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Having fun with "Spun Chairs" in Times Square. Designed by #thomasheatherwick #spunchair #timesquarenyc
Happy 100th šŸŽ‚Birthday to Nikon today! I've been a loyal Nikongirl since 1964. Here I am in 1968, a National Geographic intern on an archeological assignment with two Nikons plus a light meter. Still shooting with Nikons today but not with film of course. @nikon_global @nikonusa #nikongirl @natgeo #nikonuser #nikon_global
Beating the heat in #Baltimore, 2009. #sowebo #bmore #tbt
Beautiful evening! @united_photo #brooklynbridgepark
TONIGHT!! Unveiling & FREE tour of The Fence 2017. Exhibition features 41 international photographers along a fence in beautiful @brooklynbridgepark Meet at 6:30 by Jane's carousel for tour with drinks after. Some of the photographers (including me) will speak briefly about their work. My photos under bridge are from 1978 Street Play series. Should be a lovely sunset tonight. @united_photo #thefence2017
Thank you Dink for great times today at the incredible secret So Called Compound, a dirt park built entirely by hand in the urban jungle. #socalledcompound #bmxlife #bmore
Surprised to see a Toynbee Tile yesterday embedded and preserved in a hopscotch graphic painted by Graham Corel-Allen on a downtown Baltimore crosswalk. @grahamprojects #toynbeetile #streetart #baltimore @toynbeetilenyc
"Coming Soon 2038" A fantastical creature painted by Alexis Diaz @alexis_diaz in the style of early engravings advertising Coney Island's animal shows. @coneyislandartwalls #coneyartwalls #streetart
TAHITI GRAFFITI CONTEST - FIRST PRIZE $10,000.00!!! Deadline for applications for the ONO'U world graffiti contest is July 23rd. Check out the dates & rules and download form at @onoutahiti #tahitifestivalgraffiti @montana_colors
Happy 241st birthday America! Wishing peace, equality, and justice for all. Photo from Muslim Day Parade, 1997. #nyc #july4th #muslimdayparade #filmphotography
Caption please...
Big tag by Amsterdam's calligraffiti-creator Shoe at NYC Urban Art Fair @nielsshoemeulman @urbanartfair #graffiti
Houston-based French artist Sebastien Boileau @mrd1987 with his painting of a long-nosed Trump-Pinocchio on a found stop sign at NYC's first Urban Art Fair. Stars on flag to right crafted from spray can tops. @urbanartfair #streetart #liquidtex
The inimitable Quik at The NY Urban Art Fair @urbanartfair @quikrtw #graffiti
Photo op at the Urban Art Fair Crash @crashone posing for @gzfotografias at @urbanartfair #urbanartfair
Dr. Revolt is up at New York's first Urban Art Fair. @drrevoltrtw @urbanartfair @greenflowersart #graffiti
Opening tonight, group photo show, Heart of the City 7:00-12:00. Black & whites from 1970s to present. This one's from Lower Eastside 1978. Hope to see you there! Curated by @joshuabgeyer #blackandwhitephoto @porchlightbar
from Porchlight
Viking inspired mural by Silver S-Boy Seeblum (here with wife Ellen and son Harold). Two dozen Mextonia artists painted along both sides of this Tallinn port seawall. @nuevearteurbano #streetart #mextoniafestival #mextonia #visitestonia
A quick piece by the twins in Tallinn with a shout out to artist & B-boy @dozegreen @osgemeos @xabu #graffiti #estonia
Mexican artist Reyben's mural symbolizes the Estonian legend of Dawn & Dusk (Koit & HƤmarik), lovers who meet only once a year on midsummer night. @reybenone @nuevearteurbano #mextoniafestival #mextonia #streetart #tallinn #visitestonia
Sermob's mural with barn swallow and oak leaf, national symbols of Estonia, celebrates Estonian's close connection to nature, transforming the drab facade of a medical clinic into a work of art. @sermob1 @nuevearteurbano #mextoniafestival #mextonia #streetart #visitestonia