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Fall chillsss #mecnation 📸@carolynbazin
The transition from warm sunlight to the cold of night happened in a matter of minutes, but the colour of the sky lasted nearly an hour. #mecnation 📸@alex_mey
Walkin’ in a winter wonderland ❄️ #mecnation 📸@mountaindarlin
Ca y est ! @le.bustel est enfin LANCÉ ! Plus besoin de partir à 4 autos pour les trips de groupe ! Jusqu’à 16 personnes à bord et aménagé pour voyager partout au Québec, notre partenaire @voyagegrandv vient vraiment de mettre sur la route une offre de 🔥 pour aller jouer dehors. #mecnation 📸 @iamnomad_
When passion meets dedication. Our friends @surfthegreats have a surplus of both! 🏄🏽‍♀️🏄🏻‍♂️#mecnation 📸@stevelfarr
Getting into the wilderness with friends 😍#mecnation 📸@adamcharlescheek
Une dernière sortie de SUP avant l’hiver? Suffit de trouver un ami assez fou ! #mecnation #riviererouge
The best way to experience the first snowfall of the season! 📸@campingwithstrangers
Trail skittles 😄#mecnation
Happy 'Jurassic' Halloween from the gang at Mec Outdoor Nation 🐢😨🦎😮🐊😩#mecnation
What's more scary, looking down or looking up? 🤔#mecnation #suspensionbridge
Sometimes the hardest part of starting up, is starting out ☝️Hope everyone's getting out this weekend ☺️#mecnation 📸@stevetan
Puddle jumping 101 with @campingwithstrangers So great to see projects and organizations from our Think Outside Summits bringing their ideas to life! #mecnation #goodtimesoutside
La recette du meilleur weekend à vie: participants passionnés, animateurs inspirants, lieu rassembleur, jeux dehors et une équipe Génération plein air en or 👌
Journey to the Summit by @kimathieu1 #mecnation #parkslife
They came, they pitched, we funded. A look back at some of the highlights from this weekends Vancouver Think Outside Summit #mecnation
That's a wrap on the Vancouver Think Outside Summit. Enormous thanks to all our 'summiteers' for creating such a collaborative, inclusive, encouraging, fun space this weekend. You made this event so incredibly special. #mecnation #thinkoutside
Day 3 of the Think Outside Summit is kicking off with some quality nature time. #freshairlearning #mecnation
75 heads are better than one. #collaboration #mecnation
Day two at the Think Outside Summit is off to an invigorating start! 😆Thanks to @chasingsunrise for waking us up! #mecnation
Smiles and S'mores. A great first night at the Vancouver Think Outside Summit 😄🍪🍫 #mecnation