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Being alone only becomes lonely when you forget how badass you are, and living as a human being on this planet Earth is.. FYI.
Sausalito views. Feeling blessed for those moments back in October with this one
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Occasionally, I am asked what the point is to taking the time and coming up with thought-out captions. But even more often, I wonder myself... The truth is, there is no point. Out of the millions of accounts on here, what are the odds that a few 100 views will make what I have to say impact the world in some profound way- as if to spawn a revelation? Out of all the things I could be doing, how is this going to capture that main lead I’ve been hunting? It might, it might not. However. When I take the time to type this out, i am allowing my mind and self to open its understanding of these concepts, and to find value for myself in it. This moment is already a memory- not the moment in the photo (because that’s obvious), but rather this moment of you reading this, right now, is officially a memory. Right. Now. It happened. You will never remember everything I say, but you will undoubtedly remember how I made you feel. The reflection is for me, the feeling and observance of your response to what I say is for you.
There are a lot of mountainous valleys in our world. But not many like this one 😍 follow @uascoach for more on #thedroneside of my life! I’d love to connect more with you about drones and my experiences at @birdseyeofbigsky
Current background on my lock screen
I’m always chasing new views on the same reality. Usually, it changes the very think I see and label as “reality”....
You guys. I’m in awe of life. I’ve always wanted to help people improve the quality of their lives, and I had no idea I would be doing in such a unique way! As a @uascoach , I use Aeronautical Decisions Making techniques tested by the FAA to diminish crashes and increase Emotional Intelligence (EQ) by flying drones. This means that you can increase your performance success in any and every area of your life, while also learning how to pilot drones intelligently with our coaching. Who knew that flying drones could be so mentally beneficial! EQ is the strongest predictor of performance, explaining a full 58% of success in ALL TYPES OF JOBS. Our intention is to teach you how to fly drones in a way that your time flying not only increases your pilot capabilities, but it will also increase your personal and social competence to inspire a higher quality of life. From simple to cinema, hobbyist to commercial pilot; our intention is to encourage other drone owners to be a safe, emotionally intelligent, and informed pilots. Join me for one of our Flight Intelligence Drone Workshops this year to learn the foundations about mindful drone flight operations! We would love to have you as a part of the Pilot EQ movement, and are also looking for indoor facilities to hold these small interactive drone workshops across the US- please reach out with any questions or suggestions. Being a drone pilot is a responsibility. Choose to Pilot Intelligently. Click the link in my bio for more information about why our workshops are perfect for anybody and everybody!
“Why live in a soap opera when you can star in a great love story?”
The beginning of our snowshoe trip to Snyder Lake in temperatures hovering above 0*F
Couldn’t get enough beautiful Lake Tahoe
Costa Rican coast with @birdseyeofbigsky @vitaesessions @freeflysystems @reddigitalcinema Pilot Intelligently with us @uascoach
It’s cold AF outside, so now I have a flight room to train people how to fly drones for their first time. DM for more indie, click the link in bio, check out @uascoach and know how to handle your drone in temps like pictures here 😉
Super excited to launch my new Flight Intelligence Drone Workshop series with the start of 2018! During the first Saturday of every month this year, I will be holding small group interactive drone workshops! Pilot EQ is a drone training branch of @birdseyeofbigsky that serves and teaches drone pilots about responsible flight operation protocol, UAS aircraft familiarization, Aeronautical Decision Making, and an introduction to the drone industry as a whole. From simple to cinema, hobbyist to commercial pilot; our intention is to encourage other drone owners to be a safe, intelligent, and informed pilots. Being a drone pilot is a responsibility. Choose to pilot intelligently and come fly with me! Follow my drone side @uascoach for more on UAS and ADM or click the link in my bio for more info
from Montana
We’ve made it to the big screen, your TV via documentaries and shows, and now hoping to get a feature on your local news station! We have a nation wide news story that was released on us a few weeks ago and had people in New York and New Hampshire say they saw our story- Yeeeee! Link in bio so you can watch it PS follow @birdseyeofbigsky and my new droner profile @uascoach if you aren’t already
Everything really started when I was chasing cars down open farm roads, trying to pull a smooth, continuous orbit around them with my Phantom 2. I was living a connection to my drone similar to that portrayed in the movie Avatar- but instead of tangled hair, it was my fingers on the sticks. I prided myself on manually flying my drone, and still do. My landings were smooth because I practiced taking off and landing when I was training, not because I clicked a RH button with sense and avoid, and everything was safe. Life isn’t always safe, and sometimes we have to improv an adjustment, or avoid obstacles spontaneously. Sometimes you only get one opportunity to get THE shot. Practice was my only answer, and it was like the learning curve didn’t stop: camera tilt was off, the drones altitude shifted as I gave yaw inputs. My detailed eye made the little things that matter, and the road to perfection can be so frustrating. Because once I got the input down, it was time to do it while sitting in the car I was chasing. Following that it was time to try it down a different road with slightly more obstacles. The more I pushed, the more confident I felt. You can imagine how smooth my orbits got around stable objects! I realized that skilled drone flight evokes a level of focus similar to that of meditating. I truly believe that my team and I are among the best drone pilots in the world to work with. It wasn’t just the flying that makes us better, but moreso the character shown while working with frustrating directors, or maintaining a positive interaction with my clients when they were nervous. I put my psychology degree to use and created Pilot EQ (, a drone training branch of @birdseyeofbigsky that serves and teaches drone pilots about responsible flight operation protocol, business management as a drone co, and FAA Aeronautical Decision Making. From simple to cinema, hobbyist to commercial pilot; our intention is to encourage other drone owners to be a safe, intelligent, and informed pilots. Being a drone pilot is a responsibility. Choose to pilot intelligently, and come take a Flight Intelligence class with me, your personal @uascoach
“That actually happened...” - me when I think about 2017
Cold on my outer skin, warm in my heart. The more triggers we eliminate, the more dynamic range of experience we can tolerate.