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Last light over the lake heralds the end of another day in Africa! Although they take a huge effort to protect, we are so privileged to have such vast expanses of natural habitat here in #Zimbabwe
Tracking is an essential skill of any Anti-Poaching Ranger... Our rangers take every opportunity possible to improve their skill while they're out in the field!
Foundation wire! We're building again here at the HQ and as we've done before we're repurposing all the wire snares we've recovered from deadly traps into reinforcing for our new accommodation block foundations!
Our dedicated ranger team arriving back at a designated rendez-vous point after a long patrol on a sweltering hot day! Believe us, you don't want to walk into this gang if you're a poacher!
That's a pretty kick-ass set of results for the first week of 2018 by our dedicated anti-poaching rangers!
As a small positive, after a tragic start to the year, our Bumi Hills Anti Poaching Unit (BHAPU) rangers have managed to recover and destroy over 12,000 metres of illegal nets in fishing camp raids over the last 48 hours! Considering we recovered 42,000 metres in the whole of 2017 we're off to a pretty good start...
Good bye 2017!
A young elephant bull, found dead during a patrol, shot by poachers who escaped with the ivory. A devastating end to two years of no elephants poached in the Bumi Hills area. BHAPU remain more committed than ever- this was a stark reminder that our job is never done.
An African Fish Eagle nesting over the water just off starvation island. New nests can take up to 3 months to build, constructed using broken off branches from trees and lined with grass, papyrus, aquatic plants and occasionally weaver nests. @wildwonderful_world BHAPU Insta Takeover
1.2km of illegal twine fishing net seized following a boat patrol of our protected Bumi Hills waters. Twine netting, made from mono-filament is non biodegradable, so if lost by the fishermen it stays in the lake for long periods of time. It also gives fishermen an unfair advantage as the fish can't see the netting. Help us protect Lake Kariba's biodiversity and fish population from decimation, and support our BHAPU, link in bio ^^^ @wildwonderful_world BHAPU Insta Takeover
BHAPU have a number of patrol aims, none more important than the protection of elephants. Bumi Hills is becoming a safe haven for elephants and what better way to rejoice but to sit and watch them. @wildwonderfulworld BHAPU Insta Takeover
On patrol through the islands, looking for illegal fishing activities in the immediate vicinity of Bumi Hills with the team. The area is teeming with animal and bird life, all viewed against a backdrop of spectacular landscapes! ---------------- @wildwonderful_world BHAPU Insta Takeover
#Throwback to Elephant darting prep with two bush legends in #Zimbabwe 🌍
#Elephants #Kariba #BumiHills #Flying
Another awesome still from the first awareness video produced with @scoutgreenafrica - check us out on Facebook to see the vid 📽
New moon setting over one of Africa's best kept wilderness secrets! Now we just need to get the rest of the world to come and visit! #lakekariba #kariba #visitzimbabwe #travel #tourism #conservation #antipoaching
From background dancers yesterday to a full band today... there's no stopping these #rockingrangers of ours! #conservation #antipoaching #wildlife #afrorock #proudlyzimbabwean #visitzimbabwe
Our rangers have some moves... who would've known!!! Check out the @bumihillsfoundation stories to see what's been happening today! #kariba #conservation #proudlyzimbabwean #madeinzimbabwe #afrorock
An Ellie 🐘 enjoying a drink along the shores of Lake Kariba 💧 This still is from our soon to be released video from partners @scoutgreenafrica - watch this space and be sure to follow us on Facebook to get the full video 🔜