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Baltimore in da house!! Jessie & Katey, Logan Hicks and me all at Juxtapoz Art Basel dinner. 📸 @loganhicks @jessieandkatey @juxtapozmag #artbaselmiami #baltimore #bmore
El Seed’s elegant wall with a quote written in Arabic from Francis Picabia, a French-Cuban philosopher/poet, “We should all be nomads. We should cross ideas the same way we cross streets and cities.” @elseed @wynwoodwallsofficial @jessicagoldmansrebnick #wynwoodwalls #humankindwynwood
TONIGHT 8PM to whenever. Toe Jam backlot 150 NW 21st ST for music and art including my photos. KRS-ONE & FAT JOE perform at 10PM Tickets on line at VIBES395.COM. @toejambacklot #toejambacklot #wynwood
TONIGHT 6PM-Stop by The Goldman Global Arts Gallery tonight for our annual artist talk. This year moderated by Tristan Eaton @tristaneaton with Risk @riskrock, Ron English @ronenglishart , Leon Keer @leonkeer, Logan Hicks @loganhicksny and me. @wynwoodwallsofficial #ggagallery #humanKINDwynwood
Superb Jimi Hendrix “Purple Haze” mural by the inimitable Nychos in downtown Miami a few doors from the Juxtapoz Clubhouse. @nychos @juxtapozmag #juxtapozclubhouse #artbaselmiami #jimihendrix
Introducing The Human Printer aka @goodandshiddy - a drawing vending machine for art produced on demand. Modes are random, portrait or request with animal, zombie, normal or other filters. #shotoniphone @juxtapozmag #juxtapozclubhouse @superchiefgallery
Last minute photos going up at Juxtapoz Clubhouse with the help of super installer Lady Aiko @ladyaiko_nyc Opening at 6:00. Big group show with some fabulous art here. 200 East Flagler, Miami. Photo taken with my brand new iPhone 8+. Thank you Apple!! #takenwithiphone #streetart @juxtapozmag #juxtapozclubhouse #miami
Wynwood Walls has a fresh new door by Tavar Zawacki aka Above. @tavarzawacki @wynwoodwallsofficial @jessicagoldmansrebnick #wynwoodwalls #humankindwynwood
Over the years Joe Iurato’s stencils have recorded his sons as they grew up. In Wynwood this year Hudson 8 and Maddox 6 have starring roles in their dad’s installation. @joeiurato @wynwoodwallsofficial @jessicagoldmansrebnick #humanKINDwynwood #wynwoodwalls
Tristan Eaton big mural in progress. @tristaneaton @wynwoodwallsofficial @jessicagoldmansrebnick #humanKINDwynwood #streetart #wynwoodwalls #wip
Plane crash! No panthers or humans were harmed during the making of this amazing art. @b0rdalo_ii @terrible______kid @wynwoodwallsofficial @jessicagoldmansrebnick #caturday #catsofinstagram #catstagram #trashart #trashanimals
Lady Pink keepin’ it real! @ladypinknyc @wynwoodwallsofficial @jessicagoldmansrebnick #wynwoodwalls
Small fans of big art. @seth_globepainter @wynwoodwallsofficial @jessicagoldmansrebnick #humanKINDwynwood #wip
Pro176 with mural & matching Citibike. How cool is that? This is just one side of the Citibike building which he will completely paint. @pro176 @goldmanglobalarts @citibike @jessicagoldmansrebnick @wynwoodwallsofficial #humankindwynwood
A plane has landed in the middle of Wynwood Walls. Big things to come. @b0rdalo_ii @wynwoodwallsofficial @jessicagoldmansrebnick #wynwoodwalls #fearlesswalls
Parisian artist Seth dropped by from worldwide travels to paint his first Wynwood Wall. @seth_globepainter @wynwoodwallsofficial #fearlesswalls #streetart @jessicagoldmansrebnick #wip
The 2017 official Wynwood Walls lineup emblazoned on Pro176’s T. Let the spraying begin! @wynwoodwallsofficial @jessicagoldmansrebnick #fearlesswalls #graffiti #streetart
Miamiiii!!! Wynwood Walls is in full force pre-Basel. Artists are painting and people are posing. These girlz chose a great 2009 graffiti wall by Os Gemeos for their backdrop. @wynwoodwallsofficial @xabu @osgemeos @jessicagoldmansrebnick @mituot602 #wynwoodwalls #graffiti #osgemeos #wynwoodartdistrict
🐼Pandamania!! Pandas galore in Chengdu in all shapes, sizes and materials including ice cream. @chengdu_china 🐼#panda 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼#chengduchinapandabase🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼#panda🐼#pandalove 🐼#pandas🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼 🐼#pandapandapanda 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼
Chengdu is renowned for its pandas. At the extensive Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, we saw pandas munching bamboo while lying lazily on their backs. They were surprisingly nimble for their size. Two scampered up a tall, spindly tree and playfully tussled. It was a miracle the branches didn't collapse with their weight. Panda cuteness cannot be overstated. Though sorely tempted, we managed to refrain from forking over a hefty donation of $260.00 for a 20 second panda-hugging photo op and contented ourselves with our own snaps. The biggest challenge was pushing our way through the hoards of eager Chinese tourists in order to get a good angle. @chengdu_china #chengdupandabase #panda #panda🐼 #pandalove #pandas #instapanda #pandagram #pandasofinstagram
High fashion and a very modern monk at ancient Daci temple complex located in the middle of Chengdu’s most luxurious shopping center. #dacitemple #platformshoes #chengdu