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Taken in Barrelhouse South

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Chillin with my family @willoughby_joe15 @broomerobbie
Late post but Sunday funday 🎶
Bombed it down to Savannah for the weeeeekend #itsweird #ilikeit @mattfilbert @ginajcbsn
What the F-BOMB?!?!?!
Getting ready to jam in Savannah!
Whack-a-mole-a-bachelorette. #heathersgettingmeowied #savannah #sotheresthat
We finally got to have a night out of fun in Georgia. Watching some live music and playing arcade games.
Jamming at #barrelhouse with the boyz
Life is deep and simple And you can too!
I'm learning my way around the #sound booth with #xuluprophet at #barrelhouse tonight for the fantastic #fireandwine. Here we see the duo preparing for their set tonight.
Yesterday, I was telling @mhedderly that she was on of the women that helped me changed my perspective about comparing myself to other women. Especially at the gym because that's where we met three/four years ago. . If I was working out and another woman came in who, in my eyes, was stronger, more beautiful, etc., I'd feel myself get so small and I'd go to an area opposite of where she was at because I felt so inadequate. . It took a Long time to learn this, but it's a valuable lesson and has changed my friendships and everyday interactions with other women. Any feelings of jealousy or not being good enough shifted to feelings of admiration and inspiration. I was able to support other women's successes and it see that it didn't' dampen my own. . I learned this from being around Maddison over the years and seeing how she'd always make it a point to compliment someone when we were walking around or at the gym. I could see that someone else's beauty (for example) doesn't take away from yours. Seeing women support and encourage other women is absolutely beautiful and something we need more of because when women support other women, incredible things start to happen. 🌻👯
Memories etched in time #artisto #roxyroca #texas #funk #soul #latergram #video #guitar #drums #bass #fretless #austintx
The Teacher @djcesar74 With Yours Truly Tonight @barrelhousesouth ...... Where Y'all At!? #djlife #djlifestyle #barrelhousesouth #djgino912
Alright...let's try this again. Thanks to all of you amazing people who made my birthday so special you guys are pretty rad. I love y'all. #24andpoor#friendsforeva