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Meet the creators of perFIcT! 👚👕 The group, featuring sophomores Joe, Lucas, Ameen, and Kobe, will be working on their idea this summer ☀️ as part of the eLab accelerator program! perFIcT is a company designed to help reduce clothing waste and returns of online shopping orders 💻 by more accurately providing customers with information about their preferred sizing! 👖 By using individuals' tailored measurements, perFIcT helps people find the size perfect for them in different kinds of apparel! The group is looking forward to being able to focus all of their time and energy on their business this summer, as well as the opportunity to live together in order to help foster creative ideas even while out of the eHub! 💭 You can learn more about the perFIcT team and other eLab groups on our Keller Center website! 📲 #KellerCenter #perfict #entrepreneurship #princetagram