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After 27 years in the air, it was announced that Concorde would be decommissioned in 2003. The late Magnum photographer Peter Marlow, documented the last days of the iconic jet and the influence it had over the general public. . On the 40th anniversary of Concorde’s London to New York route, we look back at Marlow’s work. Link in bio. . PHOTO: Cafe with painting of Concorde. Lydd airport, Kent, GB. 2001. . © @peter_marlow/#MagnumPhotos #PeterMarlow #Concorde
“It was those on the ground who looked up and felt that moment of weightless awe, and, for a fleeting moment, were once again like a child in bed staring up at Airfix models hanging from the ceiling. They were the real passengers of the Concorde.” - A.A. Gill . We look back at Peter Marlow's series documenting the last days of the Concorde, and the sense of collective sadness felt by the general public. Link in bio. . PHOTO: Plane spotter, Mrs. E. Thomas (78) a retired worker on electrical looms for Concorde, watching Concorde prior to the aircraft retiring from service in October. Heathrow Airport, The last days of Concorde. London. England. 2003 . © @peter_marlow/#MagnumPhotos #PeterMarlow #Concorde
Today on Magnum: on the 40th anniversary of Concorde’s London–New York route opening, we take a look at Peter Marlow’s pictures of the short-lived superfast aviation legend. Link in bio. . PHOTO: Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee. Flyover by the Concorde, accompanied by the Red Arrows. England. London. 2002 . © @peter_marlow/#MagnumPhotos #PeterMarlow #Concorde #RedArrows
“When I was living in London in the early 70s there was a crazy television set in my house. By playing around with the antenna and tweaking the controls I could suddenly obtain fascinating colours. . This led me to spend a couple of months following the latest news as it happened from the first Apollo flights to the Munich Olympic Games, as well as American and English television series and ads. It made me see the world in a different way and to question the ever-growing influence of television throughout the world." . Harry Gruyaert discusses the origins of 'TV Shots', and the way it was received when it was first presented to the world in New York. Link in bio. . PHOTO: TV Shots. Television broadcast. Great Britain & France. 1972 . © #HarryGruyaert/#MagnumPhotos #WorldTelevisionDay
Harry Gruyaert's abstract and experimental 'TV Shots', seen as a distressed parody of a current affairs photo story, have a pop-art fascination with the everyday whilst acting as a document of the way millions of people experienced world-shaping events through their home televisions. . The work created controversy when first exhibited in 1974, with its disrespectful assault on the culture of television and its radical challenge to the conventions of press photography. . See the feature today on Link in bio. . PHOTO: Munich Olympic games. TV Shots. 1972 . © #HarryGruyaert/#MagnumPhotos #WorldTelevisionDay
Today on Magnum: on World Television Day today, we explore Harry Gruyaert's ‘TV Shots’, which captured the world as it was broadcast directly into people's living rooms in the 1970s. Link in bio. . PHOTO: Television broadcast. Great Britain & France. TV Shots. 1972 . © #HarryGruyaert/#MagnumPhotos #WorldTelevisionDay
In a new feature, Magnum Nominee Emin Özmen discusses his visits to Turkey's struggling tourist resorts. Link in bio. . PHOTO: Enver, 43, camel rider. "Two years ago, I had 4 tours in a day, now I have to be happy if I can do one tour in a week, there are no tourists here anymore." This region suffers a lot from the lack of tourists. A lot of restaurants, hotels and touristic attractions are now closed and the historical sites are empty. Cappadocia. Goreme. Turkey. 2017 . © @emin_ozmen/#MagnumPhotos #EminOzmen #Turkey
"According to the Tourism ministry, 42 million people visited Turkey in 2015 compared to 25 million in 2016" . Emin Özmen photographs Turkey’s deserted seaside resorts and ancient ruins, which were brimming with tourists just three years earlier. Link in bio. . PHOTO: Boys sleep near the museum in Hierapolis, an ancient site in Pamukkale. Pamukkale is the remarkably well-preserved site of the ancient Roman city "Hierapolis." Rich Romans came here for the “water cure” from the mineral springs. The site was damaged by earthquakes over centuries but the remains are still very impressive. It is now a Unesco World Heritage site. Most of the tourists are now Turkish, Arabic and Asian. The owner of a restaurant located in front of the site says "during weekends we have tourists, less than before but we have tourists. During the weekdays, we have no one." Denizli, Turkey. 2017 . © @emin_ozmen/#MagnumPhotos #EminOzmen #Turkey
Today on Magnum: What has become of Turkey’s formerly bustling holiday resorts? . Emin Özmen explores the eerily empty tourist spots and how local proprietors are adapting to changing visitor demographics. Link in bio. . PHOTO: Local souvenir seller rests during the day on a coach in Cappadocia, which is a located in the central Anatolian plateau within a volcanic landscape sculpted by erosion into a succession of mountain ridges. Cappadocia. Goreme. Turkey. 2017 . © @emin_ozmen/#MagnumPhotos #EminOzmen #Turkey
We have a small number of signed copies of Susan Meiselas 'On The Frontline' available now on . In the book, Meiselas guides us through her ideas, practices, and decision-making along her journey - from Carnival Strippers (1976) and Nicaragua: June 1978–July 1979 (1981; reissued by Aperture 2008, 2016) to Kurdistan: In the Shadow of History (1997) and Cova da Moura, Portugal (2004). This book includes over 100 photographs from her earliest work and most well-known images, along with previously unpublished photographs. . PHOTO: Soldiers search bus passengers along the Northern Highway. El Salvador. 1980 . © #SusanMeiselas/#MagnumPhotos
There is a week left to visit 'Framing Community: Magnum Photos, 1947–Present' at Hunter College Art Galleries in New York. The exhibition closes on Sunday November 26. . The exhibition, curated by Professor Maria Antonella Pelizzari and her students, focuses on the history of the agency and its deep engagement with the notion of community. . To find out more and explore exhibitions near you, visit . PHOTO: Final days of the Kuomintang. A peasant, whose market has closed down and came to Beijing to sell his vegetables, sits to eat his provisions. A shopkeeper resigns to have nothing more to sell in his store. Beijing, China. December, 1948 . © #HenriCartierBresson/#MagnumPhotos @fondationhcb #blackandwhitephotography
Congratulations to Magnum Nominee @lademiddel who has been awarded the National Photography Award in Spain. . The presitigous award given by the Ministry of Culture every year since 1994, recognises the contribution of photographers to Spain's cultural heritage. Cristina de Middel joins Magnum photographer Cristina Garcia Rodero as a recipient of the award. . PHOTO: Iko Iko. From the series 'Afronauts'. 2011. . © @lademiddel/#MagnumPhotos #CristinadeMiddel #Afronauts
From the archive: Martin Scorsese. New York, USA. 1990 . The American director celebrates his 75th birthday today. . © #FerdinandoScianna/#MagnumPhotos #scorsese #blackandwhitephotography
The Raymond Depardon exhibition, 'Traverser', at @fondationhcb in Paris has been extended until December 24. . The exhibition, which hinges on the themes of La terre natale (homeland), Le voyage (journey) la douleur (pain) and L'enfermement (confinement), explores almost 60 years of Depardon's work. . PHOTO: Dahlak Island, Eritrea. 1995 . © @rdepardon/#MagnumPhotos #RaymondDepardon #Traverser #blackandwhitephotography
We have a small number of signed copies of Elliott Erwitt's 'Pittsburgh 1950' available now on . The book, which features images previously unseen for decades, bears witness to a historical time in the urban landscape of the city, as well as Erwitt’s keen eye that came to define him as a photographer. . PHOTO: Crowd at Armistice Day Parade. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. November, 1950 . © #ElliottErwitt/#MagnumPhotos
Indira Gandhi on the Himalayan mountain. 1973 . Sunday marks the centenary of Indira Gandhi's birth on November 19, 1917. Magnum photographers documented the life of India's first and, to date, last female prime minister over nearly four decades. See the feature on Link in bio. . © @raghurai.official/#MagnumPhotos #RaghuRai #IndiraGandhi #blackandwhitephotography
Over nearly four decades, Indira Gandhi’s political career was documented through the lenses of Magnum photographers, with her defeats and victories magnified in one long timeline. Yet, ultimately, the aim of both Raghu Rai and Marilyn Silverstone was to capture the woman behind the myth, to unmask her flaws as well as virtues. . We look back at the late Indian leader's life as captured by Magnum photographers. Link in bio. . PHOTO: Indira Gandhi escorted by Sikh security guards, Delhi airport, Delhi. India. 1977 . © @raghurai.official/#MagnumPhotos #RaghuRai #IndiraGandhi #blackandwhitephotography
Today on Magnum: ahead of the centenary of late Indian leader Indira Gandhi, we look back at the life of India’s first female prime minister, one of the most influential women in history. Link in bio. . PHOTO: Indira Gandhi at a congress session, Delhi. India. 1966 . © @raghurai.official/#MagnumPhotos #RaghuRai #IndiraGandhi #blackandwhitephotography
Using photography to wade through deeply personal stories, Magnum nominee Sohrab Hura has employed sound to delve further into the medium for his new book, 'A Proposition for Departure'. The book is a blueprint for his experiments in sound that have proven both a point of departure from the photographic medium (hence the name) and have served as a door back into the practice. . Signed copies of the book are available now on . PHOTO: Sound Extraction G*, 8:15 minutes, Raw sound. Part of Larger Composition: A Proposition for Departure. India. 2017 . © @sohrabhura/#MagnumPhotos
"The core of my work still remains photography but it’s now starting to melt into sound, video and text, and my constant shift from one to the other is also helping me constantly break down and rebuild the photographer I am." . Sohrab Hura discusses his new book, 'A Proposition for Departure', in today's feature on magnumphotos. Link in bio. . PHOTO: Sound Extraction D*, 11:17 minutes, Raw sound. Part of Larger Composition: A Proposition for Departure. India. 2017 . © @sohrabhura/#MagnumPhotos
Today on Magnum: in his own words, Sohrab Hura explains how his experiments in sound have proven a point of departure and re-entry to his photographic practice. Link in bio. . Signed copies of Hura's book, 'A Proposition for Departure', are available now on . PHOTO: Sound Extraction A*, 5:38 minutes, Raw sound. Part of Larger Composition: A Proposition for Departure. India. 2017 . © @sohrabhura/#MagnumPhotos