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Aloha kakahiaka. New day, fresh start.
Reset, another day. Hopefully, full of adventure, no anxiety.
What a great start to the day . . . until I got the alert.
Chilly morning, warm bed. What do I do?
Honolulu City Lights
Let us snow!
Nani Hanalei.
Kauanoe and her Papa
The boat went huli! So lolo to have a boat moored in Hanalei in the fall.
This pilot whale beaching happened on Lanai at Shipwreck around 1960. That's my dad who was the game warden.
from Lanai
The routine has been to put a potted orchid on a tree after it bloomed. Now they are blossoming throughout our yard 😻
About 30 years ago Lance picked a small orchid pot off the ground when he was mowing and put it in the crotch of an old lychee tree and forgot about it. Each year since when it blooms it reminded us it was still there by catching it's fragrance. Now it's taking over the tree and smells unbelievable.
My favorite reason to visit Upcountry Maui.
If you're on Maui checkout this great Susan Middleton exhibit, "Spineless" at Schaefer Gallery at the MAC
Yikes, Jackson cameleon on Maui. Fat bugga.
What the hell is this?
The Stupa and prayer wheel.
Lei had a place with the memorial calabash, yellow ginger was a favorite lei of Roland Cazimero. Lei's given to remember Mahi Beamer, Palani Vaughn, Eddie Kamae and Martin Pahinui.
What a night!
My first yellow ginger lei of the season 😻