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Couldn't even think of a caption that sums up how remarkable this all is.
I keep getting this Azerbaijani lady.
it's Saturday
These pictures mattered in 2017.
Happy holidays!
New York I love you, but you're bringing me down.
Teespring sent me this by mistake today.
I love the Daily News.
Joe Flacco is an elite QB
it's the weekend
Happy Thanksgiving, Angelina
from NoMa
I'm coming to town.
yes, I once led a real organization
i am a member of the press now
Bucket list: ✔ Front row at LCD Soundsystem ❌ Learn how to take pictures on my phone
only H Street people will get this
beer is the drink of summer
my Facebook friend is batting 3rd for the Mets
lmfao this dumbass stared directly at the sun today
check it out that's the sun
from NoMa