! (but... i kinda already follow most of those folks. have any other neat people doing neat things? should i send you a list of accounts i just adore and we can start from scratch?!?) hope to hear back. thanks for listening, joel.
🔊part 2 of 5 love letters to new york films. #mydaywithnewyorkmovies (here l recreated annies awkward introduction to alvy singer in annie hall. starring @jameslaura as annie 💃🏼❤️👌🏻)
trumped up history part 3 @pbs #trumpeduphistory 📷: elizabeth eckford heads to class at little rock high school. 🔊: harry belafonte in ken burns’ jackie robinson.
🔊part 1 of 5 love letters to new york films. #mydaywithnewyorkmovies (here l recreated shopgirl’s email to NY152 from you’ve got mail.) one of my favorite things about you’ve got mail (besides the fact it reminds me of a wonderful love affair l had with noelle, a photographer who lived in paris, after l found her poetry on livejournal and purchased one of her photos and we started writing long, wonderful emails and sending cute little packages back and forth with darling love sick notes written inside and began talking on the phone and flying across the world until she moved in with me in portland) is that it’s one of the few true time capsule movies in that you can specifically pinpoint the date it was made based almost solely on the plot. im not talkin about the year the movie was set in or the wardrobe or score, although you’ve got mail has that too: meg ryan’s hair! the cranberries! i️m talking about a movie bein “modern” and yet so obviously made IN 1998. like the entire plot of you’ve got mail wouldn’t have existed if it was made two years earlier or later—not enough people were really online and in chat rooms in 1996 and nobody was really using AOL by 2000, big book stores weren’t running little bookstores out of business in 1996 and little bookstores were already out of business in 2000, and the joke about kathleen having to move to brooklyn was actually a cool thing to do by 2000... there’s more things obviously but like the movie is so specifically 1998 and l just love it for that alone. (oh and l still have a livejournal btw and since l forgot my password l can’t delete my old posts so my terrible poetry is still up and no i’m not telling you little squirts what my handle is. l did look up noelle’s the other day and her beautiful stuff is still there. it’s aged so well. dunno what she saw in me really.) anyway, i’ve got four more of these coming and will be releasing them weekly on tuesdays. l made them for @adolescentcontent. hope you like them. starring @sophiesumner8 as kathleen kelly (meg ryan) and shot at verdi square (where kathleen and joe fox pass each other before they know they’re internet lovers.)
a golden oldie
tbt to that one time i created with the wonderful beautiful splendid talented smart @wadejeffree & @letasobierajski who are my favorite couple (if i had to cast a vote on that sort of thing). i was just thinking about all the wonderful people i’ve met over the years (bc im being sentimental right now like a dumb person) and i feel so especially honored to call these two friends. such a joy these two rascals. seriously. these two are really just the best. follow them if you like good things in life.
trumped up history pt 2 @pbs #trumpeduphistory
the joy of creating — sundays with bob ft. @angelicahicks (!!!). angelica and me have been insta friends for a long time but we finally met this week when i visited her studio. she’s a legend. her work is clever, neat and accessible so obviously i love it. and if you like art puns like “frida nipple” you’ll like it too! she also sent me a mydaywithleo style pic of an illustration of leo she drew once and i included it here because i think it’s wonderful! happy sunday everybody. enjoy it and don’t forget to make something neat today. #mydaywithbob