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Incredible performance by @thomasin.mckenzie in the movie Leave No Trace which premiered tonight at the @sundancefestival - not a dry eye in the room. Such an incredible movie and Thomasin making the Kiwis proud 😃 #sundance #lovenewzealand #leavenotrace @mirandaharcourt
Love it when parents send pictures of their children trying out recipes from our @kitchensciencecookbook 😃
Trying to ask my team if the boxes they requested are big enough - ended up just sending them a bunch of photos of me and some random boxes 😂
Cold, rainy and windy! I’m ready for my flight to a new location tomorrow!
New toy to play with 😃 #mountainboard
Quick toe dip in the ocean soaking up the sun while watching the surfers before jumping on my next long flight to a much colder destination!
Interesting new research showing the #Science of why alcohol is more toxic than we thought. Full story in @nzherald
So lovely to spend the evening with @mikebergmusic eating great food and listening to his new EP ‘Exiles’ (its available on Spotify if you like Bowie crossed with U2)
Day three of book printing and all 1.7 million pages of the first print run of our @kitchensciencecookbook are complete! The next stage involves waiting for the ink to dry before binding can start next week 😃 #kitchensciencecookbook #cookbook #publishing #recipe #science #experiment #excited #baking #cooking #womeninstem #womeninscience #womeninengineering #parenting #grandparents #education #stemeducation
After a massive week at #ces2018 today is a silent recovery day catching up on emails, writing articles and watching planes fly by as I track them on my plane finder app - this one is landing from Paris you know 🤓 #nerd #quiet #introvert #rest #planenerd
So great catching up with @realarpitdwivedi - I can’t believe its been 12 years since I went to his wedding in India!
Excited to see the first pages printed for our @kitchensciencecookbook - this is the start of two solid weeks of printing and binding as we build our hardback book for our @kickstarter supporters 😃 #cookbook #kitchensciencecookbook
Thanks @craigsparkes for showing me this secret spot to grab a drink and watch the city from 😊
One of the biggest trends I’m seeing here at #ces2018 CES are personal help robots designed to help with the housework as well as take care of your children and elderly relatives! #robot #technology #ces
from CES
When the hashtag sign is so large you have to take a panoramic photo! #CES2018
Nice and sunny in Vegas - roll on @cesofficial #ces #CES2018
Perfect way to start the morning - hiking with @skhannon in the winter sun 😃
Love @haleychamberlain22 so much - feeling inspired and energized after hanging with her. Must not leave it so long next time 😃
Such a great day touring @Airbnb - each of their meeting rooms is designed just like one of their hosts rental rooms - so clever 😊
Ooh these termites through a magnifying glass are fascinating! #termites #science
What is #blockchain and how can it help the world and its citizens? Find out in today’s @nzherald