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How we feel about surviving the best semester yet
first semester ✔️✔️
Since my first semester of UA just finished, I just wanted to thank everyone that’s been there to support me throughout the semester!!! Also shoutout to all of the new friends that I’ve made this semester, I never thought that I would meet all of these completely new and different people that are willing to befriend me. So am I TT or 👉👈??? Side note: I’m limited on photos so I can’t include everyone else xoxo
Best time having my girl on campus
And in this unfortunate moment i realized we only have 3 semesters left
Dirty T you did me dirty #SEEYASOON
🌴 @marcelle_alvesss 🌴
Thanks Tucson for a great first semester hopefully second semester can live up to it😜
my favorite part of the city
anddddd that's a wrap. can't believe I lived 19 years without these people
I can't believe that tomorrow is going to be the last day of the semester! 🍸
Walking out the exam hall 📚✔️ #lastpaper #glppr