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Shreddie the Yeti spotted on Lake Michigan... oh wait, it’s our buddy @chicagosurfer after a Gnarly session with @surfthegreats 🤘🏄🏻‍♂️ #mecnation
Too many layers to count. Anyone out there brave enough to winter camp? 🙋‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ #mecnation #live4snow 📸@carolynbazin
Our best nine from 2017 as voted on by you 👍. We had incredible Summits, great collaborations, funded awesome projects and had a ton of fun along the way. Thanks for all the awesomeness 2017! ❤️#happynewyear #mecnation
Crossword clue: To take a big step (6 letters) #mecnation #live4snow 📸@sammyfrances
C’est officiellement l’hiver aujourd’hui! ❄️⛄️ Durant toute la saison, @mec_pleinair s’engage a donner 2$ pour chaque photo hivernale identifiée avec #notrehiver sur IG. Jusqu’à occurrence de 10 000$, l’argent recueilli sera versé à @equiterre_ong afin de lutter contre les changements climatiques et protéger nos hivers. Car la neige, on aime ça dans le fond. 🏒🛷⛸🥌⛷🏂 #mecnation #notrehiver 📷 @juste_etre_dehors
The Vancouver Think Outside Summit came together with an amazing, open and truly inclusive group of people. Together we broke down barriers and redefined what it means to be “outdoorsy”. #mecnation
Embrace the seasons #mecnation 📸@tear_knee
Good times hiking in the snow ☺️#mecnation 📸@discovertheoutdoors
Fall chillsss #mecnation 📸@carolynbazin
The transition from warm sunlight to the cold of night happened in a matter of minutes, but the colour of the sky lasted nearly an hour. #mecnation 📸@alex_mey
Walkin’ in a winter wonderland ❄️ #mecnation 📸@mountaindarlin
Ca y est ! @le.bustel est enfin LANCÉ ! Plus besoin de partir à 4 autos pour les trips de groupe ! Jusqu’à 16 personnes à bord et aménagé pour voyager partout au Québec, notre partenaire @voyagegrandv vient vraiment de mettre sur la route une offre de 🔥 pour aller jouer dehors. #mecnation 📸 @iamnomad_
When passion meets dedication. Our friends @surfthegreats have a surplus of both! 🏄🏽‍♀️🏄🏻‍♂️#mecnation 📸@stevelfarr
Getting into the wilderness with friends 😍#mecnation 📸@adamcharlescheek
Une dernière sortie de SUP avant l’hiver? Suffit de trouver un ami assez fou ! #mecnation #riviererouge
The best way to experience the first snowfall of the season! 📸@campingwithstrangers
Trail skittles 😄#mecnation
Happy 'Jurassic' Halloween from the gang at Mec Outdoor Nation 🐢😨🦎😮🐊😩#mecnation
What's more scary, looking down or looking up? 🤔#mecnation #suspensionbridge
Sometimes the hardest part of starting up, is starting out ☝️Hope everyone's getting out this weekend ☺️#mecnation 📸@stevetan
Puddle jumping 101 with @campingwithstrangers So great to see projects and organizations from our Think Outside Summits bringing their ideas to life! #mecnation #goodtimesoutside