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I'm coming to town.
yes, I once led a real organization
i am a member of the press now
Bucket list: ✔ Front row at LCD Soundsystem ❌ Learn how to take pictures on my phone
only H Street people will get this
beer is the drink of summer
my Facebook friend is batting 3rd for the Mets
lmfao this dumbass stared directly at the sun today
check it out that's the sun
from NoMa
the sky and such
I'm asking him to change his ways
Happy birthday, Andryc
the Internet is a series of tubes
the weather outside is frightful
Happy Canada Day! Here's a picture I took in Canada last year!
in like october I'm gonna take a similar picture and caption it "sky:fall" it's like the James Bond thing
it's H Street baby, the street with the only CVS in DC
saw Kirsten Gillibrand and got a free hat
just hanging with my pal Al
imagine if the Dems were as good at winning elections as they are at baseball