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🔴Sold! 30” x 20” Eiffel Tower | #Art #Paris | available works visit |
For available works visit | #Art |
Enjoy every moment... con mi @gretajimenez_
🔴Sold!! 96” x 72” Latest commission finished! Special request by @brandenbaptist #barrySanders #lebronJames #malcolmx #JimBrown
Available works at #Art #mijaresart
2/10 ( Heart Of Gold ) full bronze 30″ X 22″ X 10″ | for pricing email #art
“Broken” a painting I sold a while back.. | for available works visit |
Congrats!! @alexandramaury and Alejandro!! @gretajimenez_
Ok I need you all to wish @gretajimenez_ a happy birthday at 12am!!!!! Or now lol let’s all show some love!!!!! :)
36” x 48” Dream of Freedom..on PaperBoats | for price email
🔴sold! 96” x 72” | Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheeps clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves | for available works visit | #wolves #Art
48” x 36” We Share One Heart | for pricing email | #art
Starting them young. There’s no other like Penny the Brawler. Custom denim! #MijaresArt #Fashion
🔴 sold!! 96” x 72” latest commission complete 6 more in process... for available works
Still at it!! Studio life!!!
All day painting at the studio!! Working on commissions today! 7 commissions in process.. #Art #mijaresArt #peace | for available works
🔴 sold!!!! Great way to start the day! #Art
I am blessed with everything I need. I am working hard towards everything I want. And most of All i appreciate and thank God for everything I have. | Also I am so thankful for all of you and your support, I cannot say it enough!
🔴 Sold!! Wow! So thankful! Another amazing day!
🔴Sold! 72” x 60” Today is a great day!! | for available works visit
Well why not learn to play guitar!